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Item Collection Scenario


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It is easy to have Artifacts Hall for BoA, there aren't that may scenarios. Exile scenarios that have custom items could be very numerous, after all there are around 300 BoE scenarios.


Obviously you will have to limit the number of scenarios covered by any one version of BoE Artifacts Hall. Hence you must have a selection criteria.


Then you will have to check for customized items in each scenario, compare names listed in the scendata.txt for each scenario with item names from the default list?


( Alternately, here is where hex - editing really comes into its own, you can use it to draw up tables listing all properties of an item. )

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I am informed that the basic meaning of the Code of Conduct is to avoid the use of hex – editing as a means of bypassing shareware barriers. So uses of hex – editing for customizing BoE terrain should be acceptable. Ditto uses here.


That of course still leaves the massive number of items to be sorted through and prioritized...

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Yes, though you missed the announcement because it was in another forum, not because you have been away from this board for a while.


In the Blades of Avernum Editor forum there was a topic: The Future of Blades of Avernum (Page 1)


(I have copied and pasted the relevant text below).


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written December 09, 2006 11:51 AM


Some quick notes before I go out the door.


I have plans to release the code of Blades of Exile before too long. First, though, I have to find it. The Windows code is trapped on an old machine, and I need to figure out how to get it out.


The Blades of Avernum code won't be made public for quite a while, though. It does still sell, slowly, and I want to try to recoup a bit more before I give it away. Reducing its price to $15 has helped sales, and I am still generating new people to play your scenarios.


About the Unhandled Exceptions. I would bet money the situation here is caused by using calls to affect characters/items/whatever that are out of range. (Like setting the level of character -3, or character 220.) Whenever I looked at a scenario with this sort of crash, the problem was accessing something out of range.


Pre-Intel Macintoshes handle looking out of bounds of an array fairly well. Windows (and Intel Macs) frequently crash under the same circumstances. That's why you're getting the crashes when you move the thing from Mac to Windows.


A lot of this is my fault for not putting good enough error checking in. I skimped on this because I was freaking out over how long it was taking to make the scripting engine, and it was a real mistake. If I have to patch Blades of Avernum to make it work on Vista, I'll also try to tighten the script error checking up a bit.


- Jeff Vogel



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Though if the official BoA Editor was anything to go by, very few compilers will be able to handle the BoE source code.

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