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  1. Hmm, tricky. I'd probably have to say flight/telekinesis and total recall.


    I would say pyrokinesis too, but while it looks flashy I can't really think of many practical uses for it. tongue

  2. Wow. I hadn't realized just how many custom graphics I'd made over the years. I did make them quite a while ago; is anything I have even worth adding? tongue


    A lot of them are quite similar to others, since I'd save each version of an in progress graphic; probably would be best for me to only send the best of any given set?

    Also, some of the floor- and wall-sets are incomplete, due to various things. Would you want them anyway, or just ones with a semi-complete itemset?

    What about the ones that just transplant existing furniture onto other existing floors/walls; should I check for already existing versions of them, or just send them all? Or none?


    Thanks :-D

  3. Originally Posted By: Harehunter
    I will be happy to post them on my site. Do you have a webpage that I can pull them from? That way I can see your description of the graphic and use it to feed my indexes. Or you can just zip them up and send them Private Message along with a description of each one.

    Hmm, I don't have descriptions, really. They're just ones I've had for my own personal use. What form should these descriptions take? A list of keywords, or an actual description sentence/paragraph?

  4. How would one go about submitting graphics to this archive?


    I have dozens of BoE graphics (mostly edits, but some original) from several unfinished scenarios I started years ago and will probably never get around to finishing or releasing.


    It would be nice to know that at least the graphics would be available to anyone else who wanted them.

  5. Originally Posted By: Dantius
    I'm leery of getting it, since there's a chance that my hopes of KOToR 3 will be dashed when the game turns out more along the lines of Dragon Age 2.

    Besides, it's not like I have time to do MMORPG's now...

    It certainly isn't Kotor 3, at least not as I would have wanted it. My first beta weekend was very disillusioning, but - even though some of the MMO elements are quite distracting at first and it's so different from Kotors 1&2 - I'll still play it, enjoy it for what it is, and quietly mourn its lost potential.

    As I haven't played Dragon Age 2, I can't specifically answer that fear. I do know people who won't play TOR after having seen what it's like, and I'm guessing you might fall into that category.
  6. Click to reveal.. (Ak-Deevt Level 7)
    Adding: 1 to Intelligence, 5 to Evocation (1+2+3+4+5), 1 to First Aid (4)

    Name: Ak-Deevt
    Alignment: Inquisitive
    Race: Lacewing
    Occupation: Traveling Mage

    Level: 7
    Skill Points: 1

    Strength: 5
    Dexterity: 4
    Intelligence: 7
    HP: 45/45
    Stamina: -/10

    Magic (Conjuration): 6
    Magic (Transmutation): 6
    Magic (Evocation): 5
    Magic (Enchantment): 5
    Martial (Knives): 3
    First Aid: 4
    Composure: 3
    Nature: 3
    Perception: 2
    Stealth: 2
    Artifice: 2
    Thievery: 1 (RB)
    History: 1 (RB)

    New spells:
    Strike (evoc), (pending approval), Evokes a powerful blast of elemental or other energy (i.e. lightning) to bombard a target, or several targets close together with weaker blasts.
    Manipulate (evoc), (pending approval), allows the caster to move or otherwise alter existing substances. This spell’s effects are stronger the closer the substance is to a base energy or element, and may cost stamina for very large or impure instances.

  7. Originally Posted By: Actaeon
    Perhaps someone could run a newbie campaign? Get us up to snuff? I'm been cast as a DM for so long, running a PC would be quite novel.

    I've long been considering DMing a two or three part campaign series, starting with level one characters and going up from there, (sort of like the Selos/Risis>RoMD progression.) I have a basic map of my island and a general idea of what I want to do in each of the campaigns; a few NPCs, situations, and enemies. But I have no idea where to start as far as what preparation actually goes into running such a thing.

    How much needs to be planned in advance, and how much do you let the players deviate from your plans? Is it excessive to have three alternate routes planned out around the same obstacle?
    What do I do to ensure that situations are properly balanced and possible? How do I avoid giving too much away, while still telling enough that everyone isn't completely confused? How do I know whether to push the players forward or just let them muddle around in any given situation?

    I'm just so totally new to doing something like this, with people I don't know IRL, it's a rather daunting prospect. I've been putting off actually thinking about it all year, but if anything's going to get done, I guess I need to start somewhere.

    Any experienced DMs care to help me out?
  8. Originally Posted By: B.J.Earles
    AIMHack constitutes my first really foray into group RPGs. I used to put on little RPG-like, free-form games for my friends. I used to really enjoy doing that. That's at least part of the reason I'm seriously looking at doing some DMing.

    I don't really play table-top RPGs mostly because I don't know anyone in RL who plays them. Given the opportunity, I'd probably give it a try.

    Pretty much exactly this. tongue
  9. Left shift.

    But I don't type right at all; though I did try to learn the right way at one point, I quickly got tired of the exercises and resigned myself to ~40 words per minute my hideous monstrosity of a method allows.


    Originally Posted By: Necris Omega
    I eviscerated my Capslock key, boiled it in oil, and fed it to a roving duck.

    I should try that. tongue

    I can't tell you the number of times I've inadvertently hit Caps lock when aiming for Tab. Since I do usually look at the keyboard while typing, I can go quite a ways without noticing.

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