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highest damage you've done?


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What's the highest damage you've done with melee, range, magic, and poison, in any Exile game?


In Exile 3, I've done around 70-80 total damage with the black halberd, and sometimes up to 90 total damage on alien beasts with the Beastslayer Blade.


For magic, I've done up to over 150 with Ravage Spirit and Kill, though I might have done even higher.


For range, I can never seem to do a lot of damage, especially when compared to empire archers, but I've done 35+ hits on demons with Arrows of Light (with a yew bow).


My highest poison damage record is around 37.

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Well, I got some new records:


63+63 with a Black Halbred

33 with Fury Crossbow


For melee without assassination, I suspect that the highest damage possible (with curse, paralyze, and bless) for a character at level 50 with the maximum strength and the Exceptional Strength trait is:


2*damage + bonus - enemy's armor


With bless, the weapon stats are 20d + 24b.


Sure enough, I have not been able to hit over a 63.


For ranged attacks, I think it's a bit different. With a Fury Crossbow and magic bolts on another level 50 character was 33 damage, again using curse, paralysis, and bless.


I don't know character strength determines ranged damage (although it wouldn't be very realistic for a crossbow).


With the 17 base damage for magic bolts, I was able to hit 33, which seemed consistent with 2*damage - armor. However, with an infinite arrow (9d + 1b?) and archer's bow I was able to hit at least 20. But then again, I don't think that character has the Exceptional Strength setting.


Maybe I'll experiment a bit more.

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