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  1. Darn. Why did all my exams for this autumn have to be in November?
  2. Quote: Originally written by ben ben: Quote: Originally written by Jerry Gerard: Either that, or you can have "purc" trigger a regular talking node where he says, "I sell either XXXX or XXXX". Then, have two different shops. Yeah, but that's kind of cluncky and bad on talking nodes. Not in my opinion. I've seen it in many scenarios and probably other Exile games. (Not that it's a very important issue...)
  3. 1. it's "purc" like "purchase". 2. The roads are terrains 79-81. They don't look very much like roads but the game will connect the dots when it's played.
  4. At least nobody (that I know of) has got into copyright troubles from a scenario, so far. The only problems in the past that I know of, have emerged if a scenario has been too similar to some other scenario.
  5. There is at least one scenario that's based on another game, Domestic Evil. It's not a bad scenario, in my opinion. A variant of Angband (called PernAngband!) was loosely based on the world of Dragonriders of Pern, and the author of the books didn't like the idea. The game had to be removed from the net. So, I wouldn't put names from those books into my scenarios...
  6. (Ahbleza wrote: ) Quote: I don't know if you're asking about what you'd put into a scenrio you're writing, if this would be for a special, (edited), party, or if you're asking how much we would have each type party member use as it becomes available in a scenario. The last one is closest to what I was thinking... It might be useful information when I make custom items. But I also want to find out if there's any player here who's emotionally attached to plate mails and if so, why... Anyway, it seems that so far, no one likes to have even 3 encumbrance often. It's a bit like I expected. Interesting.
  7. I just wonder, does anybody keep plate mails and use them? What about breastplates? Or large shields? Etc. I'm considering removing at least the plates from my scenario, because I'm making room for new items. I never use plates myself and rarely any armor combination that gives more than 2 encumbrance. So, how encumbering armor do you use and/or what do you think about this?
  8. I always name my slith fighter Godzilla. Other names vary. But I often use Rosa.
  9. Desert Plah's text does not yet answer to the question "what will happen and why", but I can imagine possible ways of carrying out the story. What came to mind first about the background: OK, the party is coming back home, where there has been a spider problem. Maybe the problem has grown while they were gone and has become a serious threat? That would be interesting. If the party had friends (or people they know) on the island, it would give more motivation for them to do something about the problem. An island divided by mountains - I've seen something like that in a few scenarios but I don't see any problem in it. It can be used well or badly. The main quest with its different goals could be anything. Maybe the party finds a small object, which is an important clue of larger things (like a rare spell component, which they could show to various experts); maybe they hear that their aunt or nephew or tenant is missing after a spider attack; etc. I can't say much about what it sounds like yet, but I can't say that it sounds boring. EDIT: It seems I missed Desert Plah's response when I started to write this..
  10. Yes, Patrick's tower it was. Thanks!
  11. Where is it? An FAQ says it's southwest of fort draco (or something like that), but I can't find it.
  12. It should work, if you have the scenario in the "Blades of Exile Scenarios" folder, open the Blades of Exile program, next click "Load Game" (or alternatively "Make New Party") and then click "Custom Scenario". I hope it's not different on PCs...
  13. Nethergate. I like its graphics more, and there are 6 party member slots. And it's not a remake. And I like its story and atmosphere better.
  14. I think I can test. cmkant (at) utu.fi
  15. It's the "Serpent Cult" cave a little north/northeast from the Tower of Magi. Downstairs.
  16. I suspect that it's the "poison augment" ability but I'm still not sure.
  17. This item has a hidden ability. Does anyone know what it does?
  18. Quote: Yeah, pit of the wyrm is the one with the abysmal slimes. That's why it has almost always been the last dungeon I go to before the endgame.
  19. I don\'t know if this helps, but I hope. I don't remember anything anymore about this scenario.
  20. Quote: Mmmm, well you need a pretty old computer for that (Definitely System 6, but I think it can on some versions of System 7). There was a freeware version of it on the net a few years ago. It's a version that Ray Dunakin had improved. I have it and it works - on OS 9, at least. It's just the sounds that don't work. It's not a bad tool at all. Quote: BoE was out in January 2001, AFAIK Earlier. I seem to have forgotten when but about 1997-1999.
  21. The contest - why not. There could also be a site for those that don't want to participate in the contest. The site could have a box where people could submit their ideas, and an archive of ideas. Of course, someone would have to put up that site. Criticism is one thing, losing is another, and if there is a competition, there always has to be the loser. Losing is OK if you have a good self-confidence. But if not...
  22. I went through the sound list and didn't find chicken! Is it named differently or is it removed?
  23. The most important reasons why I like BoE better: * The graphics. * Combat. It feels more imbalanced in BoA than in BoE. And less diverse. A smaller reason but a reason nonetheless: * Navigation. I manage to click a wrong direction in BoA in battle at a critical moment quite often, it must have something to do with the hills. The automap is still sometimes confusing. Having North in the upper right corner is irritating, in my opinion. (Seems to repeat some of the posts above.) EDIT: Also, there are more terrains and items in BoA, but you can only have 2 wall sets and there's less diversity in weapons and armor. There are many interesting "junk" items but they are not as interesting as items that have some use. I don't really care about having 3D graphics, except that having heights that make falling possible is cool. What I like most in BoA both as a player and a designer could be the more flexible talking dialogue system. I don't know, but BoA is not entirely bad, either, in my view. (I like Exile 1&2 though they have no dialog pictures. I even don't like many of BoE's dialog pics. But the quality of BoA dialog pics seems better to me and I like seeing them used in scenarios...)
  24. I tried te_look_block_x but it hides the floor and everything behind the square. What I was trying to do is a custom doorway. It would have been nice to use that with the wall sets that have no doors. The problem is, the game shows at least party characters on top of the terrain, not behind like it should. I remembered today that Valley of Dying Things had one custom doorway but though I copied the code, I couldn't make it work. I guess this is another bug. If I'm guessing right, this means that only two different kinds of doors and windows can be used correctly per town. Grr. But thanks anyway.
  25. Is there a way to make a custom terrain that blocks player's view to the character in that terrain (like a window or a closed door)? te_blocks_view doesn't seem to do it. (The terrain in question isn't otherwise blocked.) And now that I mentioned it, what does te_blocks_view do?
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