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  1. Isn't right-clicking on Windows just regular look? How would making it trigger a multi-look change anything? You'd still click the same number of times, and it would probably confuse everyone who's used to it the way it is.

  2. Originally Posted By: Thuryl
    Remember, town special encounters don't actually create monsters: they just reveal ones that are already there. If you already revealed them and killed them, they aren't there any more until the town resets.

    Aha! That would explain it. Is there any other way to place creatures that have a specific personalities and on-death nodes though?
  3. Originally Posted By: Chokboyz

    I just tried Celtic Minstrel's method and it worked fine (changed/swapped/tranformed a terrain to the chest on grey blocks, terrain number 194). What terrain did you changed to ? (tested "transform terrain" while talking too)

    Huh. I guess I'll try again then. Both terrain types were custom, but I doubt that would have affected it. I have a long chain of nodes, I probably just forgot to change one of them in there somewhere. Thanks!

    EDIT: I found the problem, but due to the nature of the encounter it's unavoidable, so I'm going to need to go with the nodes after all.

  4. A few new questions...I'm trying to transform terrain from one terrain to a box, which is a container, then place an item in the box - all from a conversation node.

    Every time I tested it, it instead transformed the terrain to the regular cave, even though I had checked the transform to on the terrain type and it was set properly.

    I changed the transform node to a change terrain node. That worked, but the item was placed on top of it, not inside the container. Is there any way to make it be inside the box (apart from using another three nodes on an if-then-give-item string)?

  5. My family just did a one-hour scenario contest with just four of us. The scenarios, if you can call them that, are available here.


    Has anyone else ever tried this? Trying to throw together a finishable scenario in one hour was a very tense and exciting experience for me. The kids are begging for another one soon, so I'm assuming they had fun too.


    Though maybe two hours would be a more reasonable time limit for next time. Most of us ended up needing to cut out huge chunks of content in order to fit it in on time. ;-)


    Anyway, I hope someone gets some tiny bit of enjoyment from this, even if it be only to spur you on to your own impromptu scenario creation.




    Edit: My scenario is the one with a custom graphics file, and I included a mac-colored .gif. If someone could convert that to the proper format for mac users, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


    Edit 2: Atlas was the scenario with the 0,0 node problem, and I had changed several of the nodes prior to the original release. In my further investigations I found a few that had slipped through the cracks, including the victory messages for completing quests. These have been corrected and the new version is now available. If anyone even cares. tongue



  6. Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba
    You'll also find plenty of people who think the new trilogy is better than the old one and ... like Exile better than the original Avernum trilogy.

    This. Avernums 1-3 were actively painful to try to play, I prefer Exile over them any day. I haven't tried Avernum 4 yet, but what I've seen so far of Avernum 5 is very much improved, definitely more enjoyable.
  7. I love Scrabble! That and Boggle. I really like word games. Monopoly is fun, and I love Risk, but I often can't find enough people ready to dedicate that much time to a game. A few quick rounds of Boggle, on the other hand...

  8. I'm trying to make a sort of cutscene near the beginning of the scenario where an NPC walks up to you, says some things, then walks away.


    At the moment I have a string of create monster, play sound, destroy monster, repeat several times, display dialog, same thing again. In-game it only plays the sounds and shows the dialog, but the NPC doesn't show up. I also tried it with creating town encounters, but that didn't work either.


    Any help would be appreciated!


  9. ...and which operating system do you use? I am just now starting yet another scenario, but one for which I have high hopes and which may actually be releasable.


    The point is, before I start making all the custom graphics that I will inevitably need, I'd like to know whether most people who would play it would use Windows or Mac, so I can create the graphics accordingly.




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