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  1. I think you need fine waveblades for Ghall. You can check the level in the spells/traits on the characters info page. Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door.
  2. You can get to the other side later in the demo. Gates were used several times in the demo to control what parts of the story you saw at what times. The [?] is a note on the map click that spot on the map to tell you where some things like trinket are.
  3. And get a decent amount of money by selling skribbane. Im not a fan of the drug I would rather buy spells or skills but the money for selling could be worth keeping the dealer alive as long as you don't take the quest to kill him.
  4. Archery was good in a1-6. You could do a fair amount of damage and take out mages from a distance in the early games before they threw out huge damage and get more attacks with haste in the later games.
  5. Its not a secret passage just a brown trapdoor on the left side of the trash pit.
  6. The trash pits are outside of dharmon at the north end of the of the city just a dozen steps down from the blosk ruins.
  7. You can download from the cds as many times as you want without a key but without them you need to ask for a new key or copy the preferences file.
  8. There are too many items to put into a post so here is a link.
  9. Depends on who wrote it.
  10. I would recomend the amber novels by Roger Zelazny for fantasy and the legacy of heorot for sci-fi.
  11. It seems like a surge in the power high enough to send electricity through the insulation(might have been old/weak to begin with) and down the poll to give your dog a shock. Aside from replacing the insulation not much anything anyone could do about it. Power surges are somewhat common. Might want to have the dog looked at just to be sure it wasn't hurt.
  12. Well blades of avernum or blades of exile would be your best bet. I think you could add pictures that would look like geneforge ones and make the story a geneforge one but it would still be in the avernum/exile system of games for spells and such. Trying to make a game that looks like and plays like geneforge 5 would be like trying to make geneforge 5. Its way beyond what anyone has time or skill to do besides jeff and he said he was done with geneforge.
  13. English to Italian Italian to French French to Dutch Dutch to English In the first place he is po' ; more a little expensive; and secondairement have he the words Don' ; panic t d' registered in the large friendly letters concerning relative cover
  14. I think he ment people have used 50 canisters and have fire nimbus issuses more then shapers. Agatha used a few then a few more going up and up. The best examples are people like Barzahl who take it and knowingly abuse it. Shapers can control themselves but canisters have a powerfull lure to the power-seeking. The numbers are not high of people who turned to canisters after becoming a shaper. Barzahl and Litalia are the most of the group of such people. Pharaton (cant remeber spelling) and that guy in the shaper camp who augments you if your loyal are other good examples of agatha nearly pitiable people who didnt mean to take as many as they did. But im ranting. Agatha couldnt control herself nor could barzahl but for the most part shapers can keep from selfshaping even at the point of death (see alawan). Sorry about the rant.
  15. From a story prospective they are horrible and shouldnt be used. The effects of them such as insanity and drakons. Playing a game it depends on your faction. And no its not dakkanor.
  16. I hope it does not come to the need of using solberg as a enemy. I ( as weird this sounds even to me ) would rather see a third Rentar-Ihrno based game then see solberg turn against avernum in a weak plot twist.
  17. Ah but I havnt finished my victory conditions. Makes it harder to win.
  18. Where did the mod shop go?
  19. Why so many? I go for 1 or 2 creations with some better skills over having 7 with about 0 upgrades.
  20. He was trying to Convice someone:me. He sent me another fake *i message this time as the darksider blademaster. Good thing I noticed he forgot about the phyical immunity. This doesn't mean he is vahkos but should be taken care of anyway. And I never said he was vahkos before now. Just took away his proof for him not being vahkos.
  21. Ok This is normaly the kind of thing I wait till after the game is over to talk about. I cant explain without revealing way to much info, dooming me in the game, right now but After this is over I will explain everything.
  22. I dont think your in any major danger anymore nioca. With such unknown going about I dont think anyone is gona attack anymore untill they get some confirmation. If someone has the wand of death or the real darkside blademaster(assuming its not you for that) comes out then you have a problem. Other then that I think youve managed to make a nice shield of unknown.
  23. Good luck getting anyone to belive that. After all the role switching and lying you did can anyone really be expected to believe anything you say? Why cant this just be another way to try and get an edge. Not that any of what you have done is over the line or too evil for comfort but thats no reason to trust you for the rest of the game.
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