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I have recently acquired a copy of Exile 3. I have played Exile 3 before, a couple of years ago and fell in love instantly.


But after losing my computer at the time, I had consequently forgotten about the epic. However, now I have an updated computer I thought I may as well get in touch with my 1 and only true virtual love.


But how ironic it is that buying a better computer has indeed had the opposite of the desired effect; everytime I try to install Exile 3, Windows XP (My current OS) appeals to my content via a message saying 'WINDOWS CANNOT RUN A 16 BIT PROGRAM (INSUFFICIENT MEMORY)'. This is really annoying, almost to the point of severe homosexuality.


Does anybody have any counter attacks I can spring on Bill Gates and his Cronies who, it seems, are intent on ruining my fun?


Holla back;

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Originally written by siobhan:
i know it sounds unhelpful, but really, in the longterm... get a mac.
Win XP isn't a good OS for old games. Just doesn't do anything quite right. If possible, I'd try Win 2000 Pro. (cheaper then buying a Mac, will help with other old games too)

In the long term you should avoid Mac, as they are slowly fading anyway. Windows is losing all hopes for running old games, avoid it as well. Linux is where I'm putting my faith; it's getting more practical every year, and now that IBM has switched... (even Microsoft had to use Linux systems for awhile, due to heavy virus/hacker issues) Though I wouldn't get Linux quite yet, they haven't managed to breach the compatibility barrier entirely. (which is really the only problem with Mac; not enough programs)
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If compatibility mode doesn't work for you, there's also a compatibility kit downloadable from Microsoft that supports older games. As far as I know, there are quite a few people here on Win XP who do not experience problems. It should be possible to adapt the system. Nevertheless I agree with Xan. Win 2000 Pro is preferable.

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