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Exile 2 spontaneously quitting

Erika Maroonmark

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I posted about this same problem a really long time ago, shortly after I registered the Exile trilogy (about a year ago). Right after registering, I started playing Exile 2 and everything worked fine…until some point in the fourth chapter. When the Empire guys show up in the Almaria storeroom, my game would spontaneously quit at some point during that battle. I tried opening the file with the copy of Exile 2 on my computer (Mac OS X, by the way) and the one on the CD–same result. I figured (corroborated by others' advice here) that my save file was corrupted. I recently started over again and seem to be having the same problem. So apparently it's not the file. What should I do?

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Oh! I'll try that…I think I've been going straight up from the door every time. XD So I need to be somewhere else when I reach that horizontal–*hops off to try it* Thanks, guys!


Edit: …Okay, no. The last couple times I've tried it, it's seemed like whenever character #6 is done moving, the thing crashes. I've done it from several starting spaces. ><

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I\'ve run into this problem too . It also showed up in the Tower of Magi. A few technical details are behind the link.


It's not a data corruption issue. Don't bother redownloading (again, if you already tried that) - it doesn't make a bit of difference. It's a bug. My best guess is that it has something to do with the friendly-monster AI in large towns.


Your best bet is to find a real OS 9 (or earlier!) machine to play on. For whatever reason, the crash isn't triggered on that OS. I don't know whether it's just due to some sort of different API behavior or because OS 9 doesn't mind bad pointers quite as much, but the battle went off without a hitch on an older machine I had around.


If you don't have an OS 9 machine, you could also try running Exile under SheepShaver. It's a bit of a pain to get working, and it'll probably run really slowly, but all you need to do is get through that one battle.


Alternatively, you can just send me a copy of your save file and I'll run through the battle for you. smile

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