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  1. I use an ancient program called Writenow 3 to keep track of SDFs. (It opens fast but it's more versatile than Textedit.) In my experience, keeping track of SDFs is vital if I use them more than three times (which I do...) I've used Appleworks (the spreadsheet is similar to excel) to make a table of the Blades of Exile items. I use that when I need a lot of custom items and/or have to put a lot of items into a different order. I scribble some notes on papers, too. Especially the general ideas in the beginning. And I map them. If the scenario making project is big, I draw a map of the more detailed plotline(s). I also keep track of where spells and recipes are sold and other minor things, mostly ideas about what could be cool... Some monster graphic sketches I've drawn on paper first. I use another ancient program, Superpaint 3, to make my custom graphics.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing LoTR based scenarios. That there are currently no good scenarios based on books doesn't mean that it's impossible to do them. I personally thought the Arkenstone was nice but it was extremely small. I have (at times) considered doing a scenario loosely based on Tolkien's work, myself. Some certainly hate the idea, others like it. Many people (writers etc.) steal good ideas. In fact, is there anything that hasn't been invented yet in one form or another? The ideas just have to be developed. So, good luck for the attempt.
  3. It might, but the Fyora is so small and cute... EDIT: Godzilla doesn't fly, actually, so I think it suits better to a fyora anyway
  4. Fyora/Cryoa: Godzilla Artila: Mato (finnish, means "worm") Drayk: Traakki
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