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  1. Originally Posted By: Earth Empires My old comp which has [a] Radeon 7000… Which is more than an entire generation behind. When someone with a Radeon made within the same time-frame and running on the same operating system as the people having problems manages to run the older Geneforges without incident for extended periods of time they then will have made a point. <long mostly irrelevant rant> Originally Posted By: Earth Empires …Avernum and Geneforge share [an] engine. "Technically", so does Unreal and Unreal Tournament 3. Nonetheless, it would be disingenuous to unequivocally sta
  2. Originally Posted By: Earth Empires the[r]e could be some error on your harddrive so open command prompt (start--->run--->cmd) and type chkdsk/r and reboot. Done, didn't make a scrap of difference. Not that it would, I do this sort of thing regularly.
  3. So it's looking for a graphic that's not actually used? The older version of the 3D editor didn't ask for it. So that'd make it a remnant of a feature that was commented out originally, or that you were going to add and didn't properly excise when it didn't pan out. I'd actually be less concerned if it were the latter, the mere possibility that you uncommented some buried relic of Jeff's already less-than-stellar code gives me the heebie-jeebies. Originally Posted By: Ishad Nha should mean nothing While it doesn't seem to affect anything, I'm not sure I want to screw around with this
  4. Downloaded Ishad Nha's updated 3D editor. The window loads up, inside is solid red, this error message appears: Graphic Missing Blades of Avernum was unable to find or load graphic 4919. Make sure the editor is in the Data folder of Blades of Avernum (and not in a sub-folder). Also, make sure all graphics are where they should be. Double-checked the archive; 4919 isn't included.
  5. Originally Posted By: SpaceCadetHX Appreciate you looking that up in your game or wherever you managed to find it online. Quickly loaded the Research Hall script, copied the relevant section, pasted it to Shanti's dialogue in the entry valley and fired up a new game. Took all of thirty seconds. No prob. As for the plated clawbug idea? I've been meaning to get around to trying a mixed group with a levelled up plated clawbug backbone. I'm of the opinion that the extra two AP they get should make each levelled up plated clawbug a downright deadly critter, especially for the essence cost. I'
  6. System Specifications .OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 CPU: Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E4300 @ stock speed RAM: 2GB PC2-3200 @ stock speed HDD: 320 GB Seagate Barracuda Video card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 ...Drivers: Catalyst 9.10 ..Direct X: 9.0c Yes, I'm aware both my versions of Direct X and the Catalyst drivers are out of date. I don't fix what isn't broken; Geneforge 1-4 have all run perfectly fine on this computer in the past. If anything I believe it's the sole change in hardware that's causing the problem: I switched from an ASUS 8800 GTX to an A
  7. Prices should be 'very reasonable' if you're with the right faction, otherwise they'll be exorbitant. Create Drayk will cost 1600 at the lower price. NB: aligning with the faction in question will prevent you ever being able to align with its diametric opposite, which is the reason I always avoided joining it despite the much needed training. You can always join the faction that earns you a discount at the Upper Research Halls at a later date...
  8. Originally Posted By: WarHamster What's the quick save key? F10 to quick save. F9 to quick load. Originally Posted By: WarHamster I take it there's no way of remapping the keys[?] Correct. Originally Posted By: WarHamster Out of curiosity, what's the average lenght of G1 playthrough (when being relatively thorough, but not compulsively so)? Good question. Originally Posted By: WarHamster Is there any way to check your reputation (standing) with the various factions? Clakkit in Vakkiri can give you an idea of what your reputation is. It's also worth noting that Learned Darian can help
  9. I'm sort of sceptical... *reads their About Us page* ...sold! I've been wearily eyeing GOG for quite a while but never had both the time and inclination to do my homework on them. I just went through their catalogue and while they don't have the one game in particular I'm thinking of, I am impressed that they have such good taste. (Arcanum? Baldur's Gate? Blake Stone? Blood? Blood II? Castles? Castles II? Painkiller? UFO: Aftermath? No really, I am impressed, and those are only the games I already owned and not... *ahem*.) The major reason I've never purchased some games is because t
  10. I remember someone taking Baldur's Gate II's assets and trying to shoehorn them into Icewind Dale II's updated Infinity Engine (higher resolutions, updated lighting and particle effects, D&D 3E ruleset, etc.). I think it's the same guy who was behind WeiDU, but don't quote me on that. He had some moderate success, and could probably get it mostly working had he a ridiculous amount of time. Pretty sure that's not quite what you meant though. IWDII is getting pretty long in the tooth too, truth be told. I haven't been able to get it working in years. Seems to be a problem common to
  11. AFAIK, unlike in previous games luck isn't checked for in any scripts in GF5. It also doesn't affect item drops like in GF1 (and possibly GF2). Luck was seemingly nerfed this time 'round. Luck boosts resistances by 1% each point, adds 2% to your chance to hit, and decreases the chance you get hit by 2%. I think these numbers differ for each game in the series. Since the first two points are almost free it won't hurt any, but it's not something I'd bother pumping point after point into. (Though you could try pumping points into luck almost exclusively and keeping every piece of +luck equip
  12. Originally Posted By: Alorael Actually, I think Fallout 1 and 2 are in need of remaking. No, they're not so ancient that they absolutely need it, but the engines were clunky then, they seem even clunkier now, and there are fantastic games under the clunk. I know there are those who disagree and think the engine is fabulous, but I also think they're in the minority. Just the engine itself, or also the mechanics behind it? The mechanics could certainly be tweaked but SPECIAL wasn't that bad overall.
  13. Assuming that abilities on weapons work the same as on creations, stun should proc. on every hit, but can be (silently) resisted. Going by the stats... the Stunning Blade is a 6th level weapon, Stunblade has a base effect of 3, and you should get +1 per level of attack strength (for swords and the like this is Strength + Melee Weapons). You should inflict 3 + 6 + Str + MeW levels of stunning. If abilities on weapons don't work the same way, but are instead a flat addition you'd only inflict 3 levels of stun. For comparison, freshly made with minimum possible bonuses a glaahk should b
  14. It always bugged me that the NPCs you could recruit would not only be several levels below you by the time you could get to them, but had poor skill allocations to boot. I always figured that you'd be getting someone halfway competent to join you and instead they're simply lacklustre. This bugged me, so I decided to revamp 'em. I built characters using an 80cp 'blank' of the NPC's respective origin, then spent about 3,300 gold on training (which is about the upper limit of what you could have spent on any individual PC's training by the time you reach Vanarium). The changes to the NPCs ar
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