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Avernum/Exile Fan Art - Alien Blade Redux

Necris Omega

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20 hours ago, Edgwyn said:

They both look really good.  I like the gem in the blade of the 2nd for basically what TriRodent said, but I prefer the blade design of the first one as the first one seems more like a realistic sword (I know this is a fantasy, but . . .), so I would say the first one with the gem added.



+1 from me. Excellent work!

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I was also with Edgwyn, but then on closer inspection I found the first one looking like a short wavy blade in front and a longer one behind, perfectly aligned with the view perspective so at a glance it looks like a single blade. Now I can't unsee it as a weird double sword and prefer the second one.


—Alorael, who actually thinks he likes the wavy blade more then the spiraling one. But only one wave or his brain hurts.

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The first one reminds me more of a piece of driftwood with a handle than a sword. Too pale and texturey. The second one is awesome though. I've always loved the Alien Blade and I'm pleased to see a really nice rendering of it. I've never actually acquired it or seen its lore in the main games, but it's available in BoE and I liked it. In the original BladBase.exs it didn't have the poison dripping ability accidentally, but I still liked it.

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