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Source of Vlish in Pentil Woods quest broken?


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So I finished the source of the Vlish quest by killing the thing in Pentil Woods but the quest isn't showing as completed.

I cleared out the entire area, including the stairs, killed every Vlish in sight.  According to the hint book the quest should have been completed but it's still showing as active.

Thanks for any help!

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Hello trinko,

If I’m understanding you correctly, I think you might be slightly misreading the hintbook.

The hintbook only tells you the main objective of the quest, which in this case is killing the spawner in Pentil Woods. Fulfilling this objective doesn’t necessarily mean that the quest is completed. You may also need to report what you’ve done to someone in order for the quest to clear.

For example, this quest is given to you by a woodsman in Pentil. He’s asked you to find the source of the vlish and destroy it. If you go ahead and take out the source of the vlish as he asks, then that’s all well and good – but it doesn’t help the woodsman much if you don’t go back and tell them what you’ve done!

In other words, all you need to do to complete the quest now is to go back to Pentil, speak to the person who gave you the quest (whose name is Godwin), and select the new conversation topic that should appear that mentions it.

If you have problems with quests clearing in the future, just check out the description of the quest in your quest log. This description should mention who gave you the quest. Finding them and talking to them may give you an option to report what you’ve done, clear the quest from your log, and get rewarded for your deeds!

Of course, if I am misunderstanding you, do let me know. I may be able to help you if something else is going on!

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I have a related question: I completed this quest and reported to Godwin, he said something about being quick to kill vlish but no reward! I was hoping a message like "Quick action increases +1" but nothing, or is it a different kind of reward I missed? The quest is now gone but I really didn't get what the reward was?


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