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  1. A workaround would be to have the first node check the flag, then immediately set it before creating the encounter. You could then make the encounter starting special check the flag, and set it back. But since it sets it then instantly begins the encounter, it wouldn't replicate. And since you set it back to zero, or 1, or whatever it was originally, the node called at the end of the battle should still work.


    Again, theory, but it sort of makes sense, to me at least.




    After re-reading your above post, I noticed you say you have a normal outdoor encounter appear on that spot? I'm pretty sure you don't need an outdoor encounter on the space, as there is a difference between outdoor wandering encounters and outdoor special encounters. I'm not sure if that would have any effect, but if the above doesn't work it might be worth investigating...

  2. I'm wondering, did you set the node itself as a node to call when combat begins in the encounter window? Theoretically, that might cause exactly the scenario you are describing, but I've never tried it.


    I theorize it would go something like this: the first encounter is placed by the one-shot. When the encounter begins, it would call the node again. Since the first encounter was not over, the second encounter would be created. At the end of the first encounter, the flag would be set. Then the second encounter begins, checks the flag, and does not replicate. Then you finish the second encounter and the flag is set again, to the same thing.


    That's the only reasonable explanation I can think of that might result in two and only two creations of an encounter.


    If this isn't the case, I'm once again stumped.

  3. Is it a non-enterable space where the encounter takes place? If it is, I've had a similar problem and came up with all sort of terrible work-arounds before just making it an enterable space. You might still have to click the party (or the wait button), but at least it shouldn't appear more than once.


    If it's already an enterable space, I'm not sure why you're getting two encounters. I am fairly new to this myself, and don't have anything to offer for that situation.


    I'm assuming this is outdoors? If not, I'm completely baffled.


    It'd also help me to know what sort of 'overlap of events' you were dealing with and what you did to avoid it. Is it multiple things happening on the same space depending on what has already been done? Or something else?

  4. Acting on that assumption, I have begun my scenario. It is based on images Dragon and Spook.





    EDIT, 5-20-09: I'm afraid I'm going to need to drop out. Sorry, Dahak. I was making progress, but a lot of things have come up the past several months, and I doubt I'll be able to finish any scenario in the foreseeable future. Thanks for the opportunity!



  5. I'm trying to do custom item images, but they keep showing up as this black 'No item' question mark icon in the store. I'm pretty sure I've done it right, and I've used custom item graphics before and they worked, so I'm not sure what's wrong. I over-wrote Demonslayer and Wyrmsbane for them, could that cause problems? Or is there something else I don't know about that could mess it up?



  6. I definitely would play it. Go for it!


    Btw, I had around 50 pageviews per day on my site right after I released my friend's scenario, and again when I finished mine. It had been getting a steady 2 views per day up until then, so at least some people were checking it out.


    Be ye encouraged!!

  7. Originally Posted By: Eamon
    I have finished playing it now. The structure of the game works and is very good for your first scenario. I also found the dialogue and personalities poor. I found the narrow halls that loop around the entire screen to be annoying. I dislike fighting in narrow hallways. Also try not to use tiny rooms when you are planning on having a fight there, like the rooms with the books in the goblin lair.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I know about the dialog/personalities--most were designed by one of the kids, and I didn't edit them enough. The narrow hallways and small rooms I have no excuse for, I'll just try to improve in future.

    Since there are no specific problems with your first scenario I would recommend you just learn from it and make your next one better.

    That's what I figured. I'll just try to do better, and hope that people weren't completely put off by this one. ;-)

    Thank you very much for the input! I'm new to all this, and I really appreciate it!
  8. Originally Posted By: The Mystic
    And as for a complete graphics conversion, it's entirely up to you. For an example of this, I highly recommend you play "Destiny of the Spheres," listed on the BoE forum main page.

    Thanks! I'll take a look at it when I get the time.

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    With a complete graphics conversion? I doubt it. There are bugs involving graphics that appear sometimes, but I think that's actually more a function of trying to place too many diverse objects in a single town.

    How many different custom graphics in one town section would be too many? I'm considering using things like chairs, tables, and trees as items so as to cut back on the number of terrains, but would that increase the likelihood of the graphics acting odd?
  9. Originally Posted By: Eamon
    Unless it is huge I should have it finished within a week.

    It's tiny and not very good (or original), but it is my first and I had some 'help' from the kids designing towns. At least I know how to use the editor fairly well now, so my next scenario should be better. Hopefully.

    And I think it's pretty cool to have such an old computer still working. It shouldn't be embarrassing at all, IMO. ;-)
    What OS do you use on it?
  10. Thanks, I think I've finally got that working! (I ended up setting a flag to 10; calling a one-time do-nothing didn't seem to work.)



    Next question--how many custom graphics can I use before it overloads the game? Would a complete graphics conversion probably be a bad idea? And, is it possible it might crash on other people's machines even if it runs fine on mine?


    I think I've heard something about this in the past, but I'm not sure what exactly the limits are. Does anyone here know? Thanks!

  11. Originally Posted By: The Almighty Doer of Stuff
    I'm not done with your scenario yet, but from what I've seen it's below par, but better than a lot of beginner scenarios. It shows you know how to use the editor, which is good, and the valley is fairly nice looking. However, the vast majority of the personalities are flat and boring, if not flatout bizarre, and the towns are strangely designed. As I said, however, I haven't finished the scenario yet and haven't been into any dungeons yet, so my opinion may change.

    As long as it's better than most beginner scenarios, I've succeeded. ;-) 'Below par' is to be expected. My next scenario should be much better, though not on the 'great' scale, I'm sure. Of course, just about everything I come up with has already been done better.
    But hopefully I'll be able to improve with more practice.

    Just out of curiosity, which towns did you find strange? All of them? Or just some?

    I've downloaded your first two scenarios, couldn't find Killing Cave though, and I'll plan to play them when I find the time.
  12. I recently finished reading the Mistborn trilogy since the final book just came out. I must say, the ending seemed a bit deus ex machina. It was an extremely good book until it got to the end, which was very disappointing.


    I'm currently in between books, trying to decide what to read next. Maybe something by Asimov, I haven't read Foundation for a while...

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