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Geneforge 5: Races and classes

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So I've played and completed Geneforge 5 twice; one on the Shaper's side, one on the rebel's. But what's the difference between the classes?


Lifecrafter or Shaper?


Infiltrator or Agent?


Warrior or Guardian?


What's the difference? Do Lifecrafters receive bonus reputation in doing quests for the rebels? Or is it just Jeff's option to let the player choose whose robe/armor seems cooler? Because I've noticed for once as I played as a Servile, there is a special conversation dialogue which you can choose when you see the rogue servile at North Mera Road. You can tell him that you're a servile too, so he should let you pass (which convinces him).



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Considering the choice of playing as either one of the Shaper or Lifecrafter classes, I had high hopes that the amnesia plot would resolve itself in a different manner depending on if you chose a Rebel class or Shaper class. Unfortunately, your choce has zero impact on how people treat you, oustside of the choice to play a servile. I found the handling of the class choice/amnesia plot to be rather underwhelming for this reason...


The only difference between the classes is stats, when it comes down to it.

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Spare the rod, spoil the child. Oops did I write that. Nevermund.


Guardians only differ in essence but eventually Warriors catch up. Agents and Shapers are the only real classes I would play the vanilla version of jus because they look cool. The reason is that they don't have a gimp like Guardians do. The best class in the game is Servile for both Geneforge 4 and 5. Err..I mean 5 as I beat the 5th game but would like to think I beat the 4th. Serviles are just the most powerful class in the game and at later lvls-One servile could kill an entire party of adventurers in Avadon, Avernum or any of the other series. With health in the 1000s, strong melee, strong area of effect magic, daze and what not-your almost more powerful than Chuck the truck.



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