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  1. Definitely don't follow a walkthrough area-by-area. You'll have much more fun if you use it only as a side reference, or if you want to find a specific spell/creation.
  2. It should have added the resistance skill, but it may be that it made your list too long to see immediately. Look at your skill page, then try scrolling to the bottom.
  3. You don't quite need to go to the Honeycomb to defeat the zombies. Acid spray actually works well, if a bit slow. Most people ignore this spell, but if you don't want to brave the Honeycomb, that's your next best bet.
  4. I've encountered it on Windows 98, 2000, and XP, so I wouldn't be surprised if it also occasionally happens on Mac. With the new saved game structure for GF and A4, it doesn't happen any more. The bug is not quite reproducible, so it's hard to figure out what's going on, exactly.
  5. Hi- unfortunately this bug made it into Nethergate:resurrection. When this happens to you, look inside your save game folder. What has happened is the extension ".sav" was removed from your most recent saved game, and the game instead loads a previous version. Just edit the file to add the ".sav" at the end of it, and you should be able to restore it.
  6. A quick work-around for those of us with widescreen laptop windows XP is to manually change the resolution of your screen to 800x600, then click on "don't change" when the box comes up on starting Nethergate. It'll result in a nice, large playing area.
  7. One windows tester did notice it, and submitted a suggested revision, "Being of higher power" or something similar (email has since been lost), but to no avail. Oh well, it's not that huge. Like Dintiridan said, it's the big stuff that gets taken care of mostly.
  8. It's been in the release candidate form for the weekend, and I think Jeff likes to sit on it for about one week to make sure no major bugs crop up in the meantime. I'd expect it to come out very soon, within two weeks, but maybe in the next few days, especially if no major bugs are reported.
  9. Quote: Originally written by TraderJoe: Any idea how many canisters you can eat before getting a poor ending? 13-15.
  10. Hi there. Start fighting the sliths. They're the next level up from the nephilim. Alternatively, try your hand at the Mertis undead, or work your way through the honeycomb for a bit.
  11. You are taking them on fairly early, and getting up to level 15 or so may help. However, if you don't mind a cheesy tactic, and have bind foe level 1, use your mage to cast bind foe on the demon every turn to web it. Use your other characters to hit it till it dies. I know this tactic works in Avernum 2, but it should also work in Avernum 1. Also, having the first attack will make a world of difference. While out of their view, enter combat mode (after hasting and blessing), then rush them.
  12. There are no artifacts that start with a perfected breast plate, which may be why you can't perfect it. Try using the elixir on a belt, shoes, or a shaped fiber cloak.
  13. Quote: Originally written by Eugi: I just made Crystaline Shroud and smacked a Golden Crystal on it (something that, strangely enough, seems to give me a HER bonus of 12 from the shroud + 13 from the Golden Crystal? Either that or something else is causing my resistances to increase by 25 for all elements instead of the expected 17 when I put the Shroud on). Armor also increases your fire, ice, and energy resistance by 1 point for every two points of armor. So the effect you're seeing is probably just caused by the increase of armor, in addition to the golden crystal.
  14. The clover boots may be better than the vat boots as each point of luck also increases all of your resistances (and armor), whereas the vat boots only increase poison and acid resistance. If you've nearly finished Dhonal isle, then you should have found some earlier on the island. Yes, the gem effect list is complete for the types of gems you can find in GF3. I'm not sure if onyx crystals are called onyx crystals or "runed onyx," but the effect is the same. Oh, and I think the bonus from ivory skull on armor is +10% to hit, not 5%, and the tiny orb of mist decreases your chance to be h
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