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  1. For those who could quite find them (like me) Version 1.0.1 - February 12, 2018 Rewards for killing a creature will now be awarded correctly when you kill it the round you encounter it. The achievement for getting five level 3 mage spells will now award correctly. The Elhioc fight is a bit easier. Ward of Thoughts will work correctly now. The Demo will now always warn you when you try to go to the surface (which is not in the demo). Your mental spells (like Daze and Charm) will now be more effective against high-level enemies. High-level enemies have less resistance to physical attacks. Lizards were taking too much damage in combat. If you go downstairs in the Troglo Temple and can’t kill Elhioc, you can leave the castle and return later. Windows users will now get the Home achievement correctly. If you didn’t get it already, you need to trigger the end cutscene again. A host of tiny fixes and corrected typos. http://spiderwebsoftware.com/avernum/avernum3/support.html#WinVerHistory Happy Hunting! miZ
  2. I was not able to get it running in Compatablility mode, but the DOSbox bundled from old games works fine for me. The menu screen is a little glitchy but works fine for me afterwards.
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