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Chrono Trigger


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I never got very far into AtG. Or any of *i's scenarios for that matter. I know they're good, I just can't bring myself to do it. AtG was…I don't remember. I got past the first or second ogre mission I think, but I may have gotten lost after that, with respect to plot or no plot. Dag. Same deal with Spears.


I just recently got into Chrono Trigger. Spent so much time beating it in the last couple of days. I feel so empty now, because I've beat it twice and it doesn't feel like there's any more to do. (Cept maybe the New Game+ option.)

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Not hard when I have a walkthrough, a party that's gone through it once, and…okay no I don't have the time. Oh, I suppose I MIGHT have the time, because the emulator I use has a rewind function that I've never used…never ever.


And I've looked at a spoiler for all the different endings…I know, I'm lame. Yay.


EDIT: I was kinda hoping some of the newer members were familiar enough with their heritage to contribute to this conversation. Shows what I get for having high expectations for youth :p .

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Actually, the best way to do it is to simply set the buttons to modifier keys (Command, Option/Alt, Control, Shift). You can press more than one of those at once.


The problem isn't with the emulator: it's with computer keyboards. Most don't recognise more than two non-modifier keypresses at once.


By the way, Kaemin, when you say you "did it the legal way", do you mean you actually owned the original cartridge? Because that delete-after-24-hours thing is an urban myth. (Heck, even if you own the cartridge, making a copy for emulation is a grey area.)

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Some ROMs have been released, but not many. One could also rig up the hardware to allow a non-CD cartridge to be read by a computer, which could then feed it to an emulator. This would be legal, I think, but requires a level of technical skill beyond just about anyone.


—Alorael, who can't see any way to make legal action against backing up a ROM stand up in court without evidence of illegal distribution. Downloading a ROM instead of copying it yourself is probably equally legal. It's just that nobody makes the download available solely to those who can prove prior possession and ownership.

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