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  1. Originally Posted By: Goldenking Originally Posted By: Dantius ...especially when I can think up like a dozen criticism of current culture that are orders of magnitude more damning than "Our centuries-old language has a mild sexist bent!" That is not necessarily as accurate as you may think it is. There has been research on linguistic relativity that have shown that language does have an effect on cognition. After all, as language is one of our primary tools in describing the world, if we do not have a word for something, it is harder to grasp. This goes from the obvious, like the Mesop
  2. I got it to work on my Intel Mac laptop with Basilisk II (http://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/basiliskii_osx_setup) about a week ago, actually. Similar story: I had the Exile Trilogy CD, then went off to college with my Intel Mac. I complained about this on Facebook at the time, and a friend recommended SheepShaver, but I found the whole thing too intimidating. Basilisk II turned out to be quite easy to set up – I was pleasantly surprised. It's System 7.something (I think SheepShaver is 9), but that's the system I originally played Exile on when I was a kid.
  3. I like how Avernum makes you actually go through the plot in some kind of order–you can't say certain things until your characters know to say them. (I had fun going around and saying "divulge" before I'd registered Exile. )
  4. "Who would not give up willingly all matrimonial ambition,/ To rescue such an one as I from his unfortunate position…" </Pirates of Penzance>
  5. Different starting position? Hmm, maybe we'll get to start out at Fort Remote–that's pretty far away from previous ones!
  6. I've tried opening the file up from both the CD and the version I downloaded and subsequently registered…but if I don't need it to beat the game, then I guess it's not that big a deal. (Edit: I tried ending combat before the offending character moved, and it worked! )
  7. The Avernum Annotated Maps are always worth a try, too–in certain areas, there's almost nothing different between the two games.
  8. Oh! I'll try that…I think I've been going straight up from the door every time. XD So I need to be somewhere else when I reach that horizontal–*hops off to try it* Thanks, guys! Edit: …Okay, no. The last couple times I've tried it, it's seemed like whenever character #6 is done moving, the thing crashes. I've done it from several starting spaces. ><
  9. I posted about this same problem a really long time ago, shortly after I registered the Exile trilogy (about a year ago). Right after registering, I started playing Exile 2 and everything worked fine…until some point in the fourth chapter. When the Empire guys show up in the Almaria storeroom, my game would spontaneously quit at some point during that battle. I tried opening the file with the copy of Exile 2 on my computer (Mac OS X, by the way) and the one on the CD–same result. I figured (corroborated by others' advice here) that my save file was corrupted. I recently started over again and
  10. I'm interested in how old all the salient mages (Erika, Solberg, Patrick, &c) are in relation to each other, i.e. are any of them close enough in age to have gone to school together or anything? (Is this even known in the canon?) Just curious… and for a scenario I'm thinking of writing if I ever get BoX…
  11. There's also the "what kind of reward would there be?" vs. "can I have my reward now?" thing, which would require two keywords and thus be confusing.
  12. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: Quote: Originally written by megamad: I don't mean to say they were bad, but it was not the same feeling like playing any of the Exile games (I have played At the Gallows as well). I have had this feeling, too, and I've been trying for the past two years to pin down exactly why. Well, no matter how good a fanfic is, there's nothing like the canon. That's how I think of it.
  13. *stabs a shade and watches the mud ooze out of it* =P
  14. I'd definitely remember that chasm, LOL. The one that was long and skinny and went all the way across the world. This one was irregular-shaped, in the corner of a cave and I think there was a white dot, or a building, or both, behind it. A lair of basilisks sounds good. Now I really need to find it so that I can train there… killing Hawthorne is the last thing I have to do, and my party gets killed in about a minute every time. XD
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