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  1. Originally Posted By: aragog I have a ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series card aragog, the Ati Radeon Xpress 200 is your Compaq's integrated graphics chipset. But you said in your first post that you installed a new graphics card. Can you post the specifics of the new card?
  2. Harehunter, you are very welcome to the tabbed version of Rache's site that is still being hosted by a friend of mine. Thank you for taking the time to complete it, a task I never finished. After some server changes I'm in need of a new username and password myself to access the account, but that's no big deal. As soon as I have both I'll happily transfer the original package to you, if you want it.
  3. Quote: As for the horizontal scroll bar, I'll likely have to edit my horizontal border images in order to decrease the width of the page. I made it just big enough to catch the end of one of those blocks. The horizontal scrollbar is due to a little line of code in your updatetext container: <overflow:scroll;>. This gives you scrollbars, if you need them or not. Try <overflow:auto;> instead. And for dropdown menues, you want Suckerfish. Thumbs up, Jewels! You can use colour just to create a nice look, you can also use it to guide the eye and let it go to and rest on wha
  4. Quote: Doing research means being stupid. Even if you're a freaking genius, if research doesn't make you stupid, you're just not really trying. That reminded me of something, or rather someone, and I went looking for the quote. Here it is: "I get that feeling all the time that I'm an ape trying to put 2 sticks together. So I always feel stupid. Once in a while though, the sticks go together for me and I reach the banana." Richard P. Feynman, 1963
  5. The Exile series won't run on Windows 7. There are ways around this though. You can install a virtual container, DosBox or VirtualBox for instance, that will either simulate an older OS (DosBox) or let you install one (VirtualBox), and run the games that way. Works well for quite a few people on these boards.
  6. You'll find your own solution. The easiest way out I see right now is cutting up the starting area .jpg into sections, 2 or 4, as many as needed, and make each section clickable. (Starting_area_1.html, Starting_area_2.html, etc) Quote: New files uploaded, and again, tell me if something fouls up. On the Avernum 1 main map the newbielande.html is missing, though it was there before you updated the page.
  7. Try this link and extract the sound files from the .exe with a resource hacker: Exile 2 This is the old Exile 2 with old graphics, a link used to be in a thread on this forum, but seems to be broken by now. I downloaded this while it was still accessible.
  8. Quote: I've started the A2 maps - In an afternoon I've mapped 4 of the 6 towns in the starting outdoors zone, but I need to figure out how to split them into 2 groups in a way that makes sense before uploading them. This starting zone is crowded. I like your idea of doing the detailed maps in Silver's style. And I agree with you: you either come up with a project of your own that would of course look totally different, or finish this one in a combined effort, so to speak, while preserving its identity. I don't get what you have in mind by splitting the six towns into two groups. What is
  9. Quote: And the updated copy is here. —Alorael, who will get around to the forum header shortly. Thank you, and while you are at it, the annotated A2s would like an update, too. There's something else though not related to the Annotated Maps: Schrodinger's walkthrough for Avernum 2 at Game FAQs. Here's the link Walkthrough Avernum 2 Maybe you'd like to link to it from the header? There's not much help for A2 up there anyway.
  10. Quote: New files uploaded, and again, tell me if something fouls up. Everything's perfect.
  11. Thank you both, Tycho and Alorael. Patrick's tower has returned in all its glory.
  12. I do feel confused. Because, as Alorael, I too remember something darker, no space between the images, and also a transparent yellowish layer that was either part of the highlighted pic or vanished on mouseover. But looking at the source code, the header defines both hi_pics and smallclear_pics and their function, but the body never refers to said hi_pics. And there's no folder that contains them. Can the archive change the source code?
  13. Quote: Sorry, I guess that I didn't get that page into my archive. I MAY still have a second complete copy (it's older, from before the first time the site went offline)on my old retired mac. I'll try to look for it over the next few days when I get the chance to. Thanks, I'd enjoy that. In the wayback archives this particular .jpg seems to have been missing right away, once and forever, from 2001-2008. Which is strange, as I remember the picture from silver's website.
  14. Thank you so much for this. Now just one question: I do miss the small .jpg of Patrick's Tower, the detailed one. Did I lose it in the download or is it just not part of the copy? Everything else is there. I tried to get it from the wayback machine, but no luck. Thanks again.
  15. Quote: Nothing new from Silver, but Tycho Maudd planned for this eventuality and already backed up the site. I've got the files from him, and now I've got a working computer again, so I'll try to get them up. —Alorael, who is willing to hand the files over to as many people as possible so they don't disappear. Having them widely mirrored can only be a good thing. That's great news. And yes, I want the files. I mail you my e-mail. edit: To Loyal Servile Wait until they are online again. Then you'll see for yourself why we want the maps back.
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