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Brigandage - Another AIMHack Campaign

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Casper is abducted by aliens and put into a stasis chamber. When he awakens not-even-god-knows-how-long later, he is in a Universe known as Ixion where these giant flying boats travel through the blackness of space from one point of light in the sky to another.


With his diplomacy, he manages to get himself a job. With his wit, he manages to get promoted. With his skill with the knife, he manages to gain command over more than 100 empires. Now he sits back in a big plushy chair and commands his minions as he likes. He figures someone will come and try to off him eventually. And when they do, Casper will be waiting.

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Originally Posted By: Rowen
Translators need Dikiyoba now. Diki is just that influential.

In Soviet Russia, translato-

*shot from behind*

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Gah, this sorta keeps falling from the forefront of my mind. I only have the three (aside from Jewels' above, who... yeah).


Anyway, the epilogues I have. After leaving the group to strike out on her own, Iliau decides to find some place that welcomes hir.

Click to reveal.. (Iliau's Epilogue)
After leaving the other survivors of the adventuring crew, Iliau Silversword went down to the docks of Ssareko Point. Ze looked for a ship that would take hir far away from Skarrifissk and its horde of bandits. And far away from Ouracasos, because ze was pretty sure the druids wouldn't welcome hir back. And far away from Issinga, because ze was pretty sure King Drazo still had a bounty on hir head. And far away from Laessos, because ze was pretty sure the Furrier Guild won't forgive hir for releasing all those dire weasels...


Erika, meanwhile, seaches for her long-estranged father in all the wrong places.

Click to reveal.. (Erika's Epilogue)
Erika decided to travel with Reat and the others to Hermit Isle, figuring she was just as likely to meet her father there as anywhere. Unfortunately, nobody there knew anything about a hat salesman named John. So she remained with Reat, knowing she had to find him eventually.


Finally, at some future point...

Click to reveal.. (Harosh's Epilogue)
A ragged-looking lacewing flits through the snow-laden trees, cradling a bundle of cloth. He hasn't stopped to rest, or even breathe, for two days. This lacewing is Harosh.


He's still not sure what he's holding. The sight of it alarms him. The feel of it is worse. All he knows is that it once belonged to Erratis the Necromancer, and it was buried by his mentor Orlis the Cliffpainter. And that it can never be allowed to fall into Reat's hands.


He does not know where he is running, nor does he know when he will stop. All he knows right now is that it felt very good to finally hit Reat with a shovel.


So... Yeah. If I can get everyone else's epilogues in, I'll make a full epilogue text file. And as added incentive, I'll also add the general fate of Skarrifissk and certain NPCs to the epilogues. So get submitting!

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Oooh, intriguing bit about Harosh!


Whoever you are who needs to submit epilogues, do it! tongue I want to read Nioca's overall epilogue.

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Hey might i sugggest a character sheet but I might not be able to participate but if anyone thinks its good plz comment



Name: Ectos frievs

Race: Elven

Occupation: Ranger(VERY VERY Skilled Archer)

Alighment: Ask my neighbors they should know


Strength: 20

Dexterity: 20

Intelligence: 22

Health: 30


Archery: 35

Sharpshooter: 35

Throwing Knife: 25

Streetwise: 15

Bluff: 20

Diplomacy: 40

Saxe Knife: 40

(Yes I sorta copied the book rangers apprentice and the latest character sheet)










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