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  1. Ouch !! That's good to know about the others but I still like Avernum 4-6. I suppose I'll have to keep the 2017 machine working. Thanks for the complete coverage.
  2. I am running several Spiderweb games on my old MacBook Pro 2017 with MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (still 32 bit) and everything works fine . These were downloaded from the Spiderweb website. I am considering getting a new Macbook Pro running MacOS Ventura 13. Are there any Spiderweb games, especially Avernum 1-6, Avadon or Geneforge, that won’t run on this? I mean the new ones the remakes, not the older ones.
  3. I see what I did. I used a Create Fyora canister but was looking at my Roamer stats, just assuming it would also be affected. I should have looked only at a Fyora or Cryoa creation. When I did this, the level increased just as you suggested. I am disappointed the Roamer was not boosted as well.
  4. My Fyora (type Roamer) just before I used the canister had these stats: Level: 10 Health 81/81 Strength 2 Agility 4 Magical Skill 5 Endurance 1 Control level Poor (7) Just after I used the canister, these values were the same. I have screen shots showing both but I don't know how to include them in this post. Is there some other way to tell the difference in the two situations?
  5. I already used a Create Fyora canister earlier in the game and have several Fyoras now. I just used another Create Fyora canister and my Fyoras seem no different than before. Is there an advantage to using more than one of each type of Canister?
  6. Ahh, I answered my own question, the hints on the scrolls ! You can tell I'm a Mac person, never read the instructions, just jump right in....
  7. I have tried various ways of using the controls to awaken the sleeping Vahnatai and the only result I get is a short paragraph describing a loud noise, metal grinding and smoke. Is this what I want? Or do I have the wrong sequence or need a quest first or something?
  8. I tried both sparing Khermess and killing him. If you kill him you get the drake skin and also the Drakescale Greaves (armor 10%, energy resistance 10%) which is a nice item. You also get more experience points, about 40 more which is not a big factor. What I don't know is whether this will cause me problems in the future with other dragons, since I killed a drake. Anyone know??? By the way, this is the first time I noticed that the number of experience points is somewhat random. Here I compared from just before you tell Yutsua to just after, in this case an average of about 8 points (I tested only 4 trials each way). WTH???
  9. opps, steal is what I meant. (Do pirates steal with steel??) My reputation is "5" What happens is that I walk into Jasmine's place and steal some armor (marked NY). She is standing right there, but the game says "You stole the item without anyone seeing you." I basically steal everything marked NY and I get the same response. I go next door to Bernie's shop and do the same thing. I go next door to Jen's and do the same thing. All while these shopkeepers are standing right there. However, Claudette, Miles, and the trainer see me if I steal. Also, if I send one person into Jasmine's shop and put the rest of my team near Claudette, then stealing from Jasmine's is seen, presumably by Claudette. I have played this game before, and other versions of Avernum too (AV 4,5,and 6) and I have not seen this.
  10. I went into two shops in Formello, Jasmine's place and Bernie's place, both along the north wall. I found I could steel anything and everything without anyone noticing. I then tried the same thing in the trainer's hall and my crime was seen! This is the first time I have ever experienced this anywhere. Any ideas???
  11. I have gone to Skarragath and the wall opens for me. So I enter and find the neutral ghosts etc. and the chamber where King Micah warns me and north of that is the wheel which opens a gate to the east. Just beyond that is a gate that remains closed. The gate to the south remains closed. I have the Royal Seal and the Blessed Anthame and a bunch of keys but I must be missing something. Help!
  12. I don't mind looking around for switches, except when the walls are already so complex in pattern that the switch disappears. I gave up on the iPad version of Avadon because of this. I don't mind head-banging when there are only a few logical places for a hidden room to be, but in my experience, this is often not the case. Early access to a mapping spell might make this OK but it would need to be EARLY. In general, I don't really like hidden doors as it adds little to the game play for me. Could we have some kind of cheat code for this to make such doors obvious. Normally I avoid cheat codes, but I would make an exception for this.
  13. I have a minor issue (not minor for me!) which will make or break the new game for me. I tried playing Avernum 2 and got less than half way through before quitting. The reason? I got a headache from "wall bumping" to find hidden passages. I REALLY find this a waste of time that interferes with the game playing experience. The "hidden" switch is better, and even better than that is the "u" command that shows all the operable options in the area. In Avadon, (but sadly not in the iOS version) you can rewrite the code to make switches more visible. I quit playing the iOS version solely for this reason. In short, please please do something like one of these, perhaps as an option or cheat or something, so I don't have to go blind looking for "hidden" switches or run into all the walls in all the rooms, etc. etc. etc. ouch.....
  14. I have a similar problem. I am running Avadon on my first gen iPad. I am clearing out the wretches in the Wretch Warrens after talking to the dragon (first quest for him). Everything seems VERY sluggish in the Warrens although going back to the Aerie helps some. I have been getting regular warnings about low memory, even when all other apps are shut off. No crashing yet. I hope there is a solution out there, I would hate to quit so early into the game. I should add that I have a lot of photos stored on the iPad, taking up maybe half the memory.
  15. I have played several of the Avernum games over the past few years, purchased from the Spiderweb website. I purchased Avadon this spring in the same way. I would like to purchase the iPad version but I hesitate. I absolutely HATE the business of searching for hidden switches (or even worse, bumping into walls in the early Avernum games). In Avadon, I modified the script as suggested in these forums to make the switches way more visible. I guess I can't do this on the iPad version which will make playing the game very frustrating for me. Since some people like the mystery and others hate switch searching, why can't this be an option built into the game. Or maybe in the character editor. PLEASE........... Also, what about some method of moving the game saves between iPad and Mac or PC so I can play on my iMac for a while and then move to the iPad at other times?
  16. I have the Nightshade quest from Coldcrag, I have searched the south side of Zhethron's Aerie and the east and south side of the region below the Aerie (Wretch Warrens) and can't find the Nightshade wodf. So, did I misunderstand the directions or just missed him?
  17. My experience gain doing the battle the standard way ranged between 29 and 33 with an average of about 31. Doing it the odd way, including killing the projection, gave me a range between 40 and 45, averaging about 43. This seems statistically significant. This is with four characters set on torment. I have other things on my table right now but if I get enthusiastic in the next couple of weeks I will try to run each battle type a few times and see if the pattern holds up. Or, I may just play the game and stop worrying about minor oddities.
  18. I had not yet done the Aid Solberg quest. I did get the "cool" sword. Two things bothered me: 1. Bypassing the scripted conversation and approaching in combat mode should not let me kill one opponent at a time while the rest stand around doing nothing. This can't be what Jeff wanted. 2. As an experiment, I redid the fight triggering the conversation. It was much tougher, of course, but when it was over, each of my characters had gained FEWER experience points than in my first, easier fight (one at a time). Did I get extra points for killing Ess-Kalyn's projection?
  19. I had an odd experience in the north east corner of the Eastern Gallery. I approached a hill with sliths and demons dancing around and the shade or projection of Ess-Kalyn standing off to the side. After saving, I approached and had a conversation with him. He introduced himself, said he wasn't really there, invited the rest of the sliths to attack and disappeared. I reloaded and advanced on the hill in combat mode from the east side and was able to take out the entire crew, one at a time (the ones not attacked stayed neutral until I attacked them.) After killing the last one I went up to Ess-Kalyn (still there and still neutral) and attacked him. There was no conversation and he (or his projection anyway) apparently died. I'm going out on a limb here in guessing this wasn't supposed to happen. Or, is this an alternate end to this combat and does it affect anything in the future? I am playing version 1.0.2 on an Intel Mac. I started this game on version 1.0 but downloaded 1.0.2 part way through.
  20. I much prefer the combat system of AV 4-6 to that of 1-3. I am really looking forward to the remakes. I generally agree with ParsnipBake about the graphics etc. Don't waste time and energy trying to match Halo etc. I much prefer a good storyline and more games! One thing I really like about the Avernum series is the fact that you have a group of characters which can then specialize and work as a team. RPGs where you only have one character disappoint me. I have only played the Avernum games on Spiderweb. Can anyone tell me if the other Spiderweb games have multiple characters? I don't mean temporary characters pre created.
  21. Something odd happened after I defeated Novice Ximun (in the tunnel in the south west corner of the Portal Caldera). After I spared him and he left, I was crossing the bridge just outside his camp when I heard his voice as if he were still fighting me. "You stumbled into my trap once again, assassins." etc. Then four Hellhounds appeared on the runes and they attacked. I think this is supposed to happen on the way IN to meet Ximun. As I remember, I may have been in combat mode as I crossed the bridge (on the way in). Did I miss triggering the Hellhound attack? And, Is this a bug or a feature?
  22. I just did the Skunky Joe quest earlier today and then finally got around to doing the Portal papers quest to get Dispel Barrier. Having read this thread, I went right back to Skunky joe and, lo and behold, there is a wall where there used to be a passage (near the entrance to the map section that has the barrier, blocking off that whole section). ARGGGG! So, I confirm the problem... Email away Kreador.
  23. I suspect I lost the ability to complete the "Nephilim Rogues" quest near Dharmon. I think I must have killed the Rogues before getting the hint from the farmer. Now this quest is stuck on my list, probably for the rest of the game.
  24. opps, first note, then key. I forgot and I only did this myself a couple of days ago.... Thanks for catching that.
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