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  1. Anne Rice, The Wolf Gift.. and re reading "The Witching Hour" I do love Anne Rice's work.. And I am also reading the Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay . P.S - I too have started to read the GRRM Ice and Fire books.. Half way through the first book so far Pretty good so far
  2. I saw this earlier, some of you may have already seen it, but for those that haven't.. I think this is pretty awesome.. and props to the developer of the game..I hope that it makespeopel think twice before pirating, especially small companies games.. I foudn the comments to be quite funny..but also rather sad .. http://www.greenheartgames.com/2013/04/29/what-happens-when-pirates-play-a-game-development-simulator-and-then-go-bankrupt-because-of-piracy/
  3. Nothing xD I just forgot to list them as I have a head liek a sieve xD P.S - The new Neverwinter MMO looks pretty good...And the Ultima game Lord British(Richard Garriot) is now making is something else that I eagerly wait for release..
  4. Some of you may already know, I did just post a link in another thread on it too, but figured I would start a thread on it so more people would see it.. For the next 2 days on GOG.COM you can get up to 80% (Depending on how many of the titles you buy) of their RPG collecction... http://www.gog.com/p...nd_promo_050413 As you can see there are many games on the list...Some AWESOME games too! Get them all while you can.. I have bought it even though I already own many of them on DvD/CD... $1.99 Baldur's Gate 2 Complete Works on: $1.99 Baldur's Gate:
  5. As people have already mentioned: - Planescape Torment Baldurs Gate + Expac Baldurs Gate II + Expac Icewind Dale + Expac Icewind Dale II + Expac Neverwinter Nights + Expacs NeverWinter Nights II + Expacs TES - Arena TES - Daggerfall TES - Morrowind TES - Oblivion TES - Skyrim One thing I will say is that 3D graphics do not age as gracefully as 2D... The infinity Engine games {Baldurs Gate,Icewind Dale....} may looked dated, yes..but they will be much easier to immerse yourself into that say 'Neverwinter Nights'.. it was the first 3D rpg made by Bioware..It loos horribly date
  6. Answered... can we see the results then ? xD
  7. Did you see that program where they built a simulator.. and played Battle field III on it ..? They made a special floor, so no matter where you walk, no matter what direction, you stayed on this special floor.. and to the user it was just like walking around for real... they put it inside a big dome... and made it so where ever the user looked... thast where the screen was.. and then they also had paintball guns shooting at him when the AI counterparts aimed at him... It was proper awesome... When he came out he as sweating and was out of breath, everything... they had him linked to vario
  8. I have been a member of this forum for years now but rarely post.. Only when games are due for release and during beta.. But I thought I would add my 2cents to this thread.. Imo 'nice' 2D/Isometric graphics will outlast 3D graphics..easily..for reasons already stated.. The creme de la creme of rpgs for me are the 'BigBitmap' engine driven games such as Baldurs Gate,Icewind Dale + their expacs.. And then ofc the ISometric games like Avernum.. the old skool Exile graphics are also very nice, and can be pretty timeless.. The thing is 3D tech moved VERY quickly, and the initial 3D games in
  9. This is super awesomeo news Jeff and team! xD In facts prolly the best news I have heard all year
  10. The net was a much nicer and friendlier place years ago..lol Back on topic.. I was really looking forwards to A:eftp and was not dissapointed when I got my hands on the beta.. I loved the changes made to it.. I think its a really good game and I look forwards to the remakes of the 2nd and 3rd games as well. The first trilogy was my fav btw I really liked Avadon too and cannot wait to see what is in store in the next chapter in the story.. I am not fussy about what order Jeff releases these games..It would be good to see Avadon 2 next though imo.. But I easy with whatev
  11. As Randomizer has said "It will be released in April", it is on schedule for the date that given, I have beta tested windows versions for Jeff for years.. And as others have said no one wants it out he door quicker than what Jeff and the rest of Spiderweb do.. All good things to those who wait..
  12. Why 2 priests ? There are many classses to choose from..various fighters, and magic types..as well as custom characters.. plenty of variation..
  13. Thanks for the reply Jeff.. It was a looong time ago that I heard/read about your influences for Exile:eftp. I cannot for the life of me recall where I heard/read it, I did find copies once many moons ago, so long ago I forgot both what happened to them and what they were called. I might try and purchase them again.. Playing the new avernum made me slightly nostalgic.. ok quite a bit
  14. Heyah, Can anyone tell me the name of the book that inspired Jeff to write Exile..? I have seen it somewhere, maybe in an old interview.. but alas I cannot remember where.. Sorry if this shouldnt have been posted here, as its not strictly related to the new game, but any help would would be much appreciated .. Many thanks
  15. I am glad that people do buy it on steam, and I hopethey accept the new game too Jeff.. More sales == more monies for Jeff which keeps him afloat and making great software.. But I realy dont get stream myself.. seems like its for lazy people to me...I mean c'mon how hard is it to email Jeff for a key rofl..and you have the demo to play while you wait.. I have used steam in the past, but now I hate it with a passion...I like owning the game a physical copy.. I really hate having only the option of a digital copy... Plus they do their freaky drm /whatever to the software..
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