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I doubt anyone here knows (there's not many Windows users, and unlikely to still be using WinME). So it seems it would be quickest just to download the demo and try to install. If you get past the first zone, then you'll probably be fine for the rest of it.


Alternatively you could try e-mailing and asking Jeff Vogel at spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com, although it's possible he'll just give the same advice of try and see.


If you do try it, let us know whether it works.

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Originally written by Caroline.:
No it will not. I am (un)lucky enough to have a machine running Windows ME still, and I just tried it. It doesn't work.
Originally written by Micawber:
I meant, on these boards, not in general. On these boards mac users outnumber windows users by about 2-1 (according to the polls).

Edit: and unfortunately Win2000 is neither earlier than nor later than WinMe. They're simply different.
It runs beautifully on XP SP2 and anything with the NT kernal. (2000 I believe, NT, XP and I hear mutterings it runs on XP 64 and Vista 32/64.)

I know how it is. I started with a C= 64 and due to job situation I switched to PC back in the DOS 5 and Win 3 and 3.1 daze.

When ME came out several of us tested it out and not one of us still had it installed on anything the next day. (insert plug for Norton Ghost) grin...

I actually beta tested Win98 for MS rolleyes and honestly, I wait at least 6 months after a final Release Candidate and at least 1 service pack before upgrading to anything new.

ME was a bad joke. A "stop-gap" OS if you will, while trying to get a workable R.C. for XP. You can get XP for $60-$80 on Ebay as an upgrade from Win 98-ME or a full XP Home with SP 2 for $90- $95. (Retail still $189.)

I realize I'm out numbered by Mac users here. But if you think about it, the main thing that saved Apple/Mac from being assimulated by The MS *ahem* err umm, The Borg, was all the machines they donated to schools. And of course serious MIDI musicians, composers and artists.

People tend to stick with what they are familiar with. C= 64/Amiga didn't survive and I've gotten familiar with Windows. Most of you Mac people probably started with Apple/Mac and stayed with it.

I have 3 machines at this time. All AMD CPU's. An old bullet-proof Athlon 1200 w/Abit mobo that still has my "free" rolleyes 98 OS from MS for beta testing it. (It has 512MB PC133 and will run XP fine. A 400 w/64mb will ooze by.) An Athlon 3200+ (Abit mobo) with 1GB dual channel DDR3200 XP SP2 that I'm going to eventually replace the job the 98 machine is doing with. And an Athlon 6000+ 64 X2 dual-core w/4GB dual channel DDR2 6400 SDRAM (EVGA mobo that of course was obsolete 2 months later) that I run Crysis and Oblivion and others on no sweat (again XP OS) with a GB of dual SLI nVIDIA video cards and a TB of SATA2 RAID storage.

My point? I'm hooked on PC and Windows and you can get free of the curse of ME for a reasonable price. Maybe even free if any of your friends have an unused one or got Vista and don't need thier old one anymore. You can legally upgrade to XP with a valid ME license key. MS offered a free upgrade from ME to XP at one time I believe.

Anyhow, Mac users tend to be a bit cliqueish at times. No offense, it's true. I've built 100's of custom PC's and my own for about half what a comparable pre-built Fry's or CompUSA one would cost. And about a third of what a Mac with similar specs would cost.

I've also been around enough to know that Mac has no peer in the music arena.

So, take heart XP in a stable version is out there. Jeff is no dummy at business for including both Mac and PC versions of his very cool games, and my only gripe is I have to wait another month or so to buy the Windows version of A5!

Anyhow, end of rant!
Later Mac Heds

I'm PC and proud!
I'm a Computer Jock
not a Geek or Nerd.

EDIT: Typos.
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Indeed. WinME is not an operating system any more than friendly fire is friendly. It is barely a system, at that.


Yes, platforms are easy to get used to. But there are some that you can live with once you get used to them (I've been with Windows XP for most of my life even though I'm a Linux fanboy nowadays, and my home computer boots XP by default), there are some that are just unhealthy habits. You're not doing yourself a favor by sticking to ME.

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Originally written by Caroline.:
Originally written by Micro Phage:
I feel for ya Caroline...
I don't use ME. I have a computer with it installed on. There is a difference. I used to use Win98, then XP, and now I'm using Vista, and rather enjoying it.

Oh, and I'm a boy. A real boy. smile
Heheh. No prob. When I started writing that message you were "Slowly Downward" and I've helped several family and friends upgrade from ME and understand how frustrating that using it can feel.

Also, called one of my friends who said his pre-built ME machine came with a coupon or some such for XP when it was released. (What was that? 2 1/2 years after target date?) I've heard similar stories about Vista machines coming with 32 bit and a coupon for 64 when it finally got released but with the stipulation that you could only activate 1 or the other. Don't know if it was 3 days to decide or 30. I haven't tried Vista yet. Glad you're getting good results! Some games/apps won't run on it.

Say, it would be great for Vista users to post about compatability with Spiderweb products!
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