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Originally written by Kris:

Aragorn- Slith- Edged Weapons

Boromir- Slith- Bashing Weapons

Gimli- Slith- Pole Weapons

Legolas- Nephil- Archery

Gandalf- Human- Wizard

Arwen- Human- Utility w/ priest ability

I'm a frickin dork.
I see that. :p

EDIT: That seems like a pretty good party. Did it go well?
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In all scenarios, the E3 Trilogy and BoE, same six characters.

(No archery or alchemy unless a scenario mandates it. I prefer to capitalize on Fighting and Spells.)


(Lakotah words)

Mató: (Bear) Pure Fighter.

Shungíla: (Fox) Fighter/Thief.

Wakán Wichá: (Mystery Man) Priest. *Archery, if needed.

Pejúta Wichá: (Grass Roots Healer) Priest. Alchemy, if needed.

Petá: (Fire) Mage.

Cagá: (Ice) Mage.


As stated above, character adjustments, if needed, as the scenario develops.

Duplication/Redundancy occasionally necessary. (You wouldn't want your only Priest to become dumbfounded!)

Spells seem to become more of an advantage than Strength as characters develop.

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P.S. To Thuryl;

Your "from" and my "from" are, basically, the same place.

Some of the Eastern, "Originals", of the "New World - Americas, who were, "found", (didn't know they were lost. laugh ), referred to this, "World" as an Island, carried on the back of a Great Turtle, hence: Turtle Island.

Any idea how your local, "Originals", refer to their "World"?

(I'd use the prefix, "ab", but that may start a whole new conversation.)

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Indigenous Australian tribes didn't really associate with each other on the same scale as native Americans. Even for those communities which may have had words to express the concept of the world as a whole, I doubt that different groups would have talked about it in the same way.

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"The Party" is one's attempt to "play" the scenario to one's personal content.

There are a multitude of personalities and abilities for both the Player and Party.

The "World" of Blades is flexible enough to allow each Player to do any Scenario in a multitude of methods, allowing a multitude of satisfactions for each Player.

Sounds like a great idea to me. laugh

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I've played through a couple times, but the latest batch is:


Vissen, Hisst, Pisst, Thissa, Ister

-- All slith wizard-priests, with high stats

(including passable fighting STR and DEX)



Frrrr -- utility character

(bashing fighter, thief, alchemist)


How does everyone actually manage to kill things with pure fighters? Even with 2 major blessings and a flaming greatsword, my nephil does crap damage.

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My latest group was this, I pretended that my first group split u pand went their different ways, etc.






They work fairly well, espceially when they all have Avatar! (thats when you can use quikfire). Ofcourse, that was before I stopped playing. When I got back to SPIDWEB games, I tried out the Avernum series. After Exile, the lack of spells really annoyed me. But I'm okay with it now.


- Archmagi Micael

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I used a random name generator:

Comang (fighter guy)

Halamdeq (slith fighter)

Kuch (utility nephil guy)

Ku'apaabr (mage)

Zheo'uer (mage/priest)

Fovegrafu (priest)

I haven't played Exile 3 for a long time. The only reason I still know these was because I loaded it up for a few minutes to see what my party was like in those days.

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In answer to the Slith with the anger management problem:

From very early on, I don't really do the "kill everything" style of play. I'm more of an "explorer", than anything else.

I throw out Alchemy and Archery, unless the scenario specifically requires it, although the Archery and Missle style weapons in these games are severly lacking in comparison to their real life counterparts. Much more emphasis is put on the Edged and Bashing Weapons.

I "normally" try to play a scenario "straight".

As such, there are times, (corridors, tunnels, etc.), that a strong lead person can handle a string of enemies with no more than the weaker "bless", "haste" and "heal" spells being cast so the Spell Casters don't run out to Spell Points too quickly.

The two items I try to stock up on are Energy, or Power Potions and Rations.

Power Potions can really save the day as do the Rations when you need to "wait" to recover.

Also, in higher level encounters, a couple of well equipped Fighters can dispatch the super bad guy under an Anti Magic Cloud, rather than trying to "cast" each other to death.

Again, style of play is individually optional. What ever floats your boat, trips your trigger, etc. There really is no "wrong" way to play any of these scenarios. Some I've played a couple of different styles, just "for the fun of it".

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And to Lt. Sullist:

I'm not all that accomplished as a player and don't find the challenge in a singleton as exciting.

As said before, I play the scenarios as an explorer.

From long ago, I don't attack anyone, or any thing, unless it attacks me first.

On very rare occasions, you may destroy something valuable to the story line.

Lastly, in serious battles, six of you against six of them, there are six shots from one side, then six from the other. If it's six of them against one of you, they get six shots for ever single shot you get. A cavern with numerous Major Monsters must be a "lot of fun", eh?


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No one ever gets tired of this question.


Okay, basic party:


1- Lasco (human fighter, some skill with Throwing Weapons)

2- Daggoth (slith fighter, some priest skill)

3- Mathuzar (nephil archer, bashing weapons, traps, lockpicking)

4- Solberg II (human mage, some archery skill)

5- Jango (human mage/priest, lots of Item Lore)

6- Michael (human priest, alchemy skills)

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Na I'm serious, that seems like a great party. Better than mine , at any rate. But incase your too tired to click on the link, I'll put them here and add their skills and advantages:


Jeneke: Human - Good with swords. Also great defence and throwing weapons was alright.


Thissa: Slitherazaki - Great with pole weapons. Exceptionally good with Magic Halbred. Great defence.


Fratch: Nephilim - Archery and bashing weapons were his best. Good defence.


Adrianna: Human - Mage. Level 7 Mage spells and level 6 Preist spells. Alright defence.


Crando: Nephil - Mage & Preist. Level 5 Mage and Preist spells. Alright defence.


Sliss: Slitherazaki - Preist. Level 7 Preist spells and level 5 Mage. Alright defence.

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  • 3 weeks later...

In the demo of E3 (no money to register E3 yet), I pulled together a very nice Anama party.


Priest skill all around, with PCs 1, 2, and 3 having sword, spear/throwing, and mace/archery, respectively.


Assassination was eventually given to the first three (who were mainly there to keep melee enemies from the other three).


Alchemy on PC number six, item lore given to #4, and #5 was used as a pack horse/healer.


Races were Nephil, Slith, Nephil, Nephil, Human, and Slith, in order.

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I tend to mix up my names, but my party goes as follows


Slith Polearm Fighter

Human Ambidextrous Fighter (lockpicking)

Nephil Ambidextrous Fighter (archery)


Human Heavy-Mage (with Bless priest spells)

Human Mage (with Bless priest spells)

Human Priest (with Haste mage spells, eventually Alchemy).


I find 3melee/3caster the best combination. Also, (and this is moreso in Avernum) i find it of great benefit to have ALL casters able to Bless+Haste

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My party:


Gorank-Slith (with flaming hand)

Erika II-Human (with red robes)

Prrrrrr-Nephil (with flaming hand)

Adrianna, Feodric, and Michael (from the original setup)

I give them all the good traits and no bad ones, and I use the editor to max out all their stats and give them all spells (It's not as unfair as you'd think. Golems are still hard as heck to get rid of.)


Edit: Sorry if I revived a dead topic, I thought the last post was in July, not June.

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yeah i cudnt remember wut person did wut, so my names r kinda...generic


Name - Race - Traits

Pole Fighter - Slith - Melee

Edged Fighter - Slith - Melee

Mage - Human - Mage

Priest - Human - Priest

Archer - Nephil - Archer

Thief - Nephil - Bashing weapons, thieving, alchemy, item lore, and other random stuff


i beat ex3 a few times like that, and i think im gonna try a singleton now. for a new challenge

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Geez...I've made so many different parties it's hard to tell you all of them now. I can tell you my most recent party for BoE, which I actually like, and may remake.


1. Sean (that's my real name) - Fighter - Human - Grey Armor Man (NOT the one with the orange shield, the other one with the pike). Uses pole weapons and thrown missiles.


2. Laifee (just like that name, some shopkeeper in ND has that name) - Archer/Fighter - Nephilim - Nephil archer graphic. Uses bows/crossbows and edged weapons.


3. Sovashe (think of Sovash from OG&E, one of my all-time fav scens, with an 'e' added at the end) - Wizard/Priest - Slithzerikai - Slith with energy ball graphic. Uses mage and priest spells (duh!) (start out mage, gain priest along the way.)


4. Ashleigh (Like that new spelling of Ashley - is that what it is? And yes, I did in fact see that name here first.) - Priest/Wizardess/Alchemist - Human - Green robe mage. Start out priest, gain wizard levels along the way.


* * * *


I seem to find archery/alchemy/thrown missiles useful, despite the fact that others don't. I think ND was made partially as a response to this.

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Originally written by Jewels of the Forest:
I am so incredibly dull...

I have used the default party every time I have played any exile game unless it's a BoE scenario that comes with a custom party.
So have I. I just change the names.

ToeJam: I would start off on your health. That is very important. Just try and work your way up strength-wise.
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My advice: Never put a single skill point into health if you can help it -- you'll get enough from gaining levels anyway. Start with 4 intelligence, 1 dexterity, a reasonable amount of strength (at least 4, maybe up to 10), and as many levels in both Mage and Priest spells as you can get. Don't bother investing too many skill points in SP at this stage; you'll have enough just from the bonus you get from starting with spell levels. After level 1, train in Strength and one weapon skill of your choice. (Don't bother with Dexterity; seriously, don't. At all. Weapon skills are cheaper and you don't really need to use more than one weapon type anyway.)


Haste yourself for every fight. When it looks like you're about to be attacked in melee, bless yourself repeatedly so they can't hit you. Attack with magic at first, until your chosen weapon skill is trained to high enough levels to hit things. Use field spells like Wall of Force and Conflagration to do damage and protect yourself from advancing foes; they're almost as powerful as Fireball early on, and much more efficient. Don't be afraid to use Sleep Cloud to disable your opponents when you're outmatched.

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Pole weapons are, of course, the most powerful, however, I think they're overrated. The most powerful pole weapon I've found is the magic halberd (damage 18-5). However, it's a two-handed weapon which, in my opinion, is an unforgivable disadvantage. My primary blade fighter (ambidextrous) has a flaming sword (10-1) and a cold bloodbane (20-5), giving me an overall max damage of 30-6, plus the flame damage from the flaming sword. Beats the magic halberd. Furthermore, if you miss with a halberd, you miss. With two weapons, if you miss with one weapon you still have another chance.

Bashing weapons are fine, but not as numerous as the edged weapons. The most powerful bashing weapon I've found is the brightstar(damage 9-5). When making scenarios, people just aren't as likely to make cool bashing weapons.

So for my fighters I'm all about ambidextrous edgers.


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Don't forget that when you're dual-wielding, your opponent's armour bonuses are applied to each hit. This is especially bad against Doomguards, which are heavily armoured and split every time you damage them.


Also, note that this topic is about Exile 3. Party design strategy is a little different for BoE scenarios.

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