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  1. I believe if you hold down the fn button whilst pressing F3 on an iBook, it should override the mute and quicksave instead.
  2. So far, I chopped off a bit of the shade for Rone's apprentice, got the crystal box for Haughton and have just been charged with getting through the Spire Fort for Levitt. How do I get into the Spire Fort? If I'm not supposed to do that yet, how do I progress?
  3. The only viable way to play an Agent is as a solo. I'll let either SoT or Vlish rant about why.
  4. Ah, figured it out, for future reference.. Function key + F3 fixes it.
  5. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that (precarious hot key set up on my Mac), but I suppose there's no real alternative. Still, I think this is a problem that should be addressed.
  6. Does Jeff just point blank refuse to cater for laptops? I notice that for Geneforge 3 on a laptop, the command for Quicksave and the Mute button are the same (F3). This wouldn't be a problem is the command for Quicksave actually worked on a laptop, which it does not - it simply mutes whatever I happen to be listening to at the time. I'll send this off as a bug report unless anybody can tell me if there's any way of solving this. My previous experience with Spiderweb is that Jeff makes it impossible to change the keys that you use for the game, for some odd reason. Any clues?
  7. I've yet to play it but... Quote: Geneforge 3 has a huge and open storyline. You can help one of several factions, each with its own goals. There are dozens of different endings. You can help the rebels, or fight them. I'm sure glad that Jeff hasn't been running out of original plotlines.
  8. This topic represents everything I despise about the world.
  9. The plot wasn't so much infinitely worse in GF2 as it was exactly and completely the same. GF2 could have been a lot better than GF1, but ended up something I didn't think was possible - even worse.
  10. Quote: Show me a well-written scenario in which the writer was not a capable programmer. I seriously doubt that you can, with perhaps one or two exceptions. And of course, you missed my point entirely. I'm not saying that you can do without programming. But I think we should be aiming for allowing people who are good writers but not necessarily excellent programmers to create scenarios as well as those who do both. Quote: Tell me--who's making the tools to make things easier for people? Seems like I'm the main one on the Windows side right now, and I'm working on going multiplatform. Wh
  11. Let me try and evaluate your position here, Arenax. You're being so unbelievably elitist that you can't even begin to comprehend that there are different disciplines involved in designing a scenario, of which the actual programming is probably the least important. And yet you maintain such an enormous ego that obviously believes that if somebody wants something that makes their job a little easier it must therefore follow that they are guilty of "dumbing down". Like Kelandon said, I fail to see the problem with newbies creating scenarios. The very notion that you woulod hold such an
  12. That quote presumes you're working with a system that is of sufficient complexity that simplicity would limit its abilities. The dialogue system for BoA is no such thing. It's like saying the invention of the typewriter limited the usefulness of words.
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