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  1. We survived, we leveled up, and Adira got a new perk!


    Click to reveal.. (Level 7)

    (I'm adding one to dexterity, one to perception {4}, and two to first aid {4+5}. And 6 to max health, of course.)


    Name: Adira

    Occupation: Adventurer

    Race: Human

    Alignment: Heroic

    Level: 7

    Skill points: 1


    Str: 6

    Dex: 5

    Int: 5

    HP: 24/46

    Stamina: 10/10


    Martial (Blades): 6

    Magic (Transmutation): 5

    Magic (Conjuration): 3

    Stealth: 4 (RB)

    Perception: 5 (RB)

    Nature: 3

    Crafting (Alchemy): 3

    First Aid: 5




    - Dual Wielder: Adira suffers no penalty for attacking with both weapons.


    - Blind Rage: Once per day, you can enter a state of battle rage that lasts for a number of rounds equal to your Strength. During this time, you have a +2 bonus to Strength, and gain 2 Damage Reduction. However, you cannot take any actions other than attacking, and immediately become fatigued when the rage ends.

  2. Originally Posted By: Ephesos
    So I see that under half the party bothered with my little assignment.

    I have excuses: I was away for most of the past week with no internet; I didn't even see the assignment until Friday, and I've been busy. Plus you did say "before next session," so I'm not really late. tongue

    That said, I have been working on it on and off over the weekend, but most of my spells aren't really 'mine' so much as taken from the Compendium. I decided to encapsulate them in story-form.

    Note: A few of Zelmair's spells didn't make it to/through the talking-to-Ephesos stage, but I put them in anyway. Also, I took the liberty of not setting the story in Mote, instead putting it into a little planet nearby-ish with a similar enough magic system that I could demonstrate the spells, but still make things up freely without worrying about accidentally messing up the canonical Mote.
    I think that's all the explanation I need... so, er, without further ado...Zelmair's Demise.
    (Pardon the unpolishedness, I haven't had that much time to work on it.)

    Just the spell descriptions, in case no one wants to actually take the time to read the story:
    Click to reveal.. (Spell Descriptions)

    Zelmair's Purple Curtain - He crossed his arms in an X in front of his chest, then spread them out. A curtain of shifting purple energy sprang into existence in a circle around him, a few inches out from his body.

    Zelmair's Scaleskin - He took a step back and swept his hands downward in front of his chest. Semitranslucent scales grew rapidly across his body, their dull brown color mimicking that of his robe perfectly.

    Elemental Orb - She raised her right hand in front of her face, conjuring an orb of compressed earth. She flung her hand out in front of her, palm up, releasing the missile toward him.

    Zelmair's Black Shield - He raised his arms straight up in the air, then brought them sharply down to the sides as he took a step forward. An almost blindingly black shield appeared before him, a wall of light similar to the purple curtain. Unlike the curtain, however, it clung close to his body and only covered the area directly in front of him... The fire orbs reached him, weakened slightly by the purple curtain they slammed into the black. And bounced back. The second trip though the purple weakened them yet further, but they sped back directly towards the caster.

    Enhance (str) - He took advantage of the temporary lull to cast a strengthening enhancement over himself. A steel-grey glow hovered about him a second before fading into his body.

    Elemental Blade (water) - He closed his eyes and ran a hand along the blade several times. The blade began glowing blue, the light constantly shifting over it like rippling water.

    (Very long) - More/different info on the spells/moves used:
    Click to reveal.. (Spells and moves, in the order they appeared in the story:)

    1. Zelmair's Purple Curtain - (This spell was invented by Zelmair during his exile in an attempt to go directions other mages wouldn't, to turn his disadvantage into a strength.) It wraps the target in a curtain of purple energy that will weaken or nullify any magic to pass through it; clearly not the sort of thing most mages would want to wear.
    (Altered for Mote by Ephesos, Purple Curtain will reduce damage from magical attacks, 1stm.)

    2. Elemental Orb - A fairly standard conjuration spell, Elemental Orb allows the caster to summon an orb of a particular element, which can then be used in combat or for various other tasks.
    (In Mote, deals [1d4 + the caster’s conjuration level] damage)

    3. Zelmair’s Scaleskin – Another invention of Zelmair’s, the scaleskin is an extremely efficient magical armor, basically functioning as a second skin that allows for large damage reduction with no accuracy, dexterity, or speed penalties.
    (In Mote, provides damage reduction equal to the caster’s Transmutation level, 1stm.)

    4. Zelmair’s Black Shield – With this one, Zelmair stepped pretty close to the line between offensive and defensive magic, but ultimately was able to classify it as defensive with the excuse that it is completely useless if your enemy doesn’t attack you. Basically a one-direction magical reflection shield, it requires extreme focus to initiate, but will then allow you to reflect any spells from a single target back at them, so long as the spells’ level is lower than that of your shield by (?).
    (Does not currently exist in Mote.)

    5. Enhance [str] – another basic spell, this temporarily increases a base attribute, either on the caster or on someone else.
    ([i’m not sure of the exact number this increases by in Mote; Ephesos never specified. I’ll have to ask next session.] Transmutation class, costs 1 stm)

    6. Chameleon – er, well, sort of. At least, he takes his sword out of a chameleon-like spell, so I’m putting it in here anyway.
    (In mote, Chameleon is a transmutation spell that gives a large bonus to stealth for the duration of the effect.)

    7. Elemental Blade [water] – A mutant hybrid spell, this conjures an element then employs transmutation to bond that element with a weapon.
    (In Mote, binds an element temporarily to a weapon, improving it according to the element used. [earth increases damage, air increases accuracy, water increases damage to magical creatures/objects, fire damages opponents’ armor on hit.] Costs 1stm if used on a weapon you aren’t touching.)

    8. Haste – Ah, good ol’ haste. Probably one of the most generic spells out there, but still good. I really don’t envision this as mush of anything, so I didn’t put any detail about it. Its description is best left to . . . er, someone other than me.
    (In Mote, this is a Transmutation spell, increasing the target’s speed by 2 for 4 rounds.)

    (Note: I didn’t find anyplace in the story to use Sudden Corrosion, Reflect Stance, or Double Strike, but they aren’t really that hard to envision. Sudden Corrosion isn’t one I made up, and I almost never use it. Reflect stance basically just spends a turn studying your enemies to increase your defence. Double strike, basically you just overextend yourself to hit multiple targets, leaving you a bit more vulnerable to attack.)

    I have no idea if that's anything like what you wanted, but I had fun with it anyway. :-)

    Is it too long? tongue

  3. I would be happy to make some of the actual graphics, if you decide to go ahead with this project. I do have a few other things I'm working on atm, but none of them are very big or important and I'd be glad to supplement them with some graphics practice.


    I'll have to look through the BoA files again to get a feel for the style, but if y'all can come up with a list of what items you'd like made, I'll see what I can do. :-)

  4. Originally Posted By: Erasmus
    I really hope Jeff will tweak the next game engines to be keyboard friendly again like they used to be


  5. Yes, it was a double. And I'm not sure if that picture shows it, but it also had feedback underneath the brighter one - like four increasingly smaller layers across the spectrum. It was quite an amazing thing to see.

  6. 3. In a large house in the woods


    4. If you ask me in person, I'd always say purple. I think it may actually be green, though. Or blue. Possibly red. Meh, no. Purple.


    5. One plugged in, two that work, many that don't.


    7. Adon took it with him


    8. Probably to medieval times to get some good photos. Or if I can't bring my camera to the past, I'd probably visit somewhere pretty nowadays. Like New Zealand.


    9. Adon Zek. Because he's someone I invented, and I'm beginning to dislike having my identity tied to someone else's books, however amazing said books might be. Not that I have the courage to actually change it, mind you.


    10. My first instinct is a dragon, but on further thought . . . yeah, dragon. I want to fly, and a dragon would be safe from predators. Or if it has to be real, then probably like an eagle or something.


    11. I have to think that the ninja sliths have a significant advantage.



  7. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity
    Even if the average over many people is 51%, I expect individual coin-flipping style is a factor.

    I was once able to learn someone's style of flipping and guess it right at least 8/10 times.

    Coin flipping is, in my opinion, one of the least random ways of making a decision, only barely better than 'eeny meeny miny mo'.
  8. Originally Posted By: Triumph
    Will we ever hear what the backstory was between the deceased and Kurex? There were hints there was more than meets the eye to their history.

    I'm currently negotiating with Dantius about that; if all goes well I'll plan to post a story or something.
  9. I'm reading this as: Avernum is not doomed as such; rather it's growth is limited and its outer extensions are withdrawn - but there are still a lot of people living belowground and the major towns in the original southern areas would not be greatly affected. Is that a correct approximation?


    And (barring some unforeseen calamity) in another 500 years the nation of Avernum would theoretically still exist, at least to some extent?

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