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  1. Ok, sorry this took so long, but things have been quite hectic this week. Here's the cave entrances for mac.


    The mushrooms, I'm still working on. On the blue cave especially it is rather difficult to make them look like they're in cultivated rows, as opposed to sloppy almost-rows. I'm making progress, but they might not look as good as I was hoping.

  2. In the first post you mentioned Avernum adaptations--for those I'll need the graphics sheets from Avernum (I don't play Avernum, so I don't have them) and a list of what you're looking for - assuming you still want them, of course. ;-)


    At the moment I'm still working on the mushrooms and mac caves, I should hopefully be done sometime next week.



  3. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel

    Could you perhaps redo the cave entrances in Mac brightness? Or is that too difficult?

    No problem.

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    The mushrooms should fit in with the regular mushrooms for each type of cave floor. Notice that each cave floor has two type of mushrooms, the small round ones and the taller pointy ones. You could do a cultivated form of each, or just pick one (I personally prefer the round ones, but it doesn't matter much). Or you could draw new ones from scratch if you felt like it.

    Okay, I think I'll do all of them. Would six per square be too many? And should there be any differences on the cave background (furrows or something similar) to help convey the cultivated-ness of them? Or just the fact that they're in rows would be enough?

    Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    The additional transitions are fine. They're hard to see, but there's nothing we can do about that really. Also, I like the rounded form. It's still a different style from hills/grass, but as I said that's not a bad thing.

    Is that it then? Do you want a more hills-type style to compare with, or just go with the way they are? Are there any other things you would want on them?

    Oh, and also, could I add trees and/or boulder to the above-ground hill and the hill transition edges? It has always annoyed me that you can't really block those squares without a special node.
  4. Okay, I'll do the other 12 cave walls with this style, then see what I can do about making them all less square-looking.


    Also, you mentioned in the first post cultivated mushrooms in rows...do you have any specific mushroom type in mind? Same type on both cave floors, separate types on each, or several types on both?


    EDIT: Here's what I have for now, transitions v.1.3. I just smoothed out the corners to be less square and added a bit more variance along the straights. It has the other 12 walls, and I fixed a small incompatibility on one of the stalagmites. Again, feedback is appreciated.



  5. Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
    Mistborn, how hard would it be to redo that graphic in Mac brightness?

    Not very hard. I'll try to figure it out. I'll be away all weekend, but Tuesday I should have enough free time to make one.

    Here's the altar.

    I have the mac base graphics already, but I have had the windows edited ones made for quite a while. I guess I could remake them if you can't get them to work.

    Sorry, which graphics are you talking about here? Just all of them? Or certain ones in particular?

    Any and all. If there's anything you can't get to work, it should only take a few hours for me to redo in mac.

  6. I have the mac base graphics already, but I have had the windows edited ones made for quite a while. I guess I could remake them if you can't get them to work.


    The cave ones are flipped/rotated, but cloned into the actual side-wall so there is no graphical incompatibility.


    Ogre, Caves, and some other blue frills I had lying around.


    I'll get to work on the altar, using mac graphics, on gray cave floor. I should be able to upload it tomorrow morning. Edge graphics I'll try, it could be tricky and take a while though.

  7. I have attack graphics for the E1 ogre that I made a while ago. (Third one down on the monst11 sheet)


    I use the 'blue' graphics for BoE. Other-direction caves I have. Evil altar I can make easily.


    By 'complete set of transitions', do you mean like edge graphics, to move from one floor-type to the other?


    Middle-space for rubble, I don't have at the moment but I could probably make.


    I vote, add the gold. I don't have any opinion about the food or arrows.


    I think the item between the halberd and the bow is a crossbow, at least it looks like it to me. I like the scroll.


    Now, all my graphics are at windows brightness. How do I adjust them for mac?


  8. Ok, all this programming is way beyond me, but graphics I understand.


    Have you added any of the terrains from the scenarios that came with blades? (I know there's at least one in Valley of Dying Things and I didn't notice it on the terrain sheet.)


    If you don't mind edited or non-original-exiles graphics I also have quite a few edited ones (torches, bookshelves, and desk on marble floor, altar on grass, etc.) and several with my own base floor/wall graphics. And I can probably do others if you want anything specific.

    They're all in the windows colors, though, and I notice your sheets are colored for mac?


    Anyway, if you're interested, let me know and I'd be glad to send you what I have.

  9. You can use the 'set wandering monster arrival points' tool to place where the four wandering encounters appear. You don't have to use any of them, but they will still show up on the map in the editor as the little icon.

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