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  1. Compact & Convenient looks very good on mobile as well.
  2. I really like the UBB-esque theme.
  3. Duh. I had completely forgotten you could break projectors with the beams. Thanks.
  4. Well, I'm stuck again. I can't for the life of me figure out what to do with the laser puzzle in Fort Alora.
  5. I haven't encountered anything so far, but if I come across anything, I'll let you know.
  6. I had already searched the body and gotten the key, but I somehow skipped the desk. That did the trick. Thanks.
  7. Inspired by Chessrook44's Let's Play, I've been replaying Exodus, and I'm stuck in the Lava Ocean. I cleared out the Lava Lizard Cave and got the Crystal Key, but when I talk to Kass, he says I need to keep searching the Cave for a clue telling me where to go. I'm 99% sure I've searched every single nook and cranny in that cave. I tried going to the Vahnatai Lab without prompting, but I can't get in. It's just a blank wall. Any suggestions?
  8. Also, my line to Aran should be pink, since we met in Europe.
  9. I met Sylae and Iffy last year the same time I met Nalyd and Lauren.
  10. That Berekh Hive in the beta was one of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had in BoA. It was more bearable once I turned off the sound though. That was the primary source of lag. I just realized that was over 10 freaking years ago. I'm old.
  11. I've been playing SW games for almost two decades, and I never realized lightning spray just does magical damage.
  12. But you have heard good things about Shipwrecked?
  13. There may have been some separate incident involving the original, but jeffs tweet is clearly in response to resurrection. That tweet was a reply to Jeff's tweet. Note the timestamps:
  14. How did this conversation devolve into attacking Jeff?
  15. There is a brief reference to one of the Asha'man preferring men.