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  1. For an unknown reason, a PC of mine has somehow got a luck stat of 255. I didn't editor it or anything. Any ideas why? I'm not complaining, just, you know...
  2. I've always found that, along with your party archer, capturing the Empire Archers soul (the one in the slime caves) is quite handy.
  3. IIRC, True Sight is rather helpful. But it's been ... a couple of years.
  4. Quote: Originally written by Ornkithopter v. Thurkyl's Recall: Also, don't forget that in E1 and E2, nobody wore pants. Kinky. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: Taking exactly 1 less point of damage per hit isn't exactly anything to write home about. True, but it might save you one day.
  5. Yes. The graphics are awesome, too.
  6. I have always read it as "leash", but hey, thats me.
  7. Quote: Originally written by Erika Maroonmark: Spring– maybe, but it would be so much fun to finish. And to actually explore the whole world and find all the stuff that's out there. I know.
  8. True, but no need to be so harsh. (although it may be the only way that works ) Anyway, Erika, I had the same situation as you. I solved it by just not buying the games. The demo is enough fun for me.
  9. I never knew you could get the first two pieces in the unregistered game, where are they?
  10. A pen with a camera in it. A gun.
  11. I have a mix. I'm too lazy to change anything, so I have an ambidexterous human in front with two one handed weapons (blessed) or a two handed weapon (greatsword, preferrably), and a Slith second with a halbred. Then the others have shortswords and shields, apart from my Nephil archer.
  12. Oh, darn. I prefer non-full screen games. Ah well. Guess I'll have to deal with it.
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