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Battle Disciplines disappeared

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Weirdness. Some of Aldous's battle disciplines have disappeared. He was all the way up to the one after adrenaline rush, and now several of them are dimmed.


The only thing I can think of is that I noticed they were gone sometime after I gave him the "dual wielding" stat. But I tried giving him another sword so that he could dual wield and the disciplines didn't return.


I am mystified. What happened? Is there a way to retrain, because if so, I'll do it.



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Previously unlocked battle disciplines can become inactive if your weapon skill total (the combination of Melee Weapons, Pole Weapons, Bows, and Thrown Missiles) is ever lowered for any reason. This is typically caused by replacing equipped items that give bonuses to these skills with ones that do not.


Has Aldous unequipped any items that increase these skills?

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Ah HAH! You guys figured it out! I had replaced the discipline blade with the singing rapier. Fortunately, I still had the DB and I put it back on him. He has his skills back! That's worth way more than a point to blademaster, imho.


Thanks guys!!


So now I have learned! Twenty years of playing Spiderweb  games, you'd think I'd have most of this stuff figured out by now . . .

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For what it's worth, the strategy-guide-writing side of the forums has always had a high opinion of it, although the advice is usually to put it on a spellcaster since fighters don't have to go out of their way to meet the skill requirements for disciplines even without the blade.

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