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Scenario suggestions

Dark Ryu

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I wouldn't mind seeing some LoTR scenarios....and sprites

I wouldn't mind seeing treebeard in action, asaulting isengaurd

I think helmsdeep was one of the best parts of the series, if anyones particularly good at making scenarios/sprites...

just suggestions


might be fun/funny to see some star wars type scenarios too :p

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I'd move it if I thought it was of any real value anywhere. Also, please edit your posts instead of double posting.


There has been a sort-of Hobbit scenario (The Arkenstone) and a Star Wars scenario. Both were very poor. Ultimately, a good designer will be far more interested in telling his own story than someone else's.

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thanks for the cynicism?

um anyway didnt say they had to follow the story, you can make you own take on other peoples stories..if you have any sort of imagination

and what may be poor to you might be interesting, entertaining or good to others

just for you I might actually look into creating scenarios....


/insert double post

/insert sarcasm

/me end

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If you have imagination, you will have stories of your own that you will want to tell.


If you do not have imagination, you will not be able to make a good scenario, regardless of your source material.


It's as simple as that.


While certainly personal opinion counts for a lot, I'd be amazed if anyone considered The Arkenstone or Blade of the Jedi to be more than okayish.


I think that the scenarios that will be made will be better than a Helm's Deep scenario could ever be and good designers won't waste their time with that sort of thing.

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There's another reason that any such scenario will fail.


If it sticks to the story, it will be poorer than the original because most of LoTR would not be portrayed to its best in a different form (a BOA scenario)


If it changes the story, it will be poorer because it does not follow the correct story for LoTR and so people will condemn it.


Either way you would be better off using your imagination rather than stealing Tolkien's.

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I wouldn't mind seeing LoTR based scenarios.


That there are currently no good scenarios based on books doesn't mean that it's impossible to do them. I personally thought the Arkenstone was nice but it was extremely small. I have (at times) considered doing a scenario loosely based on Tolkien's work, myself. Some certainly hate the idea, others like it.


Many people (writers etc.) steal good ideas. In fact, is there anything that hasn't been invented yet in one form or another? The ideas just have to be developed.


So, good luck for the attempt.

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thanks for that link, I'm not even going to reply to anyone else

everyones allowed their opinions, but I think lotr scenarios done by a >group< of talented people would roll over nicely

I myself can do decent scripting but I dont have the patience to build towns etc...

3-4 people working on 1 scenario would not only increase speed but content, 4 different opinions on what could be improved

blah blah I'm going to play avernum 1 night night

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I'm going to have to disagree again

as with anything, its not inherently bad

it depends on the group, and how they decide to split the tasks

1 person working on towns/dungeons, 1 person working on outdoors, 1 on text and one on sprites would in my opinion be better than everyone for themselves, lets hurry up and release this!

since I've been excused I think I'll go take a dump....on my karma since someone thought it would be funny to give me 1 star

I myself find it pretty comical

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Karma doesn't matter. Nobody really cares.


That said, I disagree with you- there has only been one group effort (Wreck of the Slug), it wasn't partitioned as you said, and it sucks horribly. All others (and there have been a few) have been abandoned because of personal restraints or outright laziness. Has anyone here heard of the Blades Megasite...?

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I again disagree, this is all down to opinions and not actual facts

Being on the net has nothing to do with it, I have worked with teams to do things 100% netbased

no phone calls, lunch meetings or trips to the park and they came out great

the only thing that matters is flexability, are you willing to

A)let someone tell you "that sucks, this would be better"

B)devote the time

C)actually communicate with someone you might have NO past experience with


I'm sure theres more I could add to that but do you care?

I'm guessing mainly the reason for failure here is c, you people could care less about working with others MINE MINE MINE

Just because teamwork hasn't yet worked in this case, you cant just write it off as not working anywhere


A decent example, I used to play an mmorpg called "Nexus, The Kingdom of The Winds" for 5 years and there was a 100% online based group effort made event that was made before I started playing that is still ongoing and the most used facet of the game

It's called carnage and justly so, your split into teams whose main goal is to take out the other team

Some people login just to participate in these events

It's so popular and overcrowded it's split into different divisions, and held several times a day

Ok done ranting think what you will but I say teamwork is best over a lone effort any day

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Unfortunately Blades is really geared toward individual works. Things done by one user need to be somehow implemented in a master file which is a real pain to coordinate.


The problem is not really in the people here, as a long standing community member who has participated in these failed projects I can atest to that. People on these have always been sincere, but the issues of coordination with personal lives and all have really doomed this to failure.


Sure, people could overcome this, but there is no motivation. The hassle is just too great to justify the extra effort. The problem is really a systemic one that makes individual works actually easier than any non-trivial group attempt.

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