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Modding Creature Size and other minor changes


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What this is about:  Changing the size of creations. Do you want your Fyoras to be half the size of what's in the game? Do you want Cryodrayks to be 40% larger than Drayks? This is what you need to do. Example is with a Fyora. 

Edit: There's also instructions on how to change the color of the Player Character (for example changing the Shaper's robes to blue) in this post


First thing first, warnings:  
(1) backup your files first

(2) Game data files/scripts and saved games that have been edited, using cheat codes or not, are unsupported. Spiderweb Software cannot properly support game files that have been edited in ways we can't examine or control. 


How it is done: 

It is quite simple actually. There's a stat in the GFitemschars.txt. It's called "cr_scaling " 
It does scaling, in percentage. Keep in mind that some creatures are already scaled down somewhat. Thadlings for example are smaller than Thands. In this example, we will rescale the Fyoras to be 60% the size of the original Fyoras. What we need to do, is put 

cr_scaling = 60;

under the Fyora's name in GFitemschars.txt. Like this: 


// imported for all fyora types

    import = 0;

    cr_name = "Fyora";

    cr_scaling = 60;

    cr_graphic_template = 150;


The purple is the added line. Now your Fyoras would be 60% of the size. 

Keep in mind that there are some Fyoras in the game that are larger or smaller. You need to adjust them too. I.e. if you see cr_scaling = 90 for the Enraged Fyora, you need to change it to say 55 for it to be smaller than your Fyoras.


That's it. 





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3 minutes ago, Fyora et Labora said:

Be aware that many definitions inherit from other definitions, both explicitly (i.e., called-out in text) and implicitly (from the previous definition).  So changing one creature definition may change it for certain others as well.


That is absolutely correct. If something else uses the Guardian's sprite or the agent's sprite and you change it, you change it for all. 

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16 hours ago, Cat of Nine said:

I realized the new game seems to remove the ability to change your character sprites color. Does anyone know how to change this easily in the game files or otherwise? Or has anyone made any mods to do this? Thanks!


Simply use the "cr_graphic_coloradj" in the script of your character class in GFitemschars.txt..   I.e. to change the color to blue

cr_graphic_coloradj = 1; 


I will give an example for turning the Shaper Blue (as I have done in my game).


under the Shaper name in GFitemschars.txt (begindefinecreature 1) put the command. Like this: 


begindefinecreature 1;
    cr_name = "Shaper";
    cr_graphic_template = 300;
    cr_graphic_coloradj = 1;    
    cr_base_health = 8;


The purple is the added line. Now the Shaper would be blue. 

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For people's benefit, a bit of experience from modding Queen's Wish: 


1 = blue. 

2 = green

3 = purple

4 = lavender

5 = teal

6 = a more subdued purple

7 = another green

8 = 0, but darker

9 = 1, but darker

And so on. 


I believe you can go up quite high - I tested 128 and 32 in QW, for example, though it sometimes produces weird results.  And that might look a little odd here, since in Queen's Wish the armor is colored separately to your character's face.


Then again, turning all grey and weird looking in Geneforge isn't necessarily wrong. 

EDIT: for example, changing the guardian to colour-adjust 9 gives you grey skin and blue gloves and boots. 

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Sigh. A brief note from modding the Guardian - I ran into the same problem in QW when trying to mod the mail colours. The only things that change are the boots and the gloves and the helmet trim (I think it's the same model, actually). Though coloradj 16 and coloradj 24 are lovely, unless you like brightly coloured leather you will not find happiness modding your Guardian colours. 

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3 hours ago, ClawBug said:

So anyway how to add new creature?

If I want a add a drakon or wingbolt? 

I will answer that in more detail after I add the Rotdhizon. It is not very complicated but it is not simple either and it is a long process. 


For the time, all I know is how to replace one creation with another. Say, you can replace the Cryodrayk with a Drakon or the Ur-Ghaalk with a Wingbolt. 


First, you need the various sprites and they need to be aligned like the GF1-M files. I.e. you will need some modification from the sprites of GF2-5 as they need to have the proper number of boxes where the sprite looks the right way etc. 


Then you need to make a new entry in GFfloorster.txt to add the graphics. Then you need to make a new entry in the GFitemschars.txt to add the stats. Then, you need to replace the icon for the Creation in G141.png and the right pic from G440 to G459 (depends on which creation you replaced). 

Finally, you may need to modify the textskills.txt so that you see "Create Drakon" instead of "Create Ornk" if you replaced that creation for example and the text that explains the ability. You may also want to change the textcodex.txt so that you will get the right codex for your creation.

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