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  1. man, this is pretty complicated. My timer doesn't start.
  2. Is it possible to make a town look like its beening built, than have buildings appear over time. (the opposite of decomposition of towns) instead of it gradually being destroyed.
  3. is there a way to keep NPC characters within a certain area in a town, without blocking the PC characters?
  4. Ok thanks. I kinda feel stupid upon not finding that myself.
  5. I am actually trying to get a special encounter to go with a fight or flee type option. if yes, you fight a forced encounter, if flee, you don't fight and encounter disappears.
  6. Yeah. I just dont know what to do with it. I recently got it registered and I am testing things out. I just want it to come up upon stepping on the special and prompt the player to fight or run. I jsut cant figure out how to do that. I dont know what the triggers name is or anything of the sorts.
  7. I am trying to make a special encounter (simular to the ones in E2 and E3) where it gives you the choice to help in combat or flee without getting noticed. I went through the help file but couldn't find what i was looking for. anyone know how to set that up?
  8. My soul crystal includes: 1) Pack Leader (Awesome fighter {also poisons I believe}) 2) Vahnatai Warrior (8 MP can't beat that for those Razordisks. not as powerful as an Empire Archer, but I don't like the 30+ MP for the Empire Archer) 3) Ur-Basilisk (for obvious reasons) 4) Vahnatai Lord (for powerfull spells and their soul crystal of Basilisks and Eyebeasts/Gazers {I cannot remember which one}) Its been a while since I played E3 and my E2 is listed in my signature
  9. First time I fought - all but 1 of my PCs were killed Second time I fought - slaughtered them all with Dispel Undead. From my 3 mages each hasted blasing the lich with that spell killed them easily.
  10. Fighter - Boromir (Human) - greatsword Fighter - Gimli (Slith) - Pole (I know he uses an axe, but sliths are better with poles) Fighter/Thrif - Legolas (Nephil) - waveblade x2 Mage/Priest - Gandolf - flaming broadsword + staff of the magi Mage/Priest - Galadriel - variety of spells - dagger for emergancies Yeah, I'm a lord of the ring fan.
  11. Just capture a Vahnatai Warrior or an Empire Archer in your soul crystal... Thats what I did.
  12. You actually get a gift from Sixus. in that one room, there is a wizard and 2 mages (they are actually Sixus' friends). find Sixus without killing any of them and you'll recieve your reward.
  13. My Crystal Soul (Exile 3) 1) Pack Leader - I chose him because he is a powerful up close fighter. If these things managed to overrun Footracer Provience, they are pretty useful. When I first fought him, I lost almost 100HP in 1 turn. 2) Basilisk - The ability to instantly turn one of my enemies to stone is invaluable. Pain in th e backside to find a friendly ont though. I just captured a soul of a Vahnatai Lord and let them use their soul crystal to summon one out. 3) Null Bug - Just a cheap way to create Anti-magic fields around my PC's. Tower of Magi has one on hand when you complete the Slime Plague. 4) Vahnatai Warrior - They only cost 8MP and they chuck razerdisks with the same accuracy as the Empire Archers (whose MP is over 20)
  14. Especially for a singleton fighting the Alien Beasts...
  15. I just use spells like Simulacram and any summoning spell to add up the number of targets for my side... My favorite spell is Mass Charm and Major Blessing. Those two together could turn any fight.
  16. I just hit a button, than see what it did. It took me not 3 minutes to find ot the code to get in.
  17. Sheldon - Slith (pole) Ami - Slith (utility) Skipper - Human (mage/priest)
  18. I like Solberg the most. In E2, he is the one who tells you how to beat Garzard's magical defenses. Also, his familiar (talking cat) Cheeseball is cool.
  19. Exile 2 I find is the best. Exile 3 is a random series of plagues (which is very fun in its own way. I am trying to deal with the Golem quest.) Exile 2 deals with a sequential *hope I spelled that right* events which have 3 key events that have to be done.
  20. believe her name is Silverlock (or something simular)
  21. Yeah, I guess you got a point there... never thought about it that way. Something that was on my mind: Just imagine a Haakai crossbreeding with a Mug Demon... the possibilities for such a creature would be endless... the would first steal your MP and then blast you into ashes.
  22. Yeah... for everyone of us they kill, that person/thing will come back as an undead and aid them in the endless war. after a few major wars, the undead will obviously win. Their numbers have been too great. Look at me! I'm back from the dark place from which I've dwelt.
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