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  1. I recently returned to playing Blades of Exile after a many-years absence, and while a lot of it is either self-explanatory or I remember as I go, there are some things that I can't seem to remember or find.


    -A few item types are particularly opaque to me; I have a ring of 'Skill' and a ring of 'Will', and while I assume they have some specific purpose I can't recall it and the documentation I've been able to find doesn't go into specifics. If there's a page somewhere listing item type meanings, I've been unsuccessful in searching for it. Most things I search bring up either God of War or Path of Exile.

    -I've been attempting to recreate my character from my earlier playthrough. I know I played through several scenarios at the time, but can't remember which ones. I downloaded the allscen package several years ago so I can't narrow it down much by checking files. I seem to recall getting a green acid sword from somewhere, and I remember playing the scenario that had an instrumental version of Eye in the Sky, but I don't know if they're the same or different scenarios. I also remember a scenario where if you were too high level you'd end up in an endless fight against slithzerakai, but could play it normally only with a lower level party. Anyone know which scenarios they may have been?


    Thank you!

  2. I've been pretty inactive from Spiderweb for a while now, but I still have this nostalgia and loyalty to the Exile series. Though I never finished or released anything worth playing, I would love to get back into scenario design at some point.

    I think the version I currently have is CBoE; have there been any stable releases (for Windows specifically) since then that I should look into?


    (The things I've been wanting most are lifted restrictions on number of special nodes and number of custom graphics, but I'm no programmer and have no idea how difficult those things might be to implement.)


    Thank you so much to all you amazing programmer people who continue to work towards keeping this wonderful old game alive! I salute you. :-D

  3. Mistb0rn: "I'm glad you all made it back safely. Ooh, look - cake!"


    She takes a large piece and sets about consuming it. She briefly considers returning to the ceiling, but looks around at the others and decides she likes it down here. Besides, it doesn't feel as crowded any more.


    She prints off a few of her more brightly-colored pictures and hangs them on the walls, then opens her laptop to pass the time until the next interesting thing happens.

  4. I'm helping Dia with her first real scenario, but we've run into a slight problem. At one point in the scenario, you are moved to another town for a cutscene, then returned. At this point, we want to replace one version of a guard npc with another (standing in a different spot and with a different personality).


    So far we've tried:

    Delete monster + one-shot place town encounter

    Setting each creature's life/death flags

    Major event has occurred


    In each instance, the second version either fails to appear or is there all along.

    EDIT: We did finally get it to appear properly, using the first method, but then he disappears as soon as you leave the town and I can't figure out how to get him back. Even giving the one-shot no sdf it still won't call again after the first time.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to do this right? We'd really appreciate it. :-)



  5. OOC: Just a note, Slarty, the grey links on bright yellow are very hard to read.


    IC: Mistb0rn steps out of the bus into the Spiderweb Forums of the past. Looking around at everyone she'd never get the chance to meet momentarily makes her wish she'd been around for those days.


    After pausing briefly to mourn, she perks up and sets off to explore. She methodically checks through each link, wishing there weren't so many blank spots and that she could find more of Alec's other cartoons.


    Once she's read as much as she can find, she heads back to the bus to get some rest before the next stage of the journey.

  6. I'm not going to sort these, just put them as I think of them.




    Blades of Exile



    Civilization: Call to Power

    Lords of Magic




    Can't think of any others at the moment. I haven't played any of the old classic-y ones everyone talks about (Baldur's Gate etc,) so I can't say if they'd place or not.

  7. Mistb0rn begins repairing and replacing the streamers, then decides that there is altogether a severe lack of cake. She borrows and/or otherwise acquires the needed kitchen implements and spends a few hours baking.


    Once it's finished, she brings it out to the main area and sets it on an empty seat.


    Mistb0rn: "Hey, everyone, there's chocolate cake if you want some. Help yourselves."

  8. First exposure was E1 back in the day and I have to say the Exile series remains my favorite, though Geneforge is a very, very close second.


    I just bought A:EftP on Steam a couple days ago and am really liking what I've seen so far, but I honestly don't think it'll ever be able to compete with the originals for my affection. The new system seems kind of flat in comparison.

  9. Mistb0rn steps out of the bus and follows the group into September. As people spread out to browse she reads a few old threads, only to become almost immediately confused. Apart from those listed in the brochure that were posted by Jeff, it's largely unclear to her who or what is involved.

    She flips through a couple more topics until tiring of the pursuit, then wanders around contemplating the architecture.

  10. Mistb0rn, seeing something art-related going on, grabs a handful of the paper chains and aids in the decorating, then smiles farewell to BJ and slips off to the back of the bus to see what's been left under the seats.

    It doesn't take very long for her to realize she really doesn't want to know, so she wanders back to the main group.


    Mistb0rn: "Did we ever decide where we're going? I've always wanted to visit mountains, plains, desert, the sea ... anything but tree-covered hills really."

  11. Mistb0rn, who for some time seemed to be sleeping, awakens with a start as the music comes on. The fish had long since slipped from her hands and now clings to the windowsill below.


    Mistb0rn: "Ah! What's that? Oh, right, party."


    Noticing a few pieces of pizza left, she walks along the ceiling, drops to the ground long enough to grab a slice, then pauses.


    Mistb0rn: "I suppose hiding in the corner isn't exactly the point of this trip," she mutters.


    She finishes the cold pizza and walks over to BJ.


    Mistb0rn: "Hey, what's up?"


    She notices the bottle he's staring at and peers at the label.


    Mistb0rn: "Ink?"

  12. Quote:
    Man, I miss when we all made a big deal over somebody we thought was male came out and said she was female. So, for old times sake, !!!.
    Mistb0rn appears slightly uncomfortable at being the focus of so much attention, but supposes that perhaps insinuating herself so blatantly into the community should be expected to create some reaction.

    Originally Posted By: Arancaytar
    "You... you want to read more of that?"
    Noticing when he speaks that Arancaytar has somehow gotten behind her, she turns and smiles at his comment.
    Mistb0rn: "Ah, nice to meet you! I know it's ancient history, but I did enjoy reading it." She laughs lightly. "I'd probably react the same way if someone claimed to like something I wrote. But I'm sure you've long since moved on to more important things. You do some sort of computer programming now, right?"

    She suddenly frowns and pulls a medium-large fish from her robe. She stares at it contemplatively a few moments, as though unsure of its origin or purpose. After examining it thoroughly, she finally shrugs and offers it to Dikiyoba.
    Mistb0rn: "The only thing that comes to mind when I look at this is to write a magic-system involving fish-scale powder. Or the urge to throw it randomly at that other group of people near the front. I'm afraid if I stare at it too long, I may end up doing just that. Do you want it?"
  13. Mistb0rn, having never actually surrendered sanity due to an extremely low-profile entirety of existence, takes one glance at the improbable bus somehow inhabiting multiple locations and dimensions simultaneously, and turns to leave.

    However, the lure of improving her lackluster postcount at the expense of little effort and without the need for quality content is too strong to resist, so she turns back and cautiously steps inside.


    Mistb0rn: "Dikiyoba? Ephesos? Any writers in here--gah!"


    She dodges as a pie flies overhead, then turns to see who threw it.


    Mistb0rn: "Oh, look. Oldbies I've seen around but never really met and newbies who... Er, I'll just be...over here in the corner..."


    Between grenade-launchers and swords, (not to mention what seems to be a sparkling...thing of some kind,) she concludes that nothing would be conspicuous here. She jumps and surgebinds herself to the ceiling in one corner of the bus, falling upward past the chaos below (above?). She infuses the nearest windowframe with a reverse lashing to protect herself from any other thrown objects, then sits down with her laptop, brings up "Crystal Song", and begins re-reading it.


    Mistb0rn: "I'd completely forgotten about this until this morning. Oh, and if anyone knows of anywhere to find more books in this series, I'm interested."


  14. We never really had snow here this winter, just a few days here and there and overall abnormally mild weather. Then this past week has been almost summer temperatures until yesterday (or was it day before? I forget.) when it slipped back down to normal spring cold. Still no snow, though.

  15. My first exposure to Spiderweb was the AOL trial version of E1. Bought the full game and played it to death, then never thought about spiderweb again until I stumbled across these forums a few years ago. Since rediscovering the company I most enjoyed Blades of Exile and Geneforge. I ordered the disc with all five Geneforge games, though if I'd known they'd all be released so cheap on Steam I probably would have waited; I still haven't managed to finish them all yet. tongue


    I also got Avadon when it came out on Steam, but haven't really played it much yet. I tried the A5 and A6 demos, but they seemed to be missing something that E1 and G1 had, (and some of the side quests felt almost copy-pasted,) so I've never really pursued the Avernum series.


    I haven't played E2 or E3 to completion in any version, though, so I'm really looking forward to the remakes of those, as well as A:EftP. (Sadly, after playing Alcritas' scenarios, I couldn't get very far in E3; it just feels poorly made in comparison. And A1-3's graphics are just unplayably awful.)



  16. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S
    I would add that _Avernum: Escape from the Pit_ has been quite favorably received among those of us who prefer the Exile Trilogy to the original Avernum Trilogy.

    I can't say that its details are more like Exile, but the pace of gameplay and the sense of exploration and fun remind me more of Exile than Avernum.

    Ah, thank you. I've been undecided about whether I'm willing to try the new version when it comes out for Windows, but now I'll have to give it a go. :-D
  17. Finally got around to it...

    Click to reveal.. (Ak-Deevt Epilogue)
    After leaving Issinga, Ak-Deevt enjoyed a leisurely sea voyage between several islands before finding a ship willing to drop him off back at his master’s island.


    Once there, he spent many days enthusiastically describing his exciting adventures to his less than impressed master until the mage finally took him aside.


    “Dee, I am glad you have learned so much about magic and combat on your trip, but I would have expected you to learn more discretion and humility along with it. Your behavior is akin to that of a young child.”


    “But I kind of am a young child,” Dee protested. “Humans age faster than lacewings.”


    “I don’t care how young you think you are. Bragging about aiding in the overthrow of a kingdom is not appropriate behavior. I fear I’ve been too wrapped up in my own experiments. It is high time your education was taken properly in hand.”


    “I’ve learned a lot being out in the real world.”


    “Yes, but I think perhaps you were not quite ready. That will soon be remedied. From what you’ve told me, there were a number of times when you could have dealt with the situation decisively, but instead chose to compromise, avoid making decisions. That is unacceptable.”


    Dee bowed his head, confused, but resigned. “As you wish, Master.”


    “Don’t be discouraged. You will learn, and quickly, if I know you. And as you said, you have many years yet to live. Soon enough, you will be strong enough and wise enough to leave here again. And who knows? Next time you may not need to return.”

    Also, was there going to be a log of the last session? I still want to know what Gunnar was up to while I was sneaking around invisible. tongue

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