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  1. In Exile 2, the Empire Archives were at the most NE of the Northern Islands, N of Pyrog's Cave and the Empire Docks, all of them NE of Harston. And, though the dungeon will be somewhat different, you can still have a look to the Exile 2 Empire Archives walkthrough and the Exile maps
  2. Mab

    #%@# Bugs!

    Destroy Items is buggy, but it still works for 1-tile spots, just make sure you input correctly the required coordinates. For example, for location 20,42, it wold be Top 42, Left 20, Bottom 42, Right 20. Item Class on Space? (and take), on the other hand, works fine IIRC. If still doubtful, you can always search in any of the "reported bugs" lists in the community. Most ancient ones are Spiderweb's Scenario Editor Bugs Page and Things That Don\'t Work at The Lyceum.
  3. I'd say Erika had been working on underground flora from long before being exiled, or, if not, she knew something about it. Maybe she did it alone, maybe she had help from some other archmages. Why so? There was an Erika in the Quartet (not Triad here) of Skylark Vale School of Magery. Just see the signs at the NE corner of the Lecture Halls in the VoDT scenario (town #12). And there are cave trees in the caves under the Vale, which isn't a part of Exile.
  4. If you are talking about the Portal Fortress in Exile II, have a look at this. But try it only if you you both talked to Pyrn and have Sulfras' Onyx Scepter. Otherwise, if you try to close the Portal, you are dead.
  5. Still, there was an Erika among the staff of the Skylark Vale school. A center closed 130 years before BoA. And she is quite possibly the very same Erika in Avernum, for one of the "crafts" in the School of Magery was cave trees, one of the things the five gave to the avernites.
  6. Yes, but then we could try to answer him in English, and it isn't that what you seek, isn't it Carranzero? ---------------------- Enviado mensaje. ¿Le echaste ya un vistazo a "My Profile"?
  7. IIRC, you must first ask Follower Jarn about "Alda" (the recruiter about whom Captain Wester told you in Fort Lemmix), then go to the store and ask Knox about "recruitment".
  8. Now, who's Rupert Murdoch? <checks Wikipedia> Oh. Now, Thuryl, I found the time to draw a little scen pic, but my e-mail keeps rejecting your e-adress. Where should I put the thing?
  9. Ah, I mean they appear twice, with different values each time, like this: Code: begindefineitem 362; import = 148; it_full_name = "Giantish Gauntlets"; it_bonus = 6; it_ability_1 = 50; it_ability_str_1 = 3; it_ability_1 = 51; it_ability_str_1 = 3; it_value = 3000; it_magic = 1;
  10. coresdendata.txt * Pixie (#65): cr_species undefined, being 0 (human) the default. * Centaur (#102): cr_start_item_2 & cr_start_item chance_2, both have two different values. coresdendata2.txt * item #74 (Cursed Halberd): it_cursed = 1, then it_cursed = 0. So, it's not cursed. * #75 (Bronze Halberd): if the above is corrected, it will need its own "it_cursed = 0". * #270 (Shield Ring): imported from item #264 (Ring of Vulnerability), it keeps the it_protection value to -3, and with this every other ring except the Armor Ring (it_protection = 12) and Quicksilver Ring (it_protection = 3). * #353 (Bolts of Life): though magic, their assigned value is the same as for the common version (it_value = 40) * #354 (Arrows of Light): as with the Bolts of Life, above (here: (it_value = 20) * #361 (Ogrish Gauntlets): two different values for both it_ability_1 and it_ability_str_1. * #362 (Giantish Gauntlets), #365 (Micah's Gloves) & #441 (Archer's Bow): as with the Ogrish Gauntlets, two different values for both it_ability_1 and it_ability_str_1. * #390 (Rough Diamond): maybe not an error, this bauble is a missile, and more damaging than common Rocks.
  11. Ouch! Err ... maybe I should shrink the Crawler a little? And edit the Windmills' so they have no esplanade around. EDIT: "P-E-W-S". Thank you TM, they have been renamed.
  12. Pyrulen: Geocities adds javascript of its own to my simple FrontPage compositions. The site doesn't rely on cookies ... that I know. 'Scads of Gold' are lots of gold coins, packed in thick heaps along with other treasure. Good for dragons' troves or peregrination temples' vaults. Lenar Labs: I've often thought of The Louvre, but the pics I once sent as JPGs didn't work well, and converting my workies into 256-colors-GIFs kinda of breaks my heart.
  13. I've just checked them, using my office's PC. All graphics pages look right. What type of computer do you have?
  14. Then, you can try the slopes in here
  15. You an oldbie? What am I, then? 6 days for March, and counting ...
  16. AC3 uses 83 outdoor sections of a total of 100 (10*10). And 154 towns, if I counted them well. Exile 3 uses 81 outdoor sections of a total of 90 (9*10: Valorim takes 70, and the different sections of Exile 11), and 166 towns, no less. And there are larger scenarios out there ...
  17. Quote: Does anyone know how many outdoor sections that would be? Exactly 7*10, if using the same scale as in E3
  18. And I have a maps site, with smaller maps for Valorim , Exile , Upper Exile , New Exile (SE Valorim) , and many BoE scenarios. In all these maps, the scale equals 1 pixel to 1 game tile.
  19. Or, in case you are playing E2, in a bookshelf at the Nephilim Castle.
  20. Exactly. There is a map for Slylark Vale , including some mini-maps for the School of Magery and info on the locations of most towns, too. You are free to copy the maps into your computer (zoom them to find the 'details').
  21. It's been a long time since I last played Erika's Legacy. But the LEGHINTS.TXT file says "Get triangle from Neph town", then "get boat, go around back, look". Do you have a boat?
  22. Don't search. Ask her about "help" or "study".
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