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Mac Emulator for Windows

Ishad Nha

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Currently all of the really good programs in the BoA community come out as Mac only. Here I am thinking of the new editor &&. Which is a problem for the half of the people who use Windows.


There is a program called Virtual PC, which I have only just learned about. It can run other operating systems on a Virtual Hard Drive. If we can find a freeware version of Mac OS then Windows users can run Mac programs on their computers.


At the end of the day this approach can only do so much, Mac saved games won't run on a Windows program &.

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Unfortunately what you think and what is aren't all that similar (note the serenity reference). It's against Apple's Terms of Service to run the OS on non-Apple hardware. You may or may not be able to get a copy you purchase running on Non-Apple hardware but you probably won't find much help here on how to circumvent the protections put into place. For probably twice the cost of the 129 for a retail copy you can find something used (200-300) that will come with a licensed copy of 10.3 or higher (all macs are licensed for whatever OS they originally came with). Apple often runs deals on late model mini's as well.


Also there are no "freeware" versions of Mac OS X, the latest version Apple provides free is 7.5.5 I believe.


http://www.baucomcomputers.com/ is a good place to look for used Mac equipment if you're not into ebay.

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