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  1. I found those two already but there has to be more..Cause there's all those waterfalls and rivers between in the cave walls.. The orb of Thalrni(sp?) is kinda useless down there too.
  2. Where can I buy a boat on the surface? And in exile, is their any secret passages I can go through, on the boat I bought at New Corta?
  3. Talk to the innkeeper in delan after buying a drink, he'll say something about sprite's or something. Then go north and a pit has suddenly appeared. Go in, kill the Giant Guhkbar and he'll drop an archer's bow. Well he did on mine anyway... Or just go to a shop in stormport, and keep clicking shift w, until he has a archers bow for sale.
  4. Yeah I am new to this board, sorry about that. Ps. Chicho stop calling me "him" or "he" I'm a girl!
  5. I've tried t test my own scenerio's but when I try to load the file it won't let me on any of the exile trilogy games. I also tried playing other people's and it won't let me. It says "This is not an Exile ll save file." I've obviously done somethin' wrong, please help.
  6. Hey, There's a cave just south of the swamps of bigail, called the tomb of Gorvifal. I used the orb of sight in the place and it showed a room in the middle of the map. There's a corridor leading from the sign that says something like "here lies Gorvifal" Does anybody know how to get there? I tried looking for secret doors but I couldn't find any leading there. Please help!
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