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    Avadon 2 Character Editor

    WARNING: Installing this editor involves modifying your game files. Even if you only install it and never actively use it, your game may change in ways you don't expect or want. This editor is not made or supported by Spiderweb Software. Install at your own risk. Well, here it is, a character editor for Avadon 2. It's more streamlined than the Ava1 deluxe version, but I think I covered all the essentials. I did not include custom items this time, because there are tons of artifacts in the game already. Download here: Avadon 2 Character Editor As always, use it at your own risk; Spiderweb Software does not support modding. Always make back-up copies of files before replacing or altering them in any way. To install: Mac: Next, right-click on the Avadon 2 icon and select "Show Package Contents". Open the Contents folder. First, make a back-up copy of the whole Resources folder, and then drag and drop the new file(s) from the editor folder into the original resources folder. Windows: Next, open the Avadon 2 Files folder. First, make a back-up copy of the whole Scripts folder, and then drag and drop the new file(s) from the editor folder into the original scripts folder. (Avadon 2 should be located in the Spiderweb Software folder, which should be in Program Files.) To access the editor, click on the signpost near the southern exit from the Ravaged Woods — that's the zone you started the game in. This has been tested by nobody but me, so if you have any issues with it, post here.
  2. In a fine Spiderweb tradition, the Slith village at the entrance to the waterfall warrens will restock if you buy them out, giving you all the wisdom crystals and herbs (except graymold, unfortunately) you can afford. *OK, so the supply is only as infinite as your cash flow, but the price is right. Sweet!
  3. Yup, it sure is! Given that nobody was even sure who the OP was looking for - three years ago - I'm not sure how helpful this is to anyone today. But hey, welcome to the boards if that hasn't been said yet!
  4. Avadon: The Black Fortress unofficial Frequently Asked Questions (with maps!) General Questions What’s with these locks that are “too complicated to be picked”? I’ve completed a quest. Now what? The person who gave me a quest has disappeared! How do I get past those runed doors? How do I get access to new zones? How do I get back to Avadon? I can't find [insert object or place]. I can't defeat [insert enemy]. Avadon & Environs WARNING! Maps contain spoilers! In the early areas, all "treasure" is noted if it has any utility, even if it has no sale value. Later maps will be less inclusive. The first two maps linked to below function as a sort of a walk-through of the tutorial if you look at them closely. Avadon Main Level Avadon Dungeons Redbeard's Tower How do I escape from the dungeon in the tutorial? The doors are locked. How do I find Quennel/unlock the door to his cell? How do I get the key to the Secure Cells? Where is Spiridon? I have the “Clear the Stacks” quest, but I can’t find the stacks. Where the heck is Abi? Where is Fabron? Where is Brasula? I met Eye Leira at the beginning of the game, but now she’s disappeared. One of my companions has hared off on his/her own, and I don’t know what to do next. The Kva Goldcrag - Note that not all areas will be accessible right away. I have a quest to get Blue Ore in the Jhereth Deeps, but I can't seem to go there. Kva Lands Where is Berak's Caravan? How do I fulfill the "Deal with Tartam" Quest? Where are the Dire Wolves? Where is Nightshade? Zhethron's Aerie How do I get through the gate to the dragon? How do I get Ahmed's Libram out of the dragon's library? How do I get access to the records room to find out Ryozo's intentions? Where is Keeper Ilhan? Can I get into the third treasure chest in Zhethron's lair? How do I get to the treasure in the middle of the lava pool? Wretch Warrens Where is Neray? Where are Thara's papers? I fought my way back to the surface, but I can't seem to escape the Warrens. Jhereth Deeps - locations of Blue Ore are marked Where is Neray, again? The map shows a trapdoor in the Jhereth Deeps, where no trapdoor is. What gives? I didn't get the Blue Ore quest until after doing this area, and now I can't get back into part of the Ogres' lair. OK, so where's the blue ore now? Is this where I'm supposed to get the Titan's War Club? White Plains (Sevilin's Quest) How do I find Cahil in the mine? Khemeria Dhorl Stead No-one will talk to me, and they won't let me into the castle. What now? How do I get to the Dhorla Woods? I have quests there, but I can't seem to go anywhere from Dhorl Stead. Is that the Corrupted Circle in the northern part of the zone? Dhorla Woods Where is Shavon? Shavon ran ahead and disappeared. Where is he? Where is the Widow of Bones? The Beast's Woods Where is the Beast's lair? Where is the ogre Skulltaker? Ogrhym'Tor Moritz'Kri fled the throne room and now I can't find him. OK, I found him and he got away again. Now where is he? How do I get to Carsta'Arl (third mission to Khemeria)? All the gates are shut. Lady Antje is Jarlswood Where's Theresia? All the paths are blocked. OK, I found the Shaman's hall, but the door is barred. What now? Do I have to spare the warriors? Kellemderiel/Holklanda Where do I find Orian? I have a quest to find Hand Gavin. What area is he in? How do I get to the Beraza Pits? How do I get to the Bandit Roads? Castle Vebeaux For more info, see "End-game Questions" I'm supposed to meet Shigaz. Where is he? Beraza Woods Where is the smugglers' tunnel for the "Vebeaux Tunnel" quest? Help! The Sorceress Shade is impossible to beat! Beraza Pits I've been following Orian around - is something supposed to happen? How do I kill the drake? Trail of the Drake (Nathalie's Quest) -- Warning, the Drake's Lair is spoiler-heavy! How do I get past the infinite stairs? I can’t figure out this circle riddle. Is this where I get the Drake Egg? Bandit Roads Where are the Hidden Ogres? Where is Herenus? Where is the Drake Egg? End-Game Questions Beraza Deep Woods I can't beat the What am I doing wrong? Castle Vebeaux: Endgame The gate to What's with the empty box? I've dealt with the but I still can't find the exit. Avadon How do I kill How do I kill NOTE: In the unlikely event that the map site (keepersofavadon.com) goes down, you can access a backup at http://nikkis-nook.h...Maps/index.html, generously hosted by Nikki (generously hosted by Niemand). Thanks guys!
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    Has anyone managed to get past 1st lvl of Tome?

    @Valdain: Pixel Dungeon is an enjoyable roguelike you can play on your phone or tablet. Well, enjoyable if you enjoy dying a lot. The mechanics are really simple, but the game is strangely addictive. Some of the fan-made mods are better than the original.
  6. If I may make a suggestion, Owenrus, paragraph breaks make walls of text easier to read.
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    New Arival

    Hello and welcome! I think you've already encountered the CoC. As for etiquette, just be reasonably polite. And don't resurrect long-dead topics unless you have something relevant to add. Even then, it's preferred that you start a new topic with a link to the old one (exceptions being ongoing topics here in General, like "What are you reading?"). If you want to get to know us, you can read through years of forum posts. We're all in there.
  8. You need the Blessed Athame, which can be obtained at the Ornotha Ziggurat . OOPS, yeah. Halls of Chaos, sorry.
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    More than 2 companion?

    This exists, but you have to do a little script editing.
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    Congrats from a midbie
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    Basilia Quest Finale (Av-II)

    The main reason there's a FAQ for Avadon:TBF is that there were literally dozens of questions that kept getting asked over and over again. This didn't happen so much with Avadon 2. Now the annotated maps were about 12 tons of work, which is why they are still not done for AV2.
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    Giving Thanks

    Cheese. I'm thankful for cheese. And that I'm not lactose intolerant, I guess.
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    Forum Themes

    Sylae She might conceivably take requests. Into consideration.
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    ASR Zaskiva

    No, you just have to chat with him. Ask him about his friends, specifically Kenny.
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    The Exile II Anniversary Postcard Project

    Congratulations, Goldengirl! Huzzah!
  16. Well, you can keep an eye on how many times the topic has been viewed. It's 570 as of now.
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    Spiderweb Forums Recipe Hub

    Yes, it's what you've all been waiting for, a place to post your favorite recipes for your fellow 'webbers to discuss and enjoy! You've all been waiting for that, right? No? Well, I'll start. Jerakeen's Bars o'Fun These are a super satisfying snack when you're hungry, and the way I make them, they're pretty high in both protein and fiber. The beauty of this recipe is that you can put in anything you like: dried fruit, nuts, seeds, toasted oats, cereal, whatever, in whatever proportions you want, as long as you end up with roughly 9 to 10 cups. The trick for me is getting the sweetness just right. You want them to be delicious enough that they're a pleasure to eat, but not so delicious that you can't stop eating them. My latest version is just about perfect for my taste, so I thought I'd share it. Everything is unsalted, and I prefer to buy nuts and seeds raw and toast them myself where possible, but again, that's up to you. Dry Ingredients 1/2 cup hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) 3/4 cup dried blueberries 3/4 cup dried tart cherries 1 cup crisp rice cereal 1 cup blanched peanuts 1 cup hulled pumpkin seeds, toasted 1 1/2 cups hulled sunflower seeds, toasted 1 1/2 cups blanched slivered almonds, toasted 1 1/2 cups unsweetened flaked or shredded coconut, toasted Syrup Ingredients 1/4 cup butter 1/2 cup brown sugar, firmly packed 1/2 cup liquid honey 1/4 teaspoon salt Set aside a pan to press the mixture into. I use a non-stick 11x17x1" jelly roll pan, which is perfect. If you don't have one, any large cookie sheet with a raised edge will do. If it's not non-stick, line it with parchment paper. Combine all of the dry ingredients in a very large bowl*. To make the syrup, combine the butter, sugar, and honey in a medium saucepan. Over medium heat, stir until smooth. Continue to stir occasionally until the mixture reaches a full rolling boil. Let it boil for another 90 seconds without stirring, then remove from heat and stir in the salt. Carefully pour the hot mixture into the bowl, and stir very thoroughly until the dry ingredients are coated. Spread the mixture evenly into your prepared pan, pressing it down firmly - the base of a dry measuring cup is good for this. Set the pan on a rack, loosely covered with wax paper, to cool completely. When cool, turn it out onto a large cutting board and cut it into bars or squares of whatever size you want. Store airtight at room temperature for... honestly I have no idea; they've never been around long enough to go bad. Makes about 40 bars. *It occurs to me that a lot of people won't actually have a big enough bowl for this. But it also occurs to me that it would be very easy to cut this recipe in half. I don't do that, because if I'm making these, I want lots! Okay, your turn. What recipe are you currently excited about, proud of, happy with? Mildly satisfied by? Post it here, all the cool kids are doing it! To my fellow mods, I deliberately didn't sticky this post, and I'd like to leave it that way for now; if it falls off the front page, it deserves to.
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    Spiderweb Forums Recipe Hub

    Yea, where I live you couldn't even get the non-chicken ingredients for that much. Nice recipe, though.
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    A6 - Changes from the earlier games

    IIRC, you still want to get Dispel Barrier to level 3.
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    A6 - Changes from the earlier games

    They all stack. You can get some spells much higher than level 3 in A6, but there's seldom much point in doing so. Unlike in the remakes, there are no new effects at the higher levels, just an incremental increase in power. You can get the same effect for all spells by raising your spellcasting skills. So except in the case of relatively inexpensive spells that you use often, it's a waste of money that you could otherwise use to train skills.
  21. Jerakeen

    Stun resistance

    Minor quibble: Ward of Thoughts actually has no effect on mental resistance. It supposedly gives you an extra chance to resist mental attacks, apart from regular mental resistance (Jeff once said it was 50%, but that was in reference to an earlier game, so it may or may not hold true in CS). I say "supposedly" because I have honestly never noticed a difference. But it's very hard to test.
  22. You're right, I did forget about those lizards; I did them when I first got to Motrax's lair, at level 6; probably could have done them earlier. The rest I didn't forget, just omitted because they can be done anytime. But yeah, I probably should have included them.
  23. What you can handle when will depend on what difficulty you're playing on. I usually start with the bandits under Ft. Draco, taking them a few at a time if necessary. The rats there, too. Then, on Normal, I can clear out the nephil fort and the Verdant Valley (or most of it). On Torment, I have to do parts of them as I can, and go back to finish them after I pick up a few more levels. On my latest run, which is on Torment, I started under Ft. Draco as usual, then did most of the nephil fort, leaving just the boss and his crew. That got me to level 4. After that... (remember, this is on Torment, YMMV) It's not really spoilers in terms of plot, but I may be revealing the existence/locations of things you'd rather discover for yourself. If you don't want to look, it's generally Ft. Draco, Nephil fort, Verdant Valley, Formello and points north, back to get any bosses you missed, then either blasted ruins or west of Ft. Draco to the GIFTS and aranea, then clean up any harder fights you haven't done yet, like Solberg's tower, the swampy cave, the slith fort, stalking ogres, etc.