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  1. Yup, it sure is! Given that nobody was even sure who the OP was looking for - three years ago - I'm not sure how helpful this is to anyone today. But hey, welcome to the boards if that hasn't been said yet!
  2. @Valdain: Pixel Dungeon is an enjoyable roguelike you can play on your phone or tablet. Well, enjoyable if you enjoy dying a lot. The mechanics are really simple, but the game is strangely addictive. Some of the fan-made mods are better than the original.
  3. If I may make a suggestion, Owenrus, paragraph breaks make walls of text easier to read.
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    New Arival

    Hello and welcome! I think you've already encountered the CoC. As for etiquette, just be reasonably polite. And don't resurrect long-dead topics unless you have something relevant to add. Even then, it's preferred that you start a new topic with a link to the old one (exceptions being ongoing topics here in General, like "What are you reading?"). If you want to get to know us, you can read through years of forum posts. We're all in there.
  5. You need the Blessed Athame, which can be obtained at the Ornotha Ziggurat . OOPS, yeah. Halls of Chaos, sorry.
  6. This exists, but you have to do a little script editing.
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    Congrats from a midbie
  8. The main reason there's a FAQ for Avadon:TBF is that there were literally dozens of questions that kept getting asked over and over again. This didn't happen so much with Avadon 2. Now the annotated maps were about 12 tons of work, which is why they are still not done for AV2.
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    Giving Thanks

    Cheese. I'm thankful for cheese. And that I'm not lactose intolerant, I guess.
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    Forum Themes

    Sylae She might conceivably take requests. Into consideration.
  11. No, you just have to chat with him. Ask him about his friends, specifically Kenny.
  12. Yea, where I live you couldn't even get the non-chicken ingredients for that much. Nice recipe, though.
  13. IIRC, you still want to get Dispel Barrier to level 3.
  14. They all stack. You can get some spells much higher than level 3 in A6, but there's seldom much point in doing so. Unlike in the remakes, there are no new effects at the higher levels, just an incremental increase in power. You can get the same effect for all spells by raising your spellcasting skills. So except in the case of relatively inexpensive spells that you use often, it's a waste of money that you could otherwise use to train skills.
  15. Minor quibble: Ward of Thoughts actually has no effect on mental resistance. It supposedly gives you an extra chance to resist mental attacks, apart from regular mental resistance (Jeff once said it was 50%, but that was in reference to an earlier game, so it may or may not hold true in CS). I say "supposedly" because I have honestly never noticed a difference. But it's very hard to test.
  16. You're right, I did forget about those lizards; I did them when I first got to Motrax's lair, at level 6; probably could have done them earlier. The rest I didn't forget, just omitted because they can be done anytime. But yeah, I probably should have included them.
  17. What you can handle when will depend on what difficulty you're playing on. I usually start with the bandits under Ft. Draco, taking them a few at a time if necessary. The rats there, too. Then, on Normal, I can clear out the nephil fort and the Verdant Valley (or most of it). On Torment, I have to do parts of them as I can, and go back to finish them after I pick up a few more levels. On my latest run, which is on Torment, I started under Ft. Draco as usual, then did most of the nephil fort, leaving just the boss and his crew. That got me to level 4. After that... (remember, this is on Torment, YMMV) It's not really spoilers in terms of plot, but I may be revealing the existence/locations of things you'd rather discover for yourself. If you don't want to look, it's generally Ft. Draco, Nephil fort, Verdant Valley, Formello and points north, back to get any bosses you missed, then either blasted ruins or west of Ft. Draco to the GIFTS and aranea, then clean up any harder fights you haven't done yet, like Solberg's tower, the swampy cave, the slith fort, stalking ogres, etc.
  18. The best thing about fighting vampires is the cascading summons.
  19. Fortunately, that fight is optional. As long as you don't mind fighting endless wandering undead. I seem to remember that you have to get lucky and kill him in the first couple of rounds or not at all.
  20. Nobody is judging you. More than a few of us have had, and are having, our own struggles with mental health. I hope you can get into a better place, physically and otherwise.
  21. You will continue to get the $850/month even if you leave the country?
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