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This post exists to list threads that catalogued ideas for features to incorporate into BoE. If anyone has any to add, feel free to post them in a reply and I'll edit them into this list; currently this list is mostly just idea threads started by myself. Also, if it seems that one of the ones in the list was superceded by another also in the list, that would be nice to know.


Conversation options


Default graphic sets


Playable Vahnatai


Special Node ideas


Monster types planning


Bladbase.exs errors


File Formats




Item properties


Terrain type stuff


Blades Save File Format


Multiple graphics sheets


Special traits


And last but not least, the old list thread that turned into a discussion on the code; this is best considered as an archive, and probably should not be resurrected.

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Thinking of the Giant Staff in New Market City, a pole-class weapon doing 1-25+1 (non-magical and enchantable,) similar custom weapons should be more common making two-handed weapon options more damaging than duel-wielding two 1h'ers. The math makes duel-wielding options vastly superior when you figure in damage bonuses, Bless, etc. Descriptions says twohanded weps are the most powerful. Yes, from the point of view that the based amage is higher than a 1h'er and ignoring everything else that's true. :) But in practice it's more like this:


Steel Halberd:

1-18+3 base damage. Ignoring Bless, and Str. and Assassinate damage mods and everything else.


Steel Broadswords, two of them:

1-9+3 x2= 2-18+6 or 8-24.


That's clearly better than the 4-21 of the halberd. and with damage mods like Bless and Strength it becomes even more efficient to duel-wield. Commonsense though informs us bringing a heavy halberd down on someone's head shoulw be much more devastating that slashing them with swords. So weapons that are two-handed should be made so they're actually more damaging than two 1h'd options. Since you only get half the attacks with a two-handed option, the damage for them should be at least 50% higher than duel-wield solutions. Could do that without unbalancing the game easily enough I'd think. Make them more expensive and rarer on merchants like to help balancing things.


The minimum damage potential from duel-wielding and damage modifiers is vastly superior to existing 2h'ed options. Even that 1-25+1 staff enchanted to 1-25+6 is still woefully less than conventional steel broadswords once all the bonus gets added to it. Str and Bless are added twice like instead of once. While you only get Assassinate bonus on the primary, you get the other bonus on both which is where the superiority comes from. 2h'ed weps need higher min and max damage to offset this reality.

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Keep in mind that enemy armour is applied separately to each hit of a dual-wielder's attack as well, and nearly all enemies have at least some armour. Dual-wielding probably still comes out ahead most of the time, but polearms can be better at doing damage to heavily armoured opponents. This is especially true at low levels when you're less likely to have high Strength or weapons with large bonuses. A single strong hit is also better than two weaker hits against enemies like Doomguards that split in two whenever they take damage.


Two swords generally cost more than one halberd, too, so that's another factor to consider in scenarios where money is scarce.

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