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  1. Hello all, I'm about halfway into my second playthrough. This time I've increased the speed from 30 to 48, which is nice, maybe even a hair fast. The only bug I've noticed is that sometimes when I click a space to move to or someone to attack that's further away in battle mode, the character only moves 1-2 spaces and then their turn is over. This is very rare. This may or may not be related to changing the walking speed, I really don't know, but I didn't experience that on my first playthrough (played the first time without editing the walking speed). It's a bit annoying, but it hasn't
  2. I'm on my second play through. 48 is a nice speed, 60 was a bit fast for me. I'll post if I run into any issues.
  3. Cool - an incentive to play through again!
  4. When I take the portal to Avadon from Fort Foresight, then re-enter the portal to return, it brings me to the portal in Zhethron's Lair. I actually didn't realize it till I got into a tussle at Velusa's Temple and realized I had no companions. On a side note, has the version been updated or is v1.0 still the latest?
  5. Thanks for the tip! Not working on my end for some reason. They were all set to cr_walk_speed = 30; when I opened the file, so I tried setting them all to 60. That made no difference. So I set them all to 48. Still no difference. Oh well! Thanks anyhow.
  6. Ah I see. Well thanks anyhow. I am using the side of the map options to my advantage, just still seems like I'm visiting a lot of areas just to speak with one person or do one quest related task. Maybe I just need to put the side quests on the back burner a bit...
  7. There really must be some cheat for this, right? For every hour I play, it feels like 15-20 minutes is just watching the characters walk through some environment to talk to someone on the other side of the map. I suppose I could be more economical on my next play through.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a cheat or some way to speed up the rate the characters walk around at? I feel like I'm doing a lot more walking, less fighting in this avadon. That's okay because I love the story and narrative options so far. Only have so much time I can spend playing video games these days so I would love to maximize the action a lil bit.
  9. Hrmmm I'm very close to the end of the game but still getting the flames flying out of the book message - did I forget something?
  10. Well I think it's fun to have a really kick ass party, that's what I normally go for - but this time I've been trying to add a small amount of RP to my playthrough, which I usually don't do. To me it seems for whatever reason unrealistic that two specialized melee fighters end up grouped in with a specialized mage and specialized priest. Having a greater range of (weaker) skills feels more realistic to me, and then developing the PCs based on their backstory I find more satisfying for some reason. I also like having different skills to choose from during a battle. I'm using a Rogue that
  11. Awesome game! Especially appreciated the presence of baths, seriously, I don't know why they left such an impression on me, maybe they added a nice dimension to the portrayal of life on Lynaeus. I haven't noticed as many baths in previous Spiderweb games. Maybe bathing is more of a Tawon thing and doesn't happen as much in places like Khemeria or the Kva. Anyhow I really enjoyed the parts in Serdica where you get to squeeze information out of the traders, I would have been really happy to do more of that. I loved the Corruption and the Tawon empire. Overall very beautiful scenery. I had
  12. I agree that the vibes were really obvious from the beginning. Also, I might not remember this correctly, but Silke abandons the Pact because she doesn't like the killing. Then she get's pressured to join the rebels, and all of a sudden she's trying to convince you to lead a bunch of Pact warriors who trust you into an ambush. I like the tough decision, but it makes her motives a little hard to understand. Is she just weak minded? Did she decide killing is okay again now that she is fighting for the Wyldrealm rebels? Maybe I missed something. But overall I guess I didn't find her very i
  13. Hrmmm... can't upgrade OS due to outdated software I use for work. Oh well. I'll just play in a window for now. Thanks for info about mavericks...
  14. Hmmm... so maybe it has something to do with 10.7 lion, any other mac users get this issue with a different OS version?
  15. Does anyone else have this issue? When I play full screen, the cursor appears in the middle of the screen. Not the Avadon cursor, but the desktop cursor. And it just sits there. I have a mac running 10.7 lion. Playing in a window is fine, especially when I'm at work But would love to have the more immersive experience too. Thanks!
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