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  1. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    Gray stone (704) seems roughly equivalent to the existing stone floor. I'm not sure if we need that one, but if we do include it it should probably have a similar theme.

    Similar to Exile, or similar to Avernum?

    The animations I made for the rapids aren't too impressive, but it's a little hard to make them look 'rapid' when the only animation speed is 'sluggish' tongue

    Also, I made lavafalls for the Avernum lava and the anti-lava slush. I've always thought that lavafalls would look really cool. Do you want them?

    EDIT: I'm wondering if you would like the other Vahnatai floor as well as (or preferably instead of) the green tiles? The ones from sheet 706 currently look too modern for my liking.

  2. Sorry to keep bringing this up, but have you determined the proper theme for the purple carpets yet? If not, I'll put everything I have on them and you can decide later what you want to keep.


    Also, theme ideas for the other floors I have (Orange on 705, pink cobblestone on 704, the green tiles from 706, the gray stone on 704, the light one right after the mosaics on 705 and its inverse on 709, and the dark blue one on 709) would be helpful, or I could come up with them by myself if you'd prefer.

  3. Originally Posted By: Cryolemon
    Makes sense, thanks for the info. Are there (Or could you make) other versions that do magic or dark damage?

    You mean, just different colored versions? Like purple and black? I could do that easily, although it's up to CM whether he wants to include them.

    Oh, CM, one more question. Will the new engine allow for setting the trim type on individual terrains? If we're adding new lava etc. it seems like there ought to be something like that. Also, will there be an option for including a new terrain in compatibility for a terrain set that automatically adjusts? e.g. compatibility between surface water and the new rapids.
  4. Asking too much? Never. I absolutely LOVE editing graphics, and I'm especially glad to do it in the assistance of something as incredible as BoE.


    Anti-lava, finished. I did the actual Avernum lava this morning, and the anti lava was just a negative image of that. The regular exile lava looks very odd negative, so unless you have a particular desire for it to match Exile, I'd go with the Avernum version for antilava.

    I already had a single tile of the rapids for Exile above-ground water, I'll work on turning it into an animation and an underground version.


    Portal, as you said, is easy. I'm assuming you want the standard Exile portal, correct?



  5. I'll add those as well, then.


    I made quick wallsets for the whiteish wall with red along the bottom and the grey wall with dark blue at the bottom (the first wall sheet I think), just for my own use. Do you want them?

  6. Stone circle, no problem. Empire and Avernum symbols on old walls, no problem. I'll include those all on the next sheet.


    Yes, that is an independent trapdoor. I've been trying to think of a way to make the ladder for underneath independent as well...though I may end up needing to just stick it on the floors.


    Let me see...the wallsets, gray brazier, brown cabinet, bookshelves, and outdoor stuff I skewed and resized. All the other Avernum stuff I redrew.


    In regards to sheet 767 (you mentioned in the original list that it looked 'generally useful'), where do you want the various objects? Indoor, outdoor, specific floors? I can't really tell where most of them are supposed to go.


    Oh, one more thing. For the purple carpet (sheets 707 & 709 I believe) there are four patterns. How extensive do you want the floorsets to be for those? Full on the blank one and minimal on the others? More of a fancy theme?




    (I am going to be away again this coming week, so I probably won't get as much done until the week after.)

  7. I proudly present: The First Sheet (of Avernum stuff.)


    I actually had a lot of fun doing these. Let me know what you think of it so far, and whether I need to change anything before starting on sheet 2.


    I did end up adding both the Exile brazier and the standing torches to the mosaics, because I couldn't get the torches to look fancy enough.


    I assumed you wanted the stone circle for both above- and below-ground, did you also want it on hills? I could easily add it if that is the case.



    (As I mentioned before, I do have all the objects I put on any floors saved separately, so if there is anything you want changed, it would be VERY easy to do. And if you decide you want any additional things for any floor, again, very easy.)



  8. Just for fun, on a separate copy of BoE, I redid the graphics sheets with a bunch of new terrains I made. It required quite a bit of messing with bladbase.exs, but I got it so that in the editor, my new scenarios will use the proper names and graphics, despite being all in different locations on the sheets.


    Now the problem. Everything shows up fine in the editor, but when I try to play the scenario, most of the graphics show up as just white and the others are all messed up. I have done similar things in the past that worked perfectly, and I can't think what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated!


    Heh heh, never mind. I had been using the wrong folder for the new sheets, and the old ones were messed up from a previous experiment of mine. Nothing to be alarmed about. ;-)

  9. Alright, what in the world are these? Would either of them work as a light source for the mosaics? (For the gray one, I also have the lit version.) The other thing I've been considering is one of those standing torches. Or, if you like, I could use the fancy brazier from Exile. What would you prefer?

  10. The lovely thing is, I've got a file type for my objects (.psp) that allows for partial transparency, so I have all the shadows as part of the object. It really will be just pasting them on, once I have all the objects made.


    Do you want for the mosaics an Avernum theme, or a more exile-marble theme?


    You mentioned in an earlier post that you wanted statues from Avernum... How do you want these done? Would you want them on each Exile and Avernum floor, or only certain ones?


    Also, do you think the red stool will be enough for seating, or should I add chairs in all directions as well?

  11. I picked up the Blazing Blade mosaics...how much stuff do you want on them? Full sets for each one?


    Once I get enough objects converted from Avernum (or copied from Exile), it will be very easy to just paste them on any floor, so it wouldn't be any trouble to make full sets. Let me know what you'd like.

  12. Slightly unrelated question here - How is the new edited version of BoE going to handle all the new graphics?

    I haven't been reading all the hundreds of posts on the actual programming, but I'm curious. In particular, is there any way to be able to script your own auto-arranging (like the mountains and cave walls) and remove the defaults? Because without something like that, there would be nowhere near enough graphics slots to make full use of all the new graphics (I'm thinking especially of using both blue and grey cave, with transitions). Or will there be more slots for graphics (so we could keep the default behavior for the original graphics, and still have room to use the new ones)? Or do you have some other way to work around this?



  13. Floors all tile properly, yes. That's the hardest and most important part. ;-)


    You didn't specify which floors to use from the pages you listed, so I've just been doing all of them. I would be happy to not bother with the cave-looking floor if you so desire.


    My instinct would be to use mainly Exile objects, with some modified Avernum ones thrown in.


    The two pairs of gates are because on the top one it is hard to tell what it is. I made it brighter on the second line so you can see the bars going across better. Let me know which one you prefer and I'll get rid of the other.

  14. I have been using this a little this morning, and here are a few things I noticed:


    1. The teranim and teranim (d) are not the same. Is this intentional?


    2. Although the blue etc cave terrains are included in the ter sheets, the editor does not acknowledge them when trying to change a terrain graphic to one in the selection window (I have not tried typing the number that would correspond to it, though).


    3. A custom two-tile creature (with the number 2001) shows up as two black squares in the editor, I have not checked yet to see if it shows up in the actual game. Is the behavior of custom graphics sheets different?


    That's all I've noticed so far. Apart from those, I love it! Especially the little talk bar to type in like in E1; I've always wished for something like that. Being able to turn the intro music on and off is also very useful for scenario testing.

  15. Alrighty then. I will stop doing wall torches and continue using the windows sheets.


    The last used line on my sheet has a few of the floors you wanted from Avernum. What objects do you want on them, if any? (There really should be a better way to handle objects, but I'm sure that would be difficult to implement.) Will you want the floorsets to match Exile objects, or use the Avernum objects, or some of both?

  16. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    Are there any graphics on the list in the first post that were completed but not struck off? I think I've got them all, but I'm not sure...

    What did you decide about the mushrooms? Did they look good enough, or do you want me to change them?

    I'll try to get the other-direction waterfalls done by tomorrow morning.

    Did we ever get a ruling on the brightnesses from Avernum? I've been working at those on and off, but I'm reluctant to put in a lot of effort unless I'm sure they'll be usable. Here is what I've done so far. If the brightness looks okay for those, let me know and I'll keep going with the windows BoA sheets I have. If you want me to use a different source, let me know what it is and where to get it.

    EDIT: I just noticed your other post, here is one of the windows sheets I've been using, so you can compare. Link

  17. Quote:
    For the doors do you want the smaller size (3rd in the row), the larger size, or both?

    I'm not sure what you mean – all the doors are the same size as far as I can tell. Since you say 3rd in the row, I'm guessing you're comparing the cutaway to the non-cutaway versions? If so, I'd say that the width should try to match the cutaway version, but you can use the non-cutaway version as a reference for the door frame.

    I mean on my sheet. The third one on my sheet is the same size as the Avernum one, and the fourth one on my sheet is enlarged to make the door fill more of the square, since most of the other exile doors fill much of the square.

    Regarding other stuff on the walls, I wasn't submitting this as a finished set, just an example of a few things to clear up some questions I had. I am planning to make the open doors once I know which door you want to use, and I didn't want to do too much extra stuff if I would need to redo them all for mac.

    So, should I act on the assumption that the windows brightness is okay to use, or wait for an official decision?
  18. Okay, I had some free time so I did this wall-set (604).


    I only have the windows sheets at the moment, so if you want them to be in mac brightness I will need the mac versions of the BoA terrain sheets.


    I do have some questions in general about these. Do they look BoE enough? For the doors do you want the smaller size (3rd in the row), the larger size, or both? What floor goes with which walls? And what should I fill the empty window-spaces with? Is there anything else I should do differently?



  19. Again, sorry these took so long, but I had to finalize the homeschool portfolios for four of the kids, so I've had hardly any free time this month.


    Without further ado, I present Cultivated-ish Mushrooms. I can't seem to get them perfect, so I'll say here they are, unless anyone has specific ideas for improvement, in which case I'll gladly get back to work.


    Also, All manner of trees, boulders, and water on hills and hill-to-grass edges. I'm not sure how well the mountain waterfalls will fit with the water, let me know if there is any other edge sort of things you need to make it properly compatible.


    Here also are the center-space rubbles for grass and gray cave. Let me know if you need anything changed.


    I'll be unable to work on graphics this coming week, but I hope to be a bit more regular after that. I haven't done the alternate cave waterfalls yet, but if the mountain ones work, the others will be much easier for me to do.


    Any word yet on the choices for Avernum graphics? I'm looking forward to doing those...

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