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  1. Hold off on the permissions for now. I need time to refresh my brain on C and get familiar with the code. Plus there's that novel to finish writing... Again, thanks for the info. Even if it ends up being months before I have time for this project, I'm saving this thread as a reference.
  2. It's done in C++? Makes sense; the "fancy" new languages weren't around in the 90s and the old junk wasn't good for gaming. Been awhile since I coded in that, but at least I have. Need to freshen up before changing much, but I should at least be able to read it, especially if folks have already put work into clarifying it. I do have experience with version control. Such a wonderful concept, but the two times I've dealt with it, the implementation was... lacking. Nothing that would surprise you: incorrectly set environments full of problems, team members who merge incorrectly or otherwise d
  3. So who is Jenkins? And I will tinker with his build, though I may not start a serious party with it. (ha, "serious party") Thanks for the info. This weekend I'll have time to download and tinker. I would like to develop, just don't have sufficient time- I'm writing a novel atm. Most of my career has been away from coding (more BI, databases, sys admin, etc), so it would take me significant amounts of time just to catch up on the languages being used. This is one of three games I'd really love to see "redone" someday. BoE, Descent, and Star Wars Rebellion. I'm trying to stay aware of ot
  4. Thanks for the quick answer. How altered is the Windows version, compared to the original game? Are we talking just a removal of 16bit code, or has it added resolution support and other modernization? Changes to entitiy limits? Other things of note which you are aware of? The jenkins server is Mac version, correct? It wasn't clear from your post, and his server doesn't specify. I'm at work and can't download it to verify myself.
  5. I love the Exile games, preferring them over the Avernum remakes. I was aware of the release of the code and this project, but haven't kept up with it. What is the status of the open code project? Is the summary accurate? (It says you folks are working on merging the Mac and Windows versions with wxWidgets.) Is there a "playable" version built since the code release, for any platform? Is there another project working with the source code?
  6. This project has been scrapped, in favor of writing a book. That is, I'm writing a book with the time I would have spent making this scenario. It was simply too difficult for me to do what I wanted to do with the constraints of the system, and writing a book is something I've always wanted to do anyway. Sorry folks.
  7. After some two months of inactivity, I've finally gotten around to reviving this project. Normally I get lazy and don't finish things, but at least this time I had a good excuse (car accident, family death, don't ask and please, no sympathy). Anywho, um... yeah. Time to relearn everything I've forgotten, and finally get some scripting done.
  8. You might also be able to run it with a DOS emulator, something like DOSBox... but that probably gets more complicated than it's worth. Also, you don't need some of the commands you listed. Assuming Blades is on your c: drive, then once you start cmd just type cd\ cd\whatever\ (whatever being the path to where you put alint) I bet you'd find it easier to put Alint in c: but not in any folders. Then move your script there to test, meaning that once you start the cmd you just type cd\ alint script.txt After you complete the check, move the script back to your folder.
  9. It's a beta group because you're reconstructing someone elses work in a new form, which it may/may not have been originally designed to have done to it, and because you are changing a few things here and there, so it's not identical to the original. If I remember correctly, the Tower of Magi was copied by somebody for BoE... I've never tried a conversion to BoA, but I'd think the basic terrain should transfer over without too much trouble, so you'd just have to check it all for accuracy. Much quicker than doing the whole thing yourself. There may also be other towns copied for BoE, but I'
  10. You could make dialog between NPCs... kinda like your character is an observer, watching the other two converse. If your character isn't in the same area, just have the NPC "report back" on the conversation when he sees your character again. Although the cutscene certainly would be flashier...
  11. They also left notes, clues as to what happened. It is fairly obvious for other parts as well, like when you find the hilt of a legendary demon-killing sword sent down with the first expedition, you'd probably guess that it was broken and the pieces scattered. You're also forgetting the magical abilities of the group. Several powerful mages would have gone with them, and surely they could send messages to the surface. Otherwise, magical scrying could have been used to track the explorers. Due to the extreme depth of the caves, I'd think it more unlikely that the mages sent word up rather
  12. I find a combination of Set Starting Location and Debugging Mode to be most effective. Alternatively, you could place the code (or import the town) into a small, testing scenario. But that seems like more work than is required. I suppose you could also just add an entrance to the town near where the party normally starts, like in a bunch of trees or something. In fact, that way you could test all your towns with a forest of town entrances...
  13. haha, what makes you think I'll steal your work? Well, hmmm... I suppose there are people who would. But I'm not one of them, so no worries. Like I said, probably just me being dumb, not able to figure out something simple. I'll make a guess that it IS in the tutorials, but not in the custom creatures sections I looked at (and me being me, I skipped large swaths of the rest, only focussing on creatures and items for now). Thanks for the suggestion, I'll go attempt it right now... Edit: Yep, works like a charm. Thanks for the assistance. Hopefully this will teach me to be more thoroug
  14. Sweet. Now all I have to do is figure out why my monsters won't show up... And so my first scripting question: How do I create custom monsters? Now before you go all wack, it isn't really as dumb a question as it sounds. Well, ok, maybe it is. But I made the script for it, I just can't get it to show up in the editors creature list. I don't see much in the tutorials about this problem, which tells me I'm probably the only guy too stupid to figure it out. For the time being, it's just a little test guy. Armed Townsfolk. No behavioral anything, just his level, equipment, and what-have-
  15. Shadows "Some farmers are apparently afraid of their own shadows." Rated Everyone, levels 15-20 Designed to be a challenging scenario for the recommended levels. Small, only two outdoor squares, with two small towns planned and (currently) two hostile towns. Well, I finally broke down and am following advice. I'm making me a nice little scenario, nothing special, before attempting to create a more complicated one based in the Wheel of Time universe. I'll occasionally drop by and update these numbers. Storyline/Planning: 75% Outdoors: 60% Towns: 50% Specials: 10% Di
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