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Anyone have the final versions of some famous scenarios?

Nephil Thief

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At the Gallows - last I checked, the version I have archived has a rather amusing bug where an important item is right on the floor in front of the wizard you're supposed to give it to.

Falling Stars - the archived version doesn't have the completed hall of contributors (in the starting town) or the Denmark quest.


The Shadow of the Stranger - archived version doesn't let you turn off tree climbing, final version did.

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Just to help with searching, Nephil Thief, could you please post the specific version numbers of your copies of these three scenarios? This makes it easier to compare versions, since people can tell at a glance whether they have a different version to you.


The quickest way to find the version number is through a scenario’s documentation. Alternatively, you can find it through BoE itself. Just make sure the scenario is visible in your scenario folder (put a space or two at the front of its name if necessary), load up a party outside of a scenario, and flick through the ‘Custom Scenario’ list until you find the one you’re looking for. The version number is right at the top.

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@The Almighty Doer of Stuff- oh, then maybe there never was a fix for the item placement thing. I might have misremembered v1.0.2 existing.


@Ess-Eschasand anyone else - Falling Stars for me is v1.0.1, and Shadow of the Stranger is v1.2.0. Thanks y'all!

@Celtic Minstrel- yeah, the versions on Spidweb's own downloads page are the same as those I have.

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The only other place I can think of is Truesite4Blades, but I'm pretty sure the OpenBoE archive is directly derived from that, so there's probably no point checking. (It is currently archived at OpenBoE.com though, if you want to take a look. I think it's untouched from the archive Jewels sent me save for updating broken internal links, though I might've missed some.)

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@Celtic MinstrelI know the archived Lyceum had the final version of Falling Stars, but AFAIK it disappeared when Truesite went down, and the Wayback Machine didn't catch most of the HTML let alone the zip files. The version in the scenario archive was always earlier than the one from the archived Lyceum. If there's still an archive of the Lyceum floating around though, it might still have the final version. (And if anyone sends that my way, I'll update the one in my own archive mirror.)

Edit: yes, the Lyceum is still archived!



The links did not get modified so it takes some manual changing of URLs to navigate, but it looks like everything should still be there. Thank you profoundly!

Edit 2: grabbed all the final version Alcritas scenarios, thanks. This command worked:

wget -r -np -l 1 -A zip http://truesite.openboe.com/SWArchive/Geocities/alcritas/

Going to put those in my Google Drive archive momentarily.

Edit 3: or not. That grabbed a bunch of Javascript files? Weird. Anyway grabbing them manually worked ok.

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@The Almighty Doer of StuffI think Drizzt's page might also be in the Truesite archive?

And I've added the files to my archive FYI. Directory structure now looks like

    [Alcritas scenarios]
    [Scenarios from the Truesite archive]

Link is in my signature.

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I fixed a bunch of Lyceum/Alcritas-related links, but the archive of Drizzt's website is quite broken. It looks like it was downloaded through a browser using the "save whole web page" feature, because there are a bunch of "this_web_page_files" folders which oftentimes contain duplicate content. There are also a whole bunch of missing images, and the zip files seem to be absent too.

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Hello, has anyone managed to find the final bugfixed version (v1.3) of Shadow of the Stranger?  I'm also looking for Suspension of Tranquility.  I just hope these two don't end up as part of the "lost scenarios"....


On a tangential note, does anyone have an archive backup of BoA scenarios?  Currently, the only site that works is Tyranicus' BoA scenario database, but most of the scenarios in his collection are heavily outdated sadly.  I just hope someone has a private backup archive for BoA scenarios similar to Nephil Thief's BoE google archive.

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Much appreciated, Lurker. Thanks.  I have noted down a list of outdated scenarios for BoA as well that I will soon post in the relevant section. Perhaps your magical hard drive might have copies of those, fingers crossed.

Incidentally, I noticed some oddities/discrepancies in Nephil Thief's backup scenario archive that I think is worth mentioning since it might reduce confusion and benefit newer players who are looking for the latest bugfixed versions.


Since the scenario filenames don't have version numbers appended to them, it's difficult to tell if the listed file is up-to-date. I had to comb through file contents and compare timestamps/checksums with versions I found elsewhere.


- NorthernKingdom0_Prologue.zip is outdated (v1.0).  A newer version (v1.1) is availabe via the Internet Archive.


- EdgeofEternity_The.zip and eternity.zip are duplicates. They both refer to the same scenario.


- HutofBabaYaga_The.zip and babayaga.zip refer to the same scenario, but the latter has updated file timestamps which implies it's a newer version, yet it is missing what appears to be crucial files like babayaga.bmp, babayaga.meg. I don't know if this was intentional or accidental.


- FinalSpireThe.zip and FInal Spire.zip refer to the same scenario, but the latter has updated file timestamps. Then again, it is missing crucial graphics and other miscellaneous files. I can't tell which of the two is the more definite version.


- Kallaskagathos.zip and pippen.zip are duplicates; also, the file/directory structure on the former looks odd with a 0-byte file. Not sure if intentional.


- QuestfortheOrbs.zip and QuestoftheOrbs.zip refer to the same scenario; the latter appears to be outdated.


- SoundShowcase.zip and SOUNDS.zip refer to the same utility; the latter appears to be outdated.


- The Nephils_ Defense.zip and The_Nephils__Defense_by_Bain-Ihrno.zip refer to the same scenario. The latter is outdated, but contains extra files.


- War_Preparations_by_Bain-Ihrno.zip and War Preparations.zip are duplicates.


- some of Alcritas' scenarios (An_Apology_by_Alcritas.zip, FallingStars.zip, OfGoodandEvil.zip, OnaShiptoAlgiers.zip) in the truesite-archive folder are older versions. Yes, there is a separate folder called alcritas-final-versions that have the most latest versions.  So why keep the older versions?  Newer players could easily accidentally download the older versions unless they do a lot of (unnecessary) investigating.

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I should not that I am NOT the author of "War Preparations"; not sure how a file called "War Preperations by Bain-Ihrno" exists. (Milu K is the designer of War Preparations).


My BoE scenarios include:


Fort Emerald Robbery

The Nephils' Defense

The Final Spire

100 Evil Sliths

The Crusaders


I did also create two (pretty useless) utilities, which include:


The Fifth Tower of Magi

The Portal

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