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  1. Darn. Oh well, not a lot of progress lost. Thanks!
  2. Hi there, Having an issue with Avadon 3 on Windows 10. I'm at Goldcrag inside one of the buildings north of the main camp and had a full computer crash as I left to the north (not sure why). Upon re-opening my save file (which is inside the building), every time I try to interact with a door my active character's inventory opens up instead. Any idea how I'd go about fixing this?
  3. A job or quest journal would be a pretty great addition. I know at least one scenario (Bandits 2, I think?) had a quest log made of special items, but a specific tab to log ongoing jobs would be cool, especially if it's something that can be altered directly with special nodes.
  4. How is Spears in terms of alchemical ingredients? I've always wanted to play a scenario with a no-magic party that relies on crafted potions and poisons to get things done.
  5. Nearing the endgame with a sorcerer rebel. Wishing I'd gone either blademaster or tinkermage because Khalida and Alcander feel a lot more useful than my other party members and it feels like I could probably do alright with just the two of them. Granted, I play on Normal so maybe there are some levels of tactics I'm missing but the Shadowwalker just feels less useful than Khalida and Dendrik is just awful. I like the other sorcerer but dual sorcerers seems pretty redundant. My biggest objection is pretty picky: fighting big rats in Tawon after braving the Corruption. I've literally been to hell-on-Lynaeus and now I have to deal with rat trash mobs? Can Jeff put a moratorium on giant rats, just for a little while?
  6. I played through most of the Adventurer's Club 1 and 3 with a singleton. In both scenarios I started using Frrrr (for the bonus skill points), maxed out Mage/Priest spells and threw everything else into Strength. I found it wasn't even worth my time to spam blessings until I had a few levels - Sleep Cloud is a strong enough shutdown spell, and if you can find places to abuse terrain, I found Flame Cloud/Conflagration to be fairly effective. I don't know what the malus is for sleeping enemies, but it's a lot - more than enough to compensate for my singleton's idiot flailing, and it remains wonderful so long as you can find non-immune targets. Obviously in other scenarios you would have to vary your start build a little bit, but I find this to be the most effective start in more Vogel-styled scenarios.
  7. Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply.
  8. Hello, I've been poking around with different versions of BoE and I haven't been able to find a Mac version of the scenario editor. I made a Wine wrapper for the latest version of openexile on the Google page and I've been working in that format. Will scenarios made with this version of the editor work in other versions of BoE? Is there an Intel version of the scenario editor that will ensure maximum compatibility? Thanks!
  9. The prettiness of the first shot is kind of marred by how ridiculously spaced out the furniture is. But are those shadows I see under NPCs? Hooray!
  10. Two suggestions; 1. If it's not already on the list, a way of checking a PC's name so it can be used in dialogue; so if I wrote "<pc1name> falls down a big hole." and my leader was named John, the dialogue would read "John falls down a big hole." 2. The ability to split the party beyond just one PC going it alone. I'd like encounters where 2 members can be used, or where the party has to be split in half. This is why I was asking for the pre-fab generator before; I'm imagining a scenario where you can have NPCs join as full PCs. (since they'd be pre-made already)
  11. I don't know if this is still being used as a suggestion list or just code discussion, but I have a few suggestions; 1. It'd be nice if it were possible to have a special called on an attempt to talk or look at a creature. The talk node would be useful in that it could call up a small dialogue message (similar to the no-talkers in Exile 3) or could even call up a large dialogue message, if it made more sense than a full talking screen. 2. The way the monsters and items lists are organized doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If it were possible to drag and drop these up and down the list would be cool. That way, if we needed to reorganize, we wouldn't have to redo the monster/item completely. 3. I think a way of remembering coordinates in one town while off in another (or outdoors) would be incredibly useful. For instance, imagine a dungeon where there's two almost identical versions, but you need to use a special item to switch between the two. 4. A pre-fab generator in-scenario would be pretty nice. What I mean is, a player could take their generic party into the scenario, and the author would have already set up the specifications of the party required to play, and a node would transform the generic party into the pre-fab. 5. I might be the only one, but I'd like a toggle that allows/disallows XP gain from kills in certain towns. I think that'd be swell. 6. Is there any way of modifying the training screen so that scenario authors can change what skills a trainer allows you to increase, and the costs? Otherwise, we have to increase skills with special nodes, and that's not fun. I'll see what else I can think of later.
  12. Is there any chance of darker shadows underneath the characters? They're there, but they're so faint you can hardly see them. I'm really loving the new UI. Really, this is a lot better than before. I just hope you'll replace that scrollbar on the textbox; I think we've had that exact same one since the first Geneforge and it kind of doesn't fit with the color scheme.
  13. I love the layout of the new UI, but man, the dark parts are just ugly. Blech. Also, this new character feet blend into the ground. It looks kind of like he's floating. Something needs to be done about the shadows that characters cast, blech. EDIT: didn't notice this before, but oh my god, that new floor tiles horribly. the pattern is grating upon the eyes.
  14. If there were some crystals that would land on the ground and take a round to explode though, that would be cool. You could force enemies out of an area or keep them from entering somewhere.
  15. In all fairness, RPG is an absolutely terrible term to describe a game. "Fantasy Combat Simulator" or something similar would be a good deal more accurate.
  16. -Torment isn't hard enough. I want a higher difficulty. -I'd like to see some kind of friendly stables or home base where you could leave creations. -I'd like to see some incentive to level up my pets. Maybe something like Perks in Fallout, where you gain special bonuses every couple of levels. -I'd like to see other skills used in dialogue; a big meaty warrior might intimidate an enemy with his size or you might be able to discuss highly complicated mechanics with shaper technicians. -The previous idea runs the risk of making Leadership and Mechanics worthless; so to make them useful, how about if you could only craft certain items with high Mechanics and your creations got bonuses from your high Leadership? -It may be premature, but I'm hoping for A5's Battle Disciplines. Seems pretty likely considering how many features exist between each series. -Again, pretty likely, but I sure hope we get elevations. If we do, maybe we could have some flying creations who could move around and cross pits.
  17. Okay. Who are the three who voted for the Shock Trooper? It's a pretty neat concept but the Lifecrafter is even more badass. Jeff needs to give Lifecrafters and Shock Troopers the ability to shape charged creations in the middle of combat since the other classes can all shape pretty well now. Or maybe he could just give that power to Shock Troopers. That would be pretty nice.
  18. Suggestion/Requests: - A special node to check the level in a certain skill. I know theres a way of checking for Mage Lore… shouldn't be too hard to change this special to check other skills. It would also be nice if you could check either one PC or the entire party. - The Edit Statistics node lets you edit any stat except HP or SP. You should be allowed to edit both.
  19. As arrogant as the canister-users are, let us look toward the drakons: they are at least as arrogant, incredibly powerful, and yet they all remain loyal to Ghaldring. I realize a good number of them changed sides and became loyal to Salassar. However, uprisings of this magnitude are rare: and Ghaldring was crafty enough to manipulate Salassar into fighting the hero (bad idea). What does this mean? Tullegolar's canister-chugging super-society would not only require a powerful leader, but also a cunning one. But it is possible.
  20. Shapers are able to control their creations from a distance. Seems like a bunker would be a good place for them to hide. Trenches are also useful considering the advanced ranged combat. You want an equivalent to a machine gun? How about big flying balls of acid and fire?
  21. * * Spoilers * * Quote: "The Geneforge swirls and pulses before you. You don't dare touch it again. A second dose would undoubtedly kill you." Taken directly from the Southforge Citadel script. Quote: "I would stay away from it. Don't get close. It can have a powerful and deadly pull on those who should use it least." Greta says this. (Although admitedly, it is somewhat ambiguous) I could have sworn there were more examples. I'll take another look later.
  22. Quote: Originally written by Eater of Pancakes: Quote: Originally written by Emperor Tullegolar: what should the new perfect species created by canisters and the geneforge be called? How about "moronic-insane-retards with glowing skin and unstable power who think their better than anyone else?" [/QB] As opposed to the alternative: target practice. <3 This poll brings up an interesting question: is it possible for enough canister abuse to kill you? It is widely assumed that using the Geneforge a second time would be fatal, and if the canisters are mini-Geneforges, it seems likely that enough could eventually kill you. Or maybe not: maybe you'll become so powerful you won't even need your mortal shell and you'll forsake your physical body. That would be pretty sweet.
  23. Humanity kind of stinks anyway. Give me more canisters!
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