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GF1-M - Canisters and Sarcophagi Locations [Spoilers]


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Geneforge 1 - Mutagen


Unless otherwise noted, these are canisters

Books - B

Sarcophagus - S


Can buy one level of training for 2000c at

- Ledearship - Drayk’s Vale (if you are not Taker aligned)

- Mechanics - Winding Road

- Stealth - Patrol Bridged





Strength - increases melee weapon damage by 5% per point, increases carry capacity of armor and weapons

- Inner Crypt

Agility - increases missile weapon damage by 5% per point, gives 2% per point chance of evasion. acts faster in combat

- Ruined School, Inner Crypt

Intellect - increases all spell effects by 5% per point, increases spell energy

- Inner Crypt

Essence Mastery - increases essence gained per point

- Inner Crypt

Endurance - increases health gained per point

- Servile Warrens


Combat Skills:

Melee Weapons - increases melee weapon damage by 8% per point, 3% chance of attack using less action points, can use more powerful weapons (maximum 8 for best weapon)

- Pentil (B) East Kazg

Missile Weapons - increases missile weapon damage by 8% per point, 5% chance of baton attack using less action points, can use more powerful weapons (maximum 8 for best weapon)

- Southbridge (S), Sealed Lab (S)

Quick Action - gives 5% chance per point of weapon attack using fewer action points

- The Tombs (S), icy Tunnels (S)

Evasion - gives 4% chance of evasion against single target attacks

- The Tombs (S)


Magic Skills:

Battle Magic - can cast more powerful spells, +8% per point bonus to effect

- Inner Crypt (s)

Mental Magic - - can cast more powerful spells, +8% per point bonus to effect

- The Tombs (S), Inner Crypt (S)

Blessing Magic - can cast more powerful spells, +8% per point bonus to effect

- The Tombs (S)

Spellcraft - gives 3% bonus per point to all spells, restores 3% per point spell energy and essence, 3% per point chance of using less action points

- Ruined School (servant mind), Southbridge (S) , Wooded Valley


Shaping Skills:

Fire Shaping - can make more powerful Fire creations, each point increases level

- Western Workshop

Battle Shaping - can make more powerful Battle creations, each point increases level

- The Tombs (S), East Kazg, Patrol Bridge

Magic Shaping - can make more powerful Magic creations, each point increases level

- Pentil, The Tombs (S)

Healing Craft - can cast more powerful spells, +8% bonus per point

- The Tombs (S), The Arena (servant mind)


General Skills:

Leadership - increases number of dialogue options

- Sealed Lab (S)

Mechanics - use fewer living tools to open containers and door or disarm traps

- Hill of Jars, Pentil (B), Sealed Lab (S)

Stealth - reduce the distance that creatures can see you

- Sealed Lab (S)


Fire Shaping:

Create Fyora - at level 3 - cryofyora

- Abandoned Vale , Ellhrah’s Keep, Thorny Woods, Winding Road

Create Roamer - at level 3 - unstable roamer

- Spiral Burrow, Pentil, Tribal Woods, Patrol Bridge

Create Drayk - at level 3 - cryodrayk

- Patrolled Dell, Sealed Lab, Power Core, The Great Temple


Battle Shaping:

Create Thahd - at level 3 - unstable thahd

- Watchill, Hill of Jars, East Kazg, Peaceful Vale

Create Clawbug - at level 3 - iron clawbug

- Southbridge, Kazg Ruins, The Arena, Power Station

Create Battle Alpha - at level 3 - battle beta

- Freeplace, South Workshop, The West Gate, Central Labs

Create Ornk

- Servile Warrens


Magic Shaping:

Create Artila - at level 3 - plated artia

- Ruined School, Pentil Woods, Wooded Valley, Peaceful Vlae

Create Vlish - at level 3 - charged vlish

- Crystal Burrow, Holding Two, Underground River, Kazg

Create Glaahk - at level 3 - ur-glaahk

- Northern Mines, Power Station, Diarazad, Central Labs

Create Cockatrice

- Ascended Labs, Barren Outpost (2 canisters)



Battle Magic:

Firebolt - fire damage

- Crumbling Docks, Thorny Woods, East  Kazg, Central Labs

Searer - energy damage with poison bonus, acid at level 2 (need Battle Magic level 1)

- Ruined School, Spiral Burrow, Peaceful Vale, Holding Cells

Essence Lances - cone of  energy damage

- Buried Cells, Kazg Ruins, Eastern Dock

Airshock - circular area of energy damage with chance of stun

- Western Mines, Crossroads, The Vats


Mental Magic:

Daze - circular area to daze foes

- Bandit Woods,Servile Outpost, Dock Ruins, Research Quarters

Wrack - circular area to make foes -15% to hit and damage, chance to slow to lose turn (need Mental Magic level 1)

- Crag Valley, Thorny Fens, Northern Mines, Guarded Docks

Terror - circular area causes foe to flee (need Mental Magic level 2)

- Northbridge, Kazg, Eastern Docks, Kantre's Realm

Dominate - causes foe to be charmed (need Mental Magic level 3)

- Sealed Lab, Western Wastes, Winding Road


Blessing Magic:

War Blessing - +!0% to hit and damage for 4 turns

- Vakkiri, The Tombs, Holding Two, Research Quarters

Protection - -10% chance of being hit and reducing damage (need Blessing Magic level 1)

- Crag Valley, Crystal Burrow, Mine Core,The Arena

Speed - hastes to give chance pod using fewer action points

- Buried Cells, Tribal Woods, Kazg

Mass Energize - gives all nearby blessing, shielding, and hastes

- Servile Warrens, Western Workshop, Front Gate


Healing Craft:

Heal - heals damage

- Abandoned Vale, Hill of Jars, East Kazg, Icewalls

Cure Affliction - reduces rounds of damaging status and mental effects (need Healing Craft level 1)

- Ellhrah’s Keep, Pentil Plains, Wooded Valley, Peaceful Vale

Essence Shield - shields from damage

- Kazg Ruins, Servile Warrens, Dry Wastes

Mass Restore - nearby heals damage and cures affliction

- South Workshop, Power Station, Kantre’s Realm

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You seem to be missing the following:

Battle Shaping - East Kazg, Patrol Bridge

Fire Shaping - West Workshop

Magic Shaping - Pentil

Healing Craft: Arena (requires at least 3 leadership - you also need to tell the servant mind that they are still Janus, otherwise this is locked)


Also, I think you have too many entries for Create Thahd - I'm not sure the patrol bridge entry is accurate.


Here are all the non-canister sources of skills/abilities (some of these are on your list, but I want to make sure they're all included):


Strength: Use the Strange Pool in Spirit City 9 times.

Agility + Intelligence: South Workshop, reward for the Slay Corata quest (requires 5 leadership)

Quick Action: Icy Tunnels, requires 3 mechanics to open the sarcophagus.

Quick Action: Pentil quest reward from Find Source of Vlish

Melee Weapons/Missile Weapons/Quick Action/Evasion: Ellhrah's Keep from Swan, requires joining the Awakened.

Spellcraft: Ruined School, requires 5 leadership

Spellcraft: Wooded Valley, from Anya, requires 5 leadership and 3 Sholai language

Stealth: Spirit City, from a Shade, requires 5 leadership

Mechanics, Melee Weapons: In Pentil, from Rydell's books

Create Fyora: From Learned Jaffee in Pentil, requires being an Obeyer and 5 leadership

Essence Mastery: The Sentinels, quest reward from Slay Goettsch. The pre-reqs for this one are a bit complicated. You can't have already reached Goettsch or bypassed the Sentinels through the Mechanics route. You must also have at least 8 leadership.


Leadership - Halm in Drayk's Vale will teach you for 2000gp if you don't have the Trajkov Amulet (even if you didn't join the takers, having the amulet from Trajkov directly will prevent you)

Mechanics - Flig in Winding Road will teach you for 2000gp

Stealth - Dig in Patrol bridge will teach you for 2000gp if your Servile reputation isn't too low

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EDIT: Sorry - thought Mechalibur missed something that h/she didn't - was looking only in one place in that list for Stealth and missed the other! Would be really helpful regardless if Randomizer could please continue expanding the original post to be a single convenient comprehensive list of skill boost locations, including the few Mechalibur listed but Randomizer currently hasn't.

Edited by mikeprichard
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Thanks, I am checking that out. CTRL+F is a friend.

A few more questions, if you don't mind: in your (Mechalibur's) post above, do you mean "Icy Tunnels" instead of "Icewalls" for the Quick Action boost you listed? Also, even though that's apparently from a sarcophagus, it seems from nlambert's index that unlike other sarcophagus boosts, it doesn't require your base skill to be at 0 to work, correct (he has it in the "Trainers" section)? If it does require base skill of 0 - though I don't think that's the case - your other topic listing skill boost totals excluding sarcophagi should probably have +2 for Quick Action (Pentil quest + Swan) instead of +3. Finally, nlambert says 3 Mechanics are needed for that boost, Randomizer's atlas has 4, and you have 5 - which is correct?

Edited by mikeprichard
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Yes, that should be Icy Tunnels. I'll fix it. It's in a physical sarcophagus, but it's not a sarcophagus skill, so it's not affected by the 0 skill requirement.


Regarding the mechanics needed, there are two separate pylons that open different sarcophagi. According to the scripts, one has a requirement of 3, the other has a requirement of 5. I assumed the 5 matched to the skill bonus, but after double checking the scripts, it seems I'm wrong and nlambert is correct. I'll fix this as well.


Total Quick Action is 3 because you also get a +1 from a quest in Pentil.

Edited by Mechalibur
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I found the Tombs to be spectacularly unhelpful. It kept saying I had too much training in each field despite having virtually no training and it being relatively early game. Did I misread and it meant I had 'insufficient' training which I think happened in the original game or is there a text typo? Or has something else happened?

I think I got a single point of evasion and perhaps a single point of quick action. Thoroughly disappointing.

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A generic shaper then only gains 2 skills, from what I recall. (although perhaps there was also a missile weapon skill too?)

Everything else has at least 1 level in it from what I remember. Maybe the other classes have more options for gain, but this seems a bit weak given the challenge inherent to the area for early game characters.


Jeff is clearly happy with the balance but what did the beta testers have to say about that kind of setup? It seems silly to require 0 when most characters start with a smattering of 1's.

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