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  1. So, I realize this is a really late response, but it's wild enough that I figured I'd share anyway. The music that was distributed with the Mac version of Exile 2 was actually a track called "Ecolove" by Stéphane Picq from the 1992 Amiga video game Dune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atSIXC4jJqI A touched-up version of this track was also included on the album Dune: Spice Opera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF_0W1cYPYo&t=561
  2. Huh, I thought I was set to be notified for replies on this thread but I guess that setting got lost in the forum conversion. Anyways, here's the files. There's a few unfinished bits, but most of it works. If someone else wants to pick this up, I can probably try to answer any questions you've got. It's been literally 10+ years since I last worked on this, though, so I can't promise I'll remember... http://www.mediafire.com/?dye8ubbcu8536
  3. Hmm. What's a good place to upload files these days? Obviously Filefront isn't it anymore.
  4. Since someone asked me recently, I dug up the mostly-final outdoor and town maps I'd generated, as well as the scripts I used to generate them. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cea5hn5ihd1trmj/59vL0ILFco There's a few incomplete bits: monsters aren't included on the town maps (as I didn't finish figuring out the monster ID to graphics ID conversion), and a few uncommon tiles don't show up properly on either map. If it really bothers you, fix it yourself; if there's interest, I can throw the scripts up on Github or whatnot.
  5. Originally Posted By: Earth2025 I'd like to see return of Mass Haste-spell (casting haste, end. armor, protection, war blessing, augmentation, prism. shield and steel skin to whole party takes so much time that 1-2 chars might lose for example haste after last member of party has been "spelled" or f.e haste vanishes middle of battle) and Fireball-spell being area spell since to get 1st area spell (and only usefull besides Lightning Spray unless has alot spell points to spend) takes a while and sometimes area spell would be helpful at start too. Smite should be lvl 3 spell since otherwise pure Priest doesn't have much to do in battle except cure/bless/etc other members. This was actually one of the things that I found to be the most "broken" about A5. A large fraction of the battles could be trivially won by spending a few minutes buffing the party... one solution might be all-in-one spells like Earth2025 describes, but another more interesting solution might be to limit the number of concurrent spell buffs to, say, three. (You could say the spells start interfering beyond that, or something.) As an added bonus, caster mana starts lasting longer when you aren't constantly buffing, allowing for longer dungeon crawls.
  6. Well, if this sort of "modding" is what you're after, here's one for you all. Open up z17Tblackcrdlg.txt. Go to line 131 (ends with "Duty calls."). After that line, insert the line: Code: action = SET_SDF 123 14 1; Start a new game and click on the portal. Consider this the reductio ad absurdum version of the "mods" posted here. If you really want to go down the path of making your own content, get a copy of Blades of Avernum and make something new.
  7. Not quite all of them. The Spire lifts are all instantaneous and painless. Getting them working is another matter, though...
  8. Mac-On-Linux only works on PowerPC Macs running Linux - at which point, you might as well just be running OS X natively.
  9. Avernum 5 will be unplayably slow in PearPC, if it runs at all. When it came out a few years ago, PearPC emulated a 50-100 MHz G3. Needless to say, this is a little slow for gaming.
  10. The opening of E1 was pretty unforgiving, as far as food goes. You got a little food in Fort Exile, but there wasn't a food store in town, and no obvious clues (besides the manual's hints section) as to where more might be found.
  11. Excalibur, Apple decided to drop NumLock and the numeric keypad from the most recent revision of MacBooks. I'm not quite sure why, but my code restores it within Avernum. Good point about mailing Jeff, BTW. I'll go ahead and do that. Niemand, the specific mapping this implements is: Fn+j -> keypad 1 Fn+k -> keypad 2 Fn+l -> keypad 3 Fn+u -> keypad 4 Fn+i -> keypad 5 Fn+o -> keypad 6 Fn+7 -> keypad 7 Fn+8 -> keypad 8 Fn+9 -> keypad 9
  12. Look further north. It's in the honeycomb.
  13. First, the bad news: New Macbooks don't have the "emulated numeric keypad" feature where you get a keypad by typing {jkluio789}. This makes the Avernum games a lot more annoying to play, as you can't move effectively. (The arrow keys move you in kind of weird directions, and don't work at all for the diagonals.) The good news: There's a simple solution. Right now, it's impractical for anyone except developers. (To those who are: DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES.) However, Jeff could integrate it into the games pretty easily - consider this a black-box code contribution. Here it is. Note that this should be configured to only apply to x86 systems - it's not useful on PPC, as Powerbooks have numeric keypad built-in. Code: #define FN_KEY 0x8000000000000000LLstruct { int from, to; } keypad_conv[9] = { {26, 89}, {28, 91}, {25, 92}, {32, 86}, {34, 87}, {31, 88}, {38, 83}, {40, 84}, {37, 85}};void GetKeysWrapper(uint64_t *buf) { int i; GetKeys(buf); if(buf[1]) return; for(i = 0; i < 9; i++) { if(buf[0] == (FN_KEY | (1LL << keypad_conv[i].from))) { buf[0] = 1LL << keypad_conv[i].to; buf[1] = 1LL << (keypad_conv[i].to - 64); return; } }}
  14. Submitting to Dervish Tholmen gives amusing results: Quote: You lay down your weapons. Dervish Tholmen orders his warriors to seize and bind you. He is true to his word. Your death is quick and as painless as possible. He regrets it horribly. And, while they dispose of your bodies by flinging them over the cliff, they do it with respect, and they only strip away some of your equipment first. You will arrive in the afterlife properly equipped.
  15. Oh god, I forgot you don't get experience from summon kills. That'd certainly complicate matters.
  16. Worst challenge mode ever. But now I'm wondering if it's doable. If I recall correctly, you can still summon as a Pacifist. Can you also create walls/barriers? If so, I suspect you might be able to make at least some headway...
  17. The one really screwy thing about encumbrance is that you're penalized if the weight of your equipment is greater than or equal to your maximum encumbrance. I can't count the number of times I've wished this was a "strictly greater than" comparison, rather than a "greater than or equal to" comparison.
  18. Exile II had weapon improvements as well. They were pretty easy to miss, though.
  19. (Also, I completely misunderstood the question. I feel very silly editing both my posts, but meh.)
  20. Yikes. I wonder what happens if you run into an area without dialogue, like the one directly to the west ("South Barrier").
  21. To take that a step further: there is no legal way to run Mac OS on your computer unless it's an Apple-branded machine. Sorry.
  22. If you mean the one in the east tower, no.
  23. Monster respawns are almost certainly variable in all versions of Exile, as towns don't spawn monsters. If someone can tell me where in the BoE code monster respawns are handled, I can try to figure out whether the rate is similarly variable in Exile I and II. A lot of the code is similar enough that it's possible to make comparisons like that.
  24. It looks as though your installation of OS X is missing some components. You'll need to reinstall. To be specific, what's missing is some files used to display license agreements for disk images. These aren't present in all disk images, explaining why it's only an issue for some. Given that this is missing, though, it's more than likely that there's other stuff that's gone missing as well.
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