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  1. Look around for a key in the traitor's quarters. Then go to Fort Avernum, east of Silvar. The key gets you in. Once you have dealt with the guys in the tunnels below, go back and talk to the traitors.
  2. Go up to the gate and talk to the guy behind it. He opens it for you (inviting you in to get killed).
  3. Ouch, must have been time consuming tests !! I am impressed. But how do I determine Weapon/Spell POWER ??
  4. Hmmm, I am having a little trouble here ( I have no D&D experience ). Suppose you have a Dexterity of 3, Thrown Weapons of 8 and Sharpshooter of 7. You equip Steel Javelins rated at 6-24 So the Base Damage is 6 from the rating of 6-24, the Weapon multiplier is 2.5 from (4+1)/2 where the 4 comes from 24/6 and the Attack bonus is 3+8+7 = 18 from Dex + TW + Sharp but what is the Weapon Power? Also, where did the .75 come from? Is that a fudge factor of some kind, obtained from averaging lots of trials or is there some more obvious reason for the number?
  5. You have defined the attack bonus very nicely, but how do you determine the Base Damage or the Weapon/Spell multiplier etc. ???
  6. I am mostly done with the initial sweep through the Abyss but I can't do the worm ichor quest. I think I need some special kind of rotten meat to attract the worms but I can't find it. Do I get it elsewhere? or maybe I already got it and sold it??? Help..............
  7. Hah !!! Then I got them first time. Thanks for that 4 group confirmation.
  8. uh oh, I think I let the Blosk bandits get away, even though I was warned about it. I killed Mangan, then chased the bandits down through a tunnel, but after killing lots of bandits and the front door slith guard, I think the rest got away. Tunnels blocked. I went back upstairs but no bandits. Is this supposed to happen or did I not block some exit ahead of time or something???
  9. I followed your advice and used the editor to give Andrew the Elite Warrior attribute. My first time using the editor and it was ridiculously easy to do. Too damn easy, in my opinion. From now on I will have that in the back of my mind whenever I get in trouble in the game. I am already having the moral question of whether to use the editor on my saved game right after adding Andrew (thus throwing away the gaming I have done since then, about one day's worth) OR to use it on my current save, taking advantage of the accelerated experience gained during that day without the Elite Warrior penalty. I will be strong and use it on my save right after Andrew was added... probably.... I still wish I knew what the original problem was. If I find another character repository room, I will try it out on my old save game. Until then, thanks all !!!!!!!!
  10. I initially tried to leave my original character in storage in Fort Avernum. Unfortunately, since I had already done that once when I added my first NPC character, Jay, I could not do it again. There seem to be two character repository rooms at Fort Avernum but since I have already used one, the other one claims to be occupied too, with that same original character!!! I have only visited a small number of towns in the game and have found no other character repository rooms (except for the two in Fort Avernum). Can anyone tell me where others can be found???
  11. Oh wait, on that Priest spell problem. Andrew can't cast Priest spells, despite learning the first four spells (all needing only a level one Priest) because I didn't make him a level one Priest, I accidently made him a level one Mage....... DUH...... When in doubt, check even the obvious, and I hadn't checked his stats in the magic area since I first trained him. I went back and tried again (using an old save just before I added Andrew) and tried to add Andrew in the number one spot again and again was not able, even trying in several different locations on the floor. I am able to add him in the number two or number four spots easily. This is still bothering me as I would consider starting again at that old save (only from yesterday so no great loss) if I could get him in position one with the Elite Warrior characteristic. Could the problem be that I added Jay in that same number one spot for the same reason and the game won't let me do it a second time???
  12. I first thought it was actual tiles around my party so I tried many different locations leaving room in front, back, and to the side. The boat building area is fairly open. Still no luck. I even tried standing just outside the boat building area and still no luck. I finally got frustrated and added him in position two since I didn't need Natural Mage. With my five build points, I gave him one level of Priest and taught him Heal up in Formello. However, he can't cast Heal, either in or out of combat. I even had him strip off all his gear and he still can't cast Heal (not in combat). Is he crippled or something?????
  13. I have already added NPC Jay in first position (to get Elite Warrior trait) and have gotten my reputation up high enough to add Andrew (in Cotra). So I move the character originally in second position into first (Jay is now in second) and then delete my original character so that first position is vacant (I want Elite Warrior for Andrew). I ask Andrew to join, I am told he will appear in the first unused position and even appears in my list of characters so I can see his stats etc, but I am told, "Party placement failed. No room for all of you there." Then when I try to move, the game freezes up. What's wrong??? I tried to add Andrew in the fourth position (to get Natural Mage) and it works just fine.
  14. Thanks Dikiyoba, I was wondering how I could have picked up a cursed item or something... Does anyone know of other limits??
  15. I picked up the "Jay" pre made character early in the game and put him in my number one position. I have loaded him down with weapons and armor and so have trained him up to STRENGTH 12. When I tried to train him to STRENGTH 13, I seemed to be successful (the trainer took my points and his status says 13) but I can't carry any more weight than before (350). Did I get some kind of curse or is this special just for Jay or is this a general limitation on how much weight can be carried? If I up my strength to 13 or higher, do I still do more damage in combat, even if I can't carry more weight? Are there any other limits on other properties????
  16. AAAAGGGG !!! Piercing Sight lets me see something is there but I can't get there. Frustrating.... And I spent quite a while trying. Oh Well, thanks to both Toby-Linn and Randomizer for your kind attention.
  17. Oh no... Went back to Hagfen but the old ladies were no longer interested in me, a mere Roman. I guess Sleek's pelt was all they wanted. There must be some other trigger to get me into the secret area in the Goblin Pits.
  18. OPPS!! Just reread your reply. I am playing Resurrection as a Roman. Do you mean that in the new game the secret area is ONLY for the Celts or can Romans still go there too?
  19. I have been to Hagfen and got the quest to kill Sleek, which I did and returned to Hagfen for my reward. I didn't get a new quest. I'll return and check. Thanks.
  20. Thanks. That's a great walkthrough. But all it says about getting to the secret NW area is that celts can't get there but Romans can. It does not say how. It mentions that the floor shifts to accommodate you, which doesn't make sense unless it refers to part of the hidden area I can't get to yet. help?
  21. I am playing as a Roman and have been through most of the two dungeon areas in the Goblin Pits. I found the secret passage to the NW in the lower level and managed to walk through the barriers without too much damage. However, I am now blocked by a chasm. I can jump down into it and access the portal but can't get beyond it to what seems to be an important area. How do I cross the chasm?????
  22. Oh, YES ! That was it. I was somehow avoiding that central island area until I had completed everything else. Duh...... Thanks
  23. I see on another post that there are two keys necessary to complete the Soultaker's Pit section. I only found one (it unlocks the room with the stairs but not the door to the central area). Can someone describe to me where/how to get both keys???. I have searched everywhere (I thought).
  24. Could someone explain "hostile effect"? Some armor, rings, etc. protect against it. What kinds of specific damage does it protect against? Or is it just any kind of damage???
  25. I think I was considering pants and leather clothing as armor. Yes, I think the above two posts answer my question. I suspect that endurance is probably a better investment than hanging on to a lot of acid and poison resistant gear. Also, it's good to know how armor combines. Thanks
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