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  1. I've messed with it and fixed little things here and there, added and subtracted things after input from my wonderful alpha and beta testers and now... I can't find anything more to fix, so it must be finished! ;-)


    It is now available on my website. Please play it and rate it at CSR. And feel free to email me (mistb0rn@aol.com) with any questions, comments, errors, or suggestions for improvement!


    And a big thank you to everyone on these forums who've helped me all along the way, THANK YOU ALL!!!


    I'm now back at work on my second scenario, currently titled Archipelago. It is much larger and more complicated, so it may be several months before it's ready.



  2. Quote:
    Well, this is what I use for all games + BoE

    3 fighters (pole because magic halberds do the most dmg)
    2 magi (Major Blessing, Slow Group, and then fire ball or firestorm)
    1 priest (Curse All and Revives)

    This set up owns all in my opinion.

    Well, I'd say three Mage-Priests instead of 2 mages and a priest works way better. You know you get a few extra spell points for each level of mage and/or priest spells when you first make your party? I usually start with three levels of mage and 5 levels of priest for the last three, with the bare minimum of strength and intelligence, then increase them later.

    But for the basic three-fighters-in-front + three-mages-in-back setup, I agree. Is very good. ;-)
  3. In the BoE allscen version of 'Back to Normal; an adventure in reverse', I didn't have enough Mage Lore when talking to the priest after using the cherry bomb, but once I fought enough monsters and trained, the town had reset and the scenario was unwinnable.


    Also, if when you first step on the portal in the vahnatai cave you chose No (instead of Step In), it just displays all the dialogs but leaves you where you are. And it never transports you to the other room with the vahnatai, it just sends you across the wall.

  4. How does the 'stuff done flag to eliminate encounter' section in the outdoor wandering encounters work? I've looked through the help docs, and it doesn't say anywhere that I can find. I want to make it so that once you kill the leader the others stop attacking you, but I can't seem to get it to work. Do I need to set the flag to a specific number?

  5. Does the default graphics sheet for Mac have darker terrain than Windows? Because I've noticed that some scenarios' custom graphics fit perfectly, and some don't.

    And, if so, does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Mac versions of ter1 - ter5?

  6. OK, new question. In my second scenario, there is a whole lot of stuff that is unimportant to the main storyline, which is fairly open and vague. There are a few essential side quests (like getting a key) and some people you need to talk to, but the majority of the map is 'extra' stuff. Is that a bad idea?


    And is it okay to make them look around and find out stuff themselves instead of being told "go there, find this, open that"?

  7. I've considered that, but I'd prefer not to. It always annoyed me to have to explore a town more than twice. Like in the scenario Of Good and Evil? It seems like every time you do anything there's a new version of half the towns. I might have to, though. (Just thinking out loud there.)



  8. I'm running low on scenario nodes too, and I'm only about a third of the way through. How do people do huge scenarios so well?! I guess I'll have to cut back on the special items, and maybe make some of it actually take place in a different town. Thanks for all the help!

  9. Another question.... I seem to have run out of special nodes in an important town. Is there any way to increase the number of nodes available? Would it work to have a person in town 1 with a personality from town 2 call nodes from town 2 (while in town 1)? Or would that introduce errors?



  10. Yeah, I'm still playing a lot. But not as much as at first, since now I'm working A LOT on making my new scenarios.


    Oh, by the way, I started a brand new party and you were right, Almighty Doer of Stuff. We do need some more beginner scenarios. Most of the ones I tried killed my new party with no problem.

    So as soon as I finish making the two harder ones, I'll devote some time to that. The kids have some ideas for easy scenarios too, so I'll be releasing theirs if they ever finish them. ;-)

  11. Ok, thanks! Now, second question-- What all nodes can you call during a conversation? I'm assuming no sfx, but will play sound work? And what about if there is a yes-or-no dialog. Can you jump from there to an out-of-conversation-screen non-dialog text message popup and then display in-conversation text? And what about place town encounter? Will that work in the middle of a stringin a conversation? I suppose I could just try a bunch of tests to find out, but if someone knows...



  12. No, I'm using Vista.

    I can't find a way to make it custom. The only thing I can get it to do is an item graphic, with the transparency being replaced by whatever happened to be on the screen before (in the 'custom scenario' window, in-game it just shows the item.)

    I couldn't find the sword that shows up on Bandits 2 in his graphics sheet, so I'm guessing he either used the item pic or what he actually did do doesn't show up on Vista.

  13. It's not released yet, but I figured it might be a good idea to post my questions here rather than keep making new topics for each one.


    My first question-- How do you make the Scenario Pic something custom? I know that TM did it, but I can't figure out how.

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