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  1. How do you get into the den in the first place? I'm at the location, but there's an apparently impassible wall across the entire map.
  2. Nihongo o benkyousuru wa muzukashii desu, demo tanoshii desuyo

  3. I have returned from a two week stay in an agonizing dimension of bronchitis and no computer! It's good to be back.

  4. Everyone seems to feel that A4 was mediocre at best, but that's really just because it seemed like a rehash of A3, but with a changed engine. A4 was the first SW game I ever played, and I thought it was great. Taken alone, I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
  5. Hi all. I've been reading the forums for weeks and I finally made an account. Took me way too long. Anyway, I just finished reading the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks and found it really good.
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