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  1. I have a question...in BoE when you click the blank space next to 'spec' it brings up an empty 'jobs' list. Is there any way that jobs could be reintroduced? It would make it easier for both the designer and the players if we would have something like that easily available. (Maybe a 'set job/quest status' node, or something like that?)


    Alternately, a 'notebook' where you could actually type your own text in while playing so you can keep track of things on your own would be helpful.


    Also, will there be a larger maximum number of special nodes per town/outdoors/scenario?



  2. It's supposed to be the BoA chair, the sort of gray stone one on 729. It's shaped strangely, so I'm having trouble figuring out how to convey that from a front angle.


    I'll try widening the back. Once you're happy with it I'll do the other directions and the brown and blue one (721 I think).

  3. In that case, I've gotten started on the chair project. here is the first comparison version you asked for, with the old chair, the larger one, and the original exile one. I also threw in that bed, because I realized that I'd made it and never used it on any floor. You don't need to keep it if you don't like it.

  4. I can give it a try. I'll be away until Sunday afternoon, so I might not have anything new until Monday or Tuesday.


    Apart from little edits like that one, is there anything else specific you'd like from Avernum, or are we just about done?

  5. Quote:
    Also, what's that thing to the right of the snowman?

    I think it's some sort of snowed-over cave entrance.

    In regards to the hills, I think that with snow on them they would appear much more smooth and rounded, maybe even straight. Snow tends to smooth things out.

    Would it work if I made the cleared snow as just a little bit darker, maybe with a little brown in there? That could give a feel of being cleared and walked on a lot.

    I've been working on the huge walls and fences for hills. Do you need every type on each of the hill transition edges? Is it okay if I do full sets on hill, then only straight edges on a few of the transition spaces? Because if I tried to do them all everywhere, that would probably add up to hundreds of graphics.
  6. I've been using this release almost exclusively in my continued editing of scenarios. The only problem is, all custom monsters show up as black squares and all custom terrains show up as transparency in the editor. Playing the scenario everything shows up as it should, but with huge patches of terrains being indistinguishable from each other, editing gets a bit tricky. I have tried re-entering the numbers for the monsters and terrains (since I loaded an already-in-progress 'legacy' scenario), but the problem persists. I tried making a new scenario, in case it was some incompatibility with the older scenario, but I get the same problem. Is there any way this could be easily fixed?

  7. Quote:
    Curtains: nice. There's one minor thing, though – the curtain (or at least the plain one) is supposed to fill a doorway, so it either needs to reach the bottom of the graphic or have that space filled in with floor.

    Oh. I didn't realize. You'll want those edited, then. How exactly would that work? Would you need an 'open curtain' doorway, or something like that?

    The picture, however, strikes me as inappropriate. It's quite good, but considering that the Vahnatai live only underground it seems like an underground-themed picture would be more fitting.

    Okay, I'll fix that.

    Okay, for the most part they're quite good. It's particularly interesting to see how you've dealt with the red ramparts. It works quite nicely, though it's certainly not what I had thought of (towers at each corner/intersection). Still, it's fine.

    Would you like towers as well? I'm sure I could do it without too much trouble, and that way people could have a chouse, depending on the intended context. And I'll fix the gates.

    Looks good. Did I ask for the beehive oven on the original stone floor as well? I forget...

    I don't have recorded that you did, but it would take approximately 10 seconds to make.
  8. Well, here's what I have done for the walls and fences. As you can see, I haven't put a gate in the fences, just a gap. If you decide what you want there, I'll be glad to add it in. Also, for the huge walls, I made a version with open and closed portculla as well as a version with a little door like an outdoor town would have. Whichever you think is better, go ahead. And as always, if you need something changed, let me know.


    Also, I think this is pretty much the rest of the list of suggested changes and additions and anims. Please tell me if there's anything I've forgotten, or any additional changes you would like.


    For enlarging the chairs I still haven't gotten started, as I'd prefer to finish everything else first before I start what will be a very time-consuming project.

  9. Alright, starting on the huge list I have accumulated, (Have I mentioned that I love lists? tongue ) here's the Vahnatai and walls stuff I have so far. I included both tapestry types for each wall...pick whichever you think fits best with the wall theme. If you want the colors changed, I can do that easily as well...just let me know.


    I put a couple of waveblades and razordisks on the 'crystal' wall, let me know how you like it. I'm sort of iffy on the moldy wall for the wood set, I'm not very good at drawing mold. If you want it changed, please tell me, and I'll do my best.


    I have the stone fences and huge walls mostly finished, I just have to add gates. I'm assuming you'll want just two gates, one for horizontal and one for vertical, correct? I'm not sure what we decided for the stone fence...would like a wooden gate work that has an open and closed version? And did you want both open and closed portcullises for the huge wall, or only one?

  10. Quote:

    ...I don't see what you mean. I only see one window. There's four versions of it, of course (two orientations, plus cutaway views). I'm looking at sheet 604; the windows are the first two and the last two on the final row. (I see it more as a light blue wall than light green...)

    Gahh. My first Avernum stuff sheet, not theirs. I'm sorry, I need to be more clear in future.

    Try to make it a little less regular and blurry than the one you did for the Vahnatai wall. smile

    That was intended to be writing on the wall, like for an alternate sign. If you want it to be mold, though, I guess it could be.

    Better than w-dueck's, I hope? Not that his are bad, just they could be much better...

    Yes, mine would be better. Since there are three terrain types that have the stone walls, and none of them have any shadows, would you want them to be separate, or a full set for each terrain?

  11. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    It's probably not worth it to make the purple rug independent;

    No, no. Easy to add to the Exile Vahnatai floor, I meant.

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    Sooooo... you've cut off the top and added an extra shelf? You're right, it does tile better; but I'm not sure it's good for it to tile better. I tried tiling both of them in a 3x2 rectangle. In your version, it makes it look like one giant bookshelf, or at least three tall bookshelves. With the other one, it's clearer that it's 6 individual shelves that just happen to be pushed together.

    Would it be worth my time to try to make it better, or are you set on using the other one?

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    EDIT: Eep! I just discovered that your centre rubble space for grey cave floor seems to be two pixels to narrow!

    Oops! Here you go.

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    EDIT2: You've missed a couple things in the two wall sets. Both the crystal and wooden walls are missing a "secret door", which is the one where you see a door-shaped outline. You could just copy one of those outlines, but I think a circular outline for crystal and a square outline for wood might be better. You also seem to have forgotten a window on the crystal wall. Or else you forgot an open door. Both are needed.

    Secret doors, I'll add. I just didn't think of them because I was using the Avernum sheets as a basis for what I made, instead of having a list. (Without things written down I'm a little forgetful frown ) The crystal wall (the light green Vahnatai one from Avernum, I'm assuming?) has two windows, as well as an open door. Fourth, fifth, and third (respectively) on the first Avernum stuff sheet.

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel

    Optional wall components include trophy (stone walls have a sword, adobe wall has a mounted head) and painting; the vahnatai wall has neither and the wood wall has only the painting. Neither are necessary, and indeed it's probably fine the way it is; however, I like the idea of a trophy on the crystal wall, perhaps consisting of a wave blade and/or a razordisk.

    Sounds like a good idea. I'll see what I can do.

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    There's also no mouldy wood wall. Did we decide not to include one?

    As before, I used what the Avernum sheet had, and they did not feel the need to include one. I can try to make one if you so desire.

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    I've reserved five slots for curtains, on all five walls apart from wood (which you already made). That's both stone walls, adobe wall, basalt wall, and crystal wall. It would be nice if not all the curtains were the same colour.

    You mean the brown and purple Avernum curtain/banner thingies? Sure, I can add those. Color changing is easy too. Do you have preferences for what color for which wall?

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    There are a few blending problems in the mosaic floors: (list)

    I'll get to work on those.

    I'll only be home for the weekend (again) so I probably won't get much done. Fortunately, my schedule will be much less restrictive after this next week, so I should be able to start getting much more done soon, hopefully...

    EDIT: Oh, if you want intersections and corners for fences, 'huge walls', etc. I could do some easily...
  12. Oh, I thought the third graphic on 709 was a separate floor type. Silly me. Yes, I have an independent version of that one, as well as the one I already mentioned (fourth one on sheet 719). The purple Vahnatai rug should be fairly easy.


    Which pillar? I have a fancier one with gold and red, as well as a plainer blueish one. I've used both on multiple floors. I also have the short stubby blue/purple one, with and without a book (pretty much just a shrunk version of the Avernum one,) though I don't think I've used them on any floors yet.


    I've tried (on and off) to convert the anvil, but it has so far proved tricky. Would it be okay if I just use the Exile one as a base and adjust the colors and shape a little to make it more Avernum-ish?


    The 788 dresser, I have an old version that I've been using, but I think I'll redo it now that I'm a bit more experienced at these conversions. The old one looks pretty bad.


    The chairs were among the hardest conversions so far. I'll gladly make a larger version, but it may take a while.


    For the bookshelf...what do you think of this one? I think it would tile better, especially vertically, than one having a bar at the bottom.

  13. Sure, go ahead. I am really out of the Avernum loop, so any advice (or a list) would be welcome.


    The desk, I'll work on when I have the chance. I'll be leaving this afternoon, and not be back until Friday.


    For rug/mat, I took the green plaid rug and made an independent version of it, to make things easier.


    The wheel, yes I just resized the Avernum one, as it didn't seem to require modification. I haven't gotten around to doing any statues yet--what all floors do you want them on?


    Do you want me to change any of the chairs?

  14. Which wooden Avernum desk? The one with the book, or the empty one? And do any of the floors need to be redone? A few of them I got lazy with and just rotated the Avernum version.


    Do you want me to remove the stool, or adjust the color?


    Would you prefer the chairs to be larger, then?


    Eh, the orange thing I have no clue about. I just pasted it from Avernum; that one wasn't a redraw. It just looked rustic, so I threw it in. I can get rid of it if you like.

  15. I have only done above-ground rapids at this point, but I will be making below-ground ones soon. This sheet of anims has what I've done so far for rapids, the lava and lavafalls, and the other portals you wanted.


    I have not played Avernum, so I'm not sure what the 706 green rubber tiles were used for. But if we are going to add another Vahnatai floor, I'd rather use the nicer one on sheet 761.


    Here is the second sheet of terrains. I used an Avernum theme for the gray floor, because I made them last night, before I read your post. Do you want me to change it to be more Exile-y?


    Cryolemon, here are the magic and darkness versions of the lava/antilava.

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